PRETZEL LOGIC: Using my feng shui stomach

Vintage pretzel and potato chip cans. Photo by Katy Allgeyer

I don’t always use my feng shui eyes. Often I use my feng shui stomach! Last Saturday we took a short drive to a city nearby us and we wandered around Winston-Salem until we found the perfect place to eat lunch. First, if you’re not from around here, yes Winston-Salem cigarettes and the tobacco industry is what made this city. That’s a lot of bad karma. The big cigarette companies tried to modify that by creating huge open green park areas. That makes W-S a great place to go with the kids and the dogs as there are an abundance of wonderful greenways.

Getting back to the food, we were attracted to the aroma and the crowd spilling out the door at Skippy’s on 4th Street. The menu is short and sweet–Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs served in soft Pennsylvania Dutch pretzel dough. Yumm. I had the kraut dog and I just about died and went to heaven. Mind you, I’m not the official hot dog connoisseur in my house. I eat one maybe once or twice a year. I’ll say it again: Yummmm!

The interior of the joint is charming but simple. I noticed the vintage pretzel and potato chip cans across the entryway ceiling and a few vintage photos is about the only decor they’ve got. They don’t need it. Their feng shui is in their food. This place I previously blogged about outside of Charleston, SC has better interior but Skippy’s is the best hotdog. The secret has to be their pretzel dough buns.

Do you have a favorite food joint you’d like to share? Please comment! We’d love to know about it!

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