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ART SMART–3 solutions to dress your bare walls

A digital giclee print from m-dc.

Hanging art in your crib lifts ch’i energy. It’s important to get the scale right. If you have a large wall, fill ‘er up! If you aren’t a DIYer you can still find inexpensive ways to fill a wall with creativity. Take for example the digital wall art shown here from Modern-Digital Canvas— “Love”– is a 43″ x 58″ print on stretched canvas. Although it is an obvious riff on the original by Robert Indiana, it’s a good symbol of Love to place in your Love & Relationship area. If I were too lazy to paint something myself, I’d order this print and then paint the white parts another color like red or pink (or maybe paint each section different colors). Then I’d slap some varnish over the entire thing to make it even more difficult to discern if it was an original painting or a print.

Stretched fabric from Textile Art comes in a kit you stretch yourself.

Another good way to put up some larger art pieces is to stretch some fabric on stretcher bars. Textile Art  has a great selection of kits (the one above is $125) or you can find your own fabric (vintage textiles such as tablecloths and kimonos? You decide!) and buy the bars at an art supply store.

Cherry Blossom art decal available through Amazon.com

Decorative wall decals are another art solution. The one shown here is $13.99 from Amazon.com–a steal when you compare it to a handpainted mural. I always choose to go with original art and to support living artists whenever possible (after all, I am one myself!). But if you cannot afford originals, be original yourself. Don’t live with bare walls–your feng shui needs visual art.

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With my Feng Shui By Fishgirl practice I am involved in organizing spaces and aligning energy with the locations of the bagua map. With my fine art practice, I explore location further using road maps, nautical charts, and other media within the space of my painted canvases.

I recently was delighted to meet another artist who explores spacial relationships. Anni Frohlich moved to Greensboro, NC from Miami, Florida and has quickly become a fixture on the Triad art scene. Anni’s work is intertwined with the eco-conscious green movement in that all of her pieces use repurposed materials. I am particularly drawn to Anni’s Little Cities like the one above called “Transformation City”. The artist is preparing for a solo exhibition later this year. However, the artist also has a line of fine art one-of-a-kind jewelry made from recycled treasures.

Found Object Rings (c) Anni Frohlich

Her chunky rings are funky and an inexpensive way to improve your feng shui by:

1] helping the planet one little step at a time through recycling materials.

2] helping an artist by supporting her art.

3] treating yourself with love and kindness–it all begins with you.

Contact the artist Anni Frohlich via her facebook pages.

Found Object Ring (c) Anni Frohlich

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