Photo of Sandra Bullock (c) Rita Molnar 2002 Cannes Film Festival.

Ok, I think it’s time for me to weigh in on the Jesse James-Sandra Bullock issue. Everyone’s got an opinion and mostly we’re rooting for this year’s Best Actress Oscar(R) winner to come out of this embarrassing heartbreak with her spirit intact even if her dignity has been dented. When I was in my 30’s I experienced a similar relationship. I was madly in love and I thought my guy had my back, too. His own 9 year old nephew said to me “Why would YOU want to marry my uncle?!”…out of the mouths of babes… after seven years with this man I uncovered the numerous affairs and lies. I finally followed my highest power and realized that I deserved better. So you see, Ms. B, I know what you’re going through. Don’t waste another minute! Get your mojo back!

If I were hired by Ms. Bullock to feng shui her new home (assuming she is leaving the Long Beach lair she shared with Mr. James) I would do the following:

*First, I’d work with Ms. B on determining what her goals for the future are. I would encourage her to get really clear and focused first by teaching her the Calming Heart Sutra. This is a meditation that grounds ones energy when you find yourself spinning out of control. It’s even good to practice it before winning another award so you’ll remember your acceptance speech.

*Then I would assist Ms. B in helping her to trust her own intuition and listen to her gut feelings when she knows someone is untrustworthy. Next, we’d set her intentions and reinforce them with a feng shui ritualistic method so that they stick. This is almost like creating an invisible force field around her to keep all negativity away and the people who don’t have her highest good in mind will fall away. This is where we’d set the intention for only attracting men that have her highest good in mind, body, spirit—that automatically eliminates cheaters, liars, and rascally users of all sorts. But you know what? It really works so be sure this is what you really truly want. If you still want ‘bad boys’ in your life, don’t ask for your highest good. You’re not ready. No judgement here, just letting you know how it works.

*The timing is perfect for Ms. B to begin making her own Personal Feng Shui Treasure Map as well. This creative manifestation board will help her to bring in opportunities that will support her highest good in all areas of her life.

*For the new space, I would determine all of Ms. B’s feng shui locations according to the bagua. Then I would reinforce all the power points such as Love & Relationship through use of feng shui imagery, color theory, elements, and achieve a harmonious balance. I would work with Ms. B and her interior designer to help choose furnishings and color schemes that would reflect a balance of yin and yang energy so that her next partner does not dominate her space and break her spirit.

*I would help Ms. B create a strong foundation from which to rebuild her life on through the use of feng shui principles. A home that would support her in her lofty goals and comfort her in her time of sadness. Part of that process would mean discarding any photos and memorabilia associated with Jesse James. If you can’t toss it yet, find a storage unit far far away. Maybe in another state.

I can be on the next flight out. Call me Ms. B! Feng Shui By Fishgirl can be reached at 323.309.1164.

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  1. I just read that Sandra Bullock sleeps with nine pet dogs in her bed. Sorry, but for me that isn’t healthy at all.

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