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Healthcare workers have a very high burnout rate due to stress. Feng shui can help!

Good feng shui is about bringing balance and harmony to our living and working spaces. When ch’i (energy) is in positive alignment, we feel more relaxed. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is based on many common sense principles. For example, we don’t usually feel comfortable working with our backs to a door because it leaves us vulnerable to being startled by people sneaking up on us. One feng shui solution for this is to place a mirror so we always know who is entering the room behind us.

Remove the clutter, remove the stress. The easiest feng shui tip to begin now is to get organized. At work, keeping your nurse’s station tidy and clean will keep you feeling on top of your game, and, make it easier for your co-workers to stand in for you while you make your rounds. A well kept locker allows you to get your gear quickly and get home faster when your shift is over. Once you’re home, if you’ve kept your space clutter free there, too, you’ll find more time to unwind.

Negative vibes. Get rid of dead plants and flowers, stale food, broken clocks or other faulty equipment (have it repaired or replaced), old files that are no longer needed, pens and markers that are dried up, etc. When things are in good working order, people feel happy at work.

Feed your soul. Bring a touch of beauty to your life to inspire your spirit. The patients get flowers, why can’t you? Bring a bud vase to your desk and keep a fresh cut red rose or other favorite flower in it. Tape a piece of art or a favorite photo or motivational poem to the inside door of your locker.

Under cover. Boring scrubs got you down? Nobody needs to know what you got going on underneath ‘em, do they?! Guys: get those hot red boxer shorts. Girls: lavish yourself with lace and satin. Knowing you’re looking your sexy best can give you a real energy boost (not to mention a secret smile) all day long.

Treat yourself. Find time to get your hair and nails done. Treat yourself to a professional massage every now and then. Read a novel, shoot hoops, spend time doing something just for you at least 20 minutes per day.

(((Feel free to pass this on to any over-stressed RN in your life!)))

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If you’re into vintage Eames design, you’ll want to know about the upcoming April 8th auction in Chicago. Click here for more info. Is vintage Eames good feng shui? Great original design never goes out of style. If it feels good to you and you like the look, go for it! If you’re worried about residual ch’i buildup from previous owners (a problem with some antiques), you can always use sage or incense to smudge away bad vibes. Reupholstering old pieces also helps to update the feng shui as well as the look.

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