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Read here to see what Tracy’s Astro Salon has to say about her experience with feng shui experts–including me! And be sure to read the sticky post on my blog about how Tracy will help us create Personal Feng Shui Treasure Maps to help us manifest our goals and desires for 2010! The optimum time to create your visioning board is April 4th…just a few more days from now. I’m gathering up my images and words this week as I clean, clear, and declutter my own home. I feel energized already, do you?


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Photo of Sandra Bullock (c) Rita Molnar 2002 Cannes Film Festival.

Ok, I think it’s time for me to weigh in on the Jesse James-Sandra Bullock issue. Everyone’s got an opinion and mostly we’re rooting for this year’s Best Actress Oscar(R) winner to come out of this embarrassing heartbreak with her spirit intact even if her dignity has been dented. When I was in my 30’s I experienced a similar relationship. I was madly in love and I thought my guy had my back, too. His own 9 year old nephew said to me “Why would YOU want to marry my uncle?!”…out of the mouths of babes… after seven years with this man I uncovered the numerous affairs and lies. I finally followed my highest power and realized that I deserved better. So you see, Ms. B, I know what you’re going through. Don’t waste another minute! Get your mojo back!

If I were hired by Ms. Bullock to feng shui her new home (assuming she is leaving the Long Beach lair she shared with Mr. James) I would do the following:

*First, I’d work with Ms. B on determining what her goals for the future are. I would encourage her to get really clear and focused first by teaching her the Calming Heart Sutra. This is a meditation that grounds ones energy when you find yourself spinning out of control. It’s even good to practice it before winning another award so you’ll remember your acceptance speech.

*Then I would assist Ms. B in helping her to trust her own intuition and listen to her gut feelings when she knows someone is untrustworthy. Next, we’d set her intentions and reinforce them with a feng shui ritualistic method so that they stick. This is almost like creating an invisible force field around her to keep all negativity away and the people who don’t have her highest good in mind will fall away. This is where we’d set the intention for only attracting men that have her highest good in mind, body, spirit—that automatically eliminates cheaters, liars, and rascally users of all sorts. But you know what? It really works so be sure this is what you really truly want. If you still want ‘bad boys’ in your life, don’t ask for your highest good. You’re not ready. No judgement here, just letting you know how it works.

*The timing is perfect for Ms. B to begin making her own Personal Feng Shui Treasure Map as well. This creative manifestation board will help her to bring in opportunities that will support her highest good in all areas of her life.

*For the new space, I would determine all of Ms. B’s feng shui locations according to the bagua. Then I would reinforce all the power points such as Love & Relationship through use of feng shui imagery, color theory, elements, and achieve a harmonious balance. I would work with Ms. B and her interior designer to help choose furnishings and color schemes that would reflect a balance of yin and yang energy so that her next partner does not dominate her space and break her spirit.

*I would help Ms. B create a strong foundation from which to rebuild her life on through the use of feng shui principles. A home that would support her in her lofty goals and comfort her in her time of sadness. Part of that process would mean discarding any photos and memorabilia associated with Jesse James. If you can’t toss it yet, find a storage unit far far away. Maybe in another state.

I can be on the next flight out. Call me Ms. B! Feng Shui By Fishgirl can be reached at 323.309.1164.

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With my Feng Shui By Fishgirl practice I am involved in organizing spaces and aligning energy with the locations of the bagua map. With my fine art practice, I explore location further using road maps, nautical charts, and other media within the space of my painted canvases.

I recently was delighted to meet another artist who explores spacial relationships. Anni Frohlich moved to Greensboro, NC from Miami, Florida and has quickly become a fixture on the Triad art scene. Anni’s work is intertwined with the eco-conscious green movement in that all of her pieces use repurposed materials. I am particularly drawn to Anni’s Little Cities like the one above called “Transformation City”. The artist is preparing for a solo exhibition later this year. However, the artist also has a line of fine art one-of-a-kind jewelry made from recycled treasures.

Found Object Rings (c) Anni Frohlich

Her chunky rings are funky and an inexpensive way to improve your feng shui by:

1] helping the planet one little step at a time through recycling materials.

2] helping an artist by supporting her art.

3] treating yourself with love and kindness–it all begins with you.

Contact the artist Anni Frohlich via her facebook pages.

Found Object Ring (c) Anni Frohlich

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    Why are some websites successful and others less so (or not at all)? There are many contributing factors such as placement rankings on search engines and whether or not you have a viable product or service to sell. But in terms of feng shui, your website can be evaluated the same way your home or workspace would be. The number one culprit to negative feng shui at home, office, or on your website is clutter.  

    That’s right: a messy website is the equivalent to a messy desktop. If you’re trying to cram too much information onto your web portal, you’re causing your cyber visitors to jump through too many hoops to find your ultimate payoff (your product or service). Cyber clutter takes many forms. It ranges from poor graphic design layout of imagery and text to the use of too many conflicting styles and fonts to having too many Google Ads or partner logos displayed prominently on your pages. Also, flashing bells and whistles that belong in a circus carny act, not on a website that’s trying to reach customers with limited time to waste sorting through the ‘fun’ gimicks.

     Organizing your website by feng shui practice can be helpful. Follow these principles when evaluating your existing website or creating a new one.

  • Clean and clutter free is elegant and easy online or off.
  • Color can be used to activate, empower, soothe or excite. Choose your colors for backgrounds and text accordingly.
  • Follow the bagua. The upper left corner is the Wealth area, the Middle upper area is the Fame & Reputation Area, the upper right corner is the Love & Relationship Area. You can place your most important text in these areas (IE: Your corporate logo should be either in the Wealth or Fame areas of your website or smack dab in the middle of the page).
  • Don’t block your customer from finding you: be sure all your pages are linked together in an easily navigable way.
  • Pay attention to detail: spelling mistakes and grammatical errors make even the most sophisticated site look unprofessional.


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PRETZEL LOGIC: Using my feng shui stomach

Vintage pretzel and potato chip cans. Photo by Katy Allgeyer

I don’t always use my feng shui eyes. Often I use my feng shui stomach! Last Saturday we took a short drive to a city nearby us and we wandered around Winston-Salem until we found the perfect place to eat lunch. First, if you’re not from around here, yes Winston-Salem cigarettes and the tobacco industry is what made this city. That’s a lot of bad karma. The big cigarette companies tried to modify that by creating huge open green park areas. That makes W-S a great place to go with the kids and the dogs as there are an abundance of wonderful greenways.

Getting back to the food, we were attracted to the aroma and the crowd spilling out the door at Skippy’s on 4th Street. The menu is short and sweet–Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs served in soft Pennsylvania Dutch pretzel dough. Yumm. I had the kraut dog and I just about died and went to heaven. Mind you, I’m not the official hot dog connoisseur in my house. I eat one maybe once or twice a year. I’ll say it again: Yummmm!

The interior of the joint is charming but simple. I noticed the vintage pretzel and potato chip cans across the entryway ceiling and a few vintage photos is about the only decor they’ve got. They don’t need it. Their feng shui is in their food. This place I previously blogged about outside of Charleston, SC has better interior but Skippy’s is the best hotdog. The secret has to be their pretzel dough buns.

Do you have a favorite food joint you’d like to share? Please comment! We’d love to know about it!

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Photo by Katy Allgeyer.

I was psyched to see this antique Colonial butcher block was round shaped instead of the usual square blocky shape that is ubiquitous in antique malls across the country. It was in the lobby of a historic hotel in Winston Salem. Squares represent masculine yang energy and rounds represent feminine yin energy. Most objects in the home space–including the home itself–are usually square and that leads to a preponderance of yang energy. Feng shui requires a balance of both (including estrogen and testosterone).


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SPRING FENG SHUI CLEANING: Don’t forget the yard!

30 bags of leaf by Katy Allgeyer

In preparation for creating our Personal Feng Shui Treasure Maps, we’re asked by my guest blogger Tracy Abbott to clean inside and outside our home space. Most people call that Spring Cleaning. My house has 3 gigantic oak trees out front that spill leaves not only on our lawn but the neighbor’s, too. Yesterday the entire family was in their yard raking up leaves for the pickup tomorrow. It was just the incentive I needed to pickup 30 bags of my own yard debris (see photo above). Some people like to show the before and after photo but I like to show the results of what I discard. Call me crazy but there’s a certain satisfaction in seeing those piled up garbage bags on their way out (so that more opportunity can find me).

I also bought two new “Welcome” mats–one for the front door Mouth of Ch’i and one for my art studio door. This should let the universe know we are receptive to new opportunity and abundance. Home Depot had some great ones on sale.

My next step will be to spackle and paint the ping pong room. We have the color chosen (bright red color called “Grenadine”!) that will work great as the room is located in the Love & Relationship and Fame areas of our home.

What have you been doing to spruce up your home for spring? Do tell!

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     The lights are low, you’ve got chocolates and/or ice cream by your side, and you’re naked and snuggled under the satin sheets. Soft music is playing, too. I bet I know where you think this is leading! But unfortunately, it’s not what you think. Instead of your lover by your side enjoying in this beautiful bedroom scenario, many of you have a hot-bottomed laptop. Busted! You’re working overtime and bringing your business to your bedroom. This is a feng shui no-no for many reasons.

    Unless your ultimate fantasy is-how should I put this?– work-related, kindling romance in your bedroom will be that much more difficult if it has the atmosphere of an office cubbyhole instead of a love shack. Move the computers and desk to another area of the home. Replace with plenty of candles and flowers.

    Your bedroom should be a place of tranquility. To be your best at work, you need a good night’s rest. Computers and other electronic equipment (lamps, radios, alarm clocks, phones, cell phones, stereos, electric blankets, printers, TV’s, treadmills, to name a few) create stimulating chi (energy) that keeps your mind buzzing and may prevent you from getting your Z’s. Take inventory of how many electrical appliances and gadgets you’re keeping in your sleeping chamber. Pare it down to 2-3 (or less). Notice the difference in your quality of sleep and how much more refreshed you’ll feel.

    Some of you may have your significant other by your side as one or both of you tap-tap-tap on your individual keyboards. Relationships suffer if we bring work home and convert the bed into a desktop. When our primary relationship goes stale, we often lack the vitality we need in the working world. Separating the office from the boudoir is one of the keys to marital bliss. Make a pact to keep work out of your bedroom.

    Finally, spiff up your bedroom so it looks and feels like a peaceful retreat. Soothing colors, quality bedding, pretty linens, a painting on the wall opposite your bed to wake up to—treat yourself (to a good night’s sleep).


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Healthcare workers have a very high burnout rate due to stress. Feng shui can help!

Good feng shui is about bringing balance and harmony to our living and working spaces. When ch’i (energy) is in positive alignment, we feel more relaxed. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is based on many common sense principles. For example, we don’t usually feel comfortable working with our backs to a door because it leaves us vulnerable to being startled by people sneaking up on us. One feng shui solution for this is to place a mirror so we always know who is entering the room behind us.

Remove the clutter, remove the stress. The easiest feng shui tip to begin now is to get organized. At work, keeping your nurse’s station tidy and clean will keep you feeling on top of your game, and, make it easier for your co-workers to stand in for you while you make your rounds. A well kept locker allows you to get your gear quickly and get home faster when your shift is over. Once you’re home, if you’ve kept your space clutter free there, too, you’ll find more time to unwind.

Negative vibes. Get rid of dead plants and flowers, stale food, broken clocks or other faulty equipment (have it repaired or replaced), old files that are no longer needed, pens and markers that are dried up, etc. When things are in good working order, people feel happy at work.

Feed your soul. Bring a touch of beauty to your life to inspire your spirit. The patients get flowers, why can’t you? Bring a bud vase to your desk and keep a fresh cut red rose or other favorite flower in it. Tape a piece of art or a favorite photo or motivational poem to the inside door of your locker.

Under cover. Boring scrubs got you down? Nobody needs to know what you got going on underneath ‘em, do they?! Guys: get those hot red boxer shorts. Girls: lavish yourself with lace and satin. Knowing you’re looking your sexy best can give you a real energy boost (not to mention a secret smile) all day long.

Treat yourself. Find time to get your hair and nails done. Treat yourself to a professional massage every now and then. Read a novel, shoot hoops, spend time doing something just for you at least 20 minutes per day.

(((Feel free to pass this on to any over-stressed RN in your life!)))

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If you’re into vintage Eames design, you’ll want to know about the upcoming April 8th auction in Chicago. Click here for more info. Is vintage Eames good feng shui? Great original design never goes out of style. If it feels good to you and you like the look, go for it! If you’re worried about residual ch’i buildup from previous owners (a problem with some antiques), you can always use sage or incense to smudge away bad vibes. Reupholstering old pieces also helps to update the feng shui as well as the look.

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