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Photo Cheryl Gerber for New York Times

So far 15 of the Make It Right NOLA houses –1/10th of the planned number–are completed in New Orleans. According to the NYT these houses are becoming known as “The Brad Pitt Houses” and are a new tourist attraction there. I think they’re chi-ful but some are concerned that the architects invited to work on the project have not thought to incorporate references to familiar New Orleans themes. What do you think?


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Just finished watching the 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame show on HBO and was intrigued to see Annie Lennox wearing a t-shirt that said “HIV POSITIVE”. Turns out the singer has created a charity foundation to raise awareness of AIDS and does not have the virus herself. Check out her website. Donating to good causes is good feng shui.

BTW, if you saw the Rock & Roll show, what did you think? I thought it was brilliant how they took what could have been a boring show of old dinosaurs and brought in surprise artists to sing with other bands (like Ray Davie of the Kinks singing with Metallica!). Rock on!

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I love the use of color in this pic (I can’t remember the original source for the photo…if you know it, please comment). Keeping most of the room white but painting the trim and window pane trim yellow (or blue, or green, or red, or orange, etc!) really gives the room a good vibe. Match your pillows and accessories to the trim for more fun and feng shui.

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Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!!!

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A glimpse of Martha Stewart's office courtesy Lisa Kerezi New York Magazine.

Today, flirting in the office is flirting with danger of a sexual harassment lawsuit. So when your politically correct feng shui consultant titles her post “Office Romance” you can rest assured that the topic will be business and bagua locations, not bimbos and boytoys. (BTW, New York Magazine gives a wonderful glimpse of offices of the rich and powerful if you click here).

The area of the bagua (feng shui location map) known as the “Love & Relationship” sector can be found in the upper right hand portion of your room as you face its interior. I’ll bet for most of you, “Love & Relationship” conjures up only one image: Mr or Ms Right. What does “Love & Relationship” have to do with business? Hmmmmm….not much if you are working totally in a vacuum without any human contact and selling a product to nobody but yourself. But if your workday involves interaction with colleagues, supervisors, vendors, customers, and suppliers, chances are that you are participating in several “Relationships” throughout your day.

For daily operations to go smoothly, you need to have good relationships with your teammates. How can feng shui promote good relationships? Locate your “Love & Relationship” area. What’s there? If you have a lonely little chair, and on-its-way-to-dead plant or any imagery connotating sad unhappy solo people then you best pay attention. Note to Gordon Gecko types: it’s best to keep your copy of the classic business strategy book The Art of War by Sun-Tzu in another location (ie: a drawer on the right hand side of your desk is appropriate).

What DOES belong in your office’s “Love & Relationship” area:

*Colors in the family of Red, Pink/Peach, or White. (Application: if your “Love & Relationship” area has a window, perhaps this is the color of drapes you would use)

*Art symbolic of happy couples/pairings such as a tasteful photo of you and your spouse. (If you have pics of animals, then you would want a pair NOT Bambi alone!)

*Groupings of two chairs, not one.

*Fresh lovely flowers in colors mentioned or a healthy plant.

Make the changes and fall in love with your office or job all over again!
This article originally written for Working World

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I’m an artist and I was predisposed to want to love this Spike Jonze extravaganza. So why did I walk out of the theatre with my friend after only 22 minutes into the film? Bored & Brown, thumbs down. Disagree? Take my poll!

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I must confess: last week I went to IKEA. It was a big deal this year when they opened in Charlotte, NC and I hadn’t been to one in about 5 years so my curiosity got the better of me. I was impressed that you can now get an entire euro style kitchen (including appliances) and even have them install it for you for a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere. Their drawers have gliders and auto close features…there are many styles to choose from. And they seem to be better quality than the past. In any case, I was able to find a dry erase two sided easel to help with my roadside signage next summer in Maine at the gallery and the farmers market for cheaper than I could make it myself.

For those anti-IKEA people, I refer you to TINI store in Los Angeles.The acronym stands for “This is Not IKEA”. They have marvelous visuals on their website and an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories.

Photograph courtesy of TINI Los Angeles.

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Bethlehem, PA used to be the hub of America’s steel industry. By the 1980’s, the industry had moved offshore leaving thousands of people without work and numerous mega-sized industrial buildings empty.
A once thriving city turned into a ghost town….NOT good feng shui for anyone living there. But Bethlehem has come back, bigtime. The Sands casino & hotel has come in from Vegas and has rehabbed some of the old empty buildings, creating jobs for local workers and turning the old mills into a must see destination spot. When the project is completed, there will be retail, condos, lofts, theatres, and entertainment complex. Taking abandoned buildings and converting them into exciting public venues is great for the environment (repurposing instead of tearing down) and is also a way to revitalize the chi energy downtown in cities nationwide.
I find old historic structures to be so beautiful, don’t you? These in Bethlehem are massively huge. BTW, the Sands casino is state-of-the-art with computer animated dealers at the black jack tables and all kinds of cool. I’m not a gambler, but I love checking out new building projects!

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From Dr. Judith Rich this is an article that I couldn’t have said this better myself: Read & Enjoy! BTW, “the one” = YOU!!!

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Have you ever wondered what a dragon guarding your home’s feng shui might look like? It’s not a living breathing creature, but the mountain shown in this pic is a feng shui dragon guarding Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park. Having a dragon mountain watching your back is good feng shui. Having a pristine lake nearby is also good feng shui. Luckily, Arcadia belongs to all Americans! The concept of National Parks is as American as apple pie. Check out Ken Burn’s DVD documentary to find out more.

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