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Life gets in the way of making friends. Too many people are too busy. That’s been our experience and we seemed to have tapped into the zeitgeist because the New York Times recently had two articles about just that—lots of us boomers are having trouble making deep solid friendships in our later years. What’s that tell us? We’re not alone! It’s a challenge due to many factors. Check out the article and share your experiences / advice with me.

PS: If you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting as often as I usually do (ie: daily) it’s because the summer months find me very busy making new artworks in my studio, socializing with friends I haven’t seen all winter, and enjoying life on Deer Isle, Maine. Happy Summer!

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Katie Holmes’ Feng Shui

I want to feng shui Katie Holmes’ new apartment in NYC. If I were hired, I would strengthen her tai ch’i core in order to support her new found independence from Tom Cruise. I’d also make sure her creative desires were represented in her home. It’s been reported that he had a Svengali-like hold on her and would not allow her to take on movie roles he didn’t approve of, monitored her cell phones and email, and had other controlling tendencies.

My guess is Katie might not be open to feng shui because she might misconstrue it to be a religion or Scientology substitute. It’s neither of those things. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of placement and energy flow to align one’s architecture and environment. Wishing Katie good luck in her next chapter of her life. And I wish the same for Tom, too. Call me if you want some help with your feng shui!

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I just stumbled across this excellent article on how what you wear influences your moods and can support your business success or detract from it. I heartily agree and recommend you read the article in Entrepreuneurial Woman Magazine before your next power presentation:

Feng Shui Your Clothes and Improve Business Success – | Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine.

Even if you’re not a high powered business woman, you can use feng shui to elevate your mood and bring yourself successful energy.

For some reason this summer I am really into skirts and more feminine clothing. I’m finding it easier and more comfortable to wear a flirty skirt than shorts while I’m working in the yard or studio. Do you have a favorite piece of clothing you like to wear in summer that makes you feel good when you wear it?


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Here’s a post you *must* find time to read: how we create our own sense of importance by constantly overbooking ourselves to be “too busy” to get together with friends, enjoy life, etc. I think author Tim Kreider is on to something here and I plan to give a copy of his article to all my superbusy friends. I’d write more on the subject but he’s said it wonderfully and after all, I’m too busy: click here for full article.

Take time out to enjoy life! Don’t overbook yourself and miss your life while it’s actually happening. At the end, you won’t say “I wish I had worked more”.

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We hold these truths to be self-evident….happy independence day from Deer Isle Maine! We are about to go check out our local July 4th parade but first we are installing a new billboard tarp over the leaking roof of the Art By Katy art studio. The billboard tarp is pretty darn cool. It’s a used advertising billboard and it’s 5 x stronger than a regular tarp so it should last longer. I had leakage and drywall damage over the winter in my gallery. It’s going to rain today after a scorcher of a hot weather streak. I’m armed with spackle and paint to redo the interior walls of the studio gallery. What are you doing today?

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A friend sent in this pic to me. She is also a feng shui consultant and lives in Australia. I don’t know where this turtle house is or who designed it but I think it’s pretty cool, don’t you? Turtles represent wealth and steadfastness in feng shui. Tortoises are an excellent symbol to have around your home or office. The dream circle I belong to is called Turtle Dreamers and it refers to the Native American symbology of the Earth being the back of the great turtle. While in Sedona one year I purchased a rattle made from a turtle shell (road kill) by a Native American. It’s one of my prized possessions and gives a beautiful sound when shaken.

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I found two of these in a local junktique shop and went searching online under “Redneck Wine Glass”. Sure ’nuff, several sites came up with suppliers of this hilarious novelty item. What is a Redneck Wine Glass? It’s a Mason Jar or a Ball Jar attached to a chunky glass stem–and the metal lid is still attached to the jar portion! I think these will make for a fun shui 4th of July table setting, don’t you?

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We first covered Brad Pitt’s “Make it Right NOLA” back in November, 2009 with this post. It’s three years later and Brad’s non profit org has made inroads into rebuilding New Orlean’s lower 9th ward —hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina—one house at a time. Using sustainable construction and known architects, the affordable housing is making waves in the design world. Here are just three of the completed houses. Go to Make it Right NOLA to see more and find out how you can contribute to this worthy cause (which also contributes to your own excellent feng shui). Oh, and there’s a great video of Mr. Pitt there, too.

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