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You still have time to enter to win the Blue Hill Inn. Entry fee is $150 and 200 word essay must be yours and yours alone. Check out details on this opportunity to be the new owner of this historic B & B:

I have personally seen this inn and can attest to the feng shui being lovely and positive. Downeast Maine without the kitsch– upscale, charming, and a great place to stay. Why not test your luck?

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I’ve been perusing the blog as I delve deeper into writing the first draft of my book. Recently when someone asked me how was it being in India under those circumstances I answered without hesitation,
“It was a blast!”.

My words surprised me because up until then I seemed always ready to wrap myself in my widowhood like a pashmina shawl; memories of the intensity of watching Scott deteriorate over time would be the first thing that came to my mind. Until now.

These days I can look back on the beginning…and all of the wonderful people we met…and the amazing places we saw and experienced…and our relationship which seemed to surprise us both daily with the depth of our love for each other.

We had a blast!

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