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From time to time I review books and I have just finished reading “The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration” by Isabel Wilkerson. The author takes a sobering look at the history of post-slavery African Americans  (how and WHY they migrated from America’s deep rural southern states to urban northern and Californian cities). This book is a must read for every American citizen and should be taught in all our schools. The author is a product of the Great Migration herself, a Pulitzer winning journalist for the New York Times (the first African American woman to win a Pulitzer), and this is her first book. Wilkerson interviewed 1200 people for backstory and it is rich in eye opening details yet very personal as the author follows the individual stories of 3 people, two men and one woman. The 3 stories are interwoven throughout the backdrop of history as it is happening and draws you in to really caring about these characters who are each extraordinary yet still “just folks” and were indeed real people who lived through this violent history. Until we can say that every citizen of America is truly equal and truly free, none of us are. And until that time comes, none of us truly have perfect feng shui. ‘Nuff said: go read it!

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A very sweet article “Fear the Pumpkin: in Ukraine it’s the Big Kiss-Off” at NPR explains one of their scarier Love & Relationship traditions. If a guy you didn’t like would come to your door to ask for your hand in marriage, you’d simply turn him down by handing him a pumpkin. In today’s world it might not be so easy to find a pumpkin handy, except at Halloween. Some people can’t take no for an answer so I doubt they’d take a pumpkin any better. Perhaps people with stalkers should place a bomb in the pumpkin and hand that over to the stalker?  What if Pumpkin Head himself is the unwanted suitor coming to court you? Do you still give him a pumpkin? He might take it as a “she likes me!”.

Okay let’s talk feng shui. What do you do if you want to ATTRACT a mate? First you gotta make room for him or her in your life. Get rid of the clutter both environmentally and mentally. You don’t need those old photos of lovers that done you wrong. You don’t need that broken engagement ring from the one who left you standing at the altar. You don’t need those panties of previous conquests(if you do, somebody’s going to give you a pumpkin!)…instead if you’re serious about attracting love into your life you can employ some feng shui techniques for Love & Relationship found in this blog.

BTW, if you have a better kiss-off technique than giving a pumpkin, I’d like you to share in our comments section!

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I’m recycling this earlier post in time for Halloween. Enjoy!

HALLOWEEN: GHOSTS, GOBLINS, & FENG SHUI This sacred basket with monkey skulls has a scary feel to it and could carry residual energies too powerful to handle outside of a museum setting. A few years ago, I was called on to feng shui a building belonging to a Hollywood post-production company. I pulled up in front of a very sleek building with 60’s modern glass block façade in Burbank not too far from Disney Studios. The client’s business was editing film for features and commercials, s … Read More

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This home is a delight! Find out more at Apartment Therapy. I haven’t seen the floorplan so I can’t compare it to the bagua. However, they have shown very good judgement in balancing yin and yang shapes (feminine curves, masculine angles), wonderful use of color, most rooms are clean and uncluttered though at the same time have warmth and personality and ‘just enough stuff’ to feel homey. Even the shot of the sofa in front of the screened window–which is the most cluttered, btw–shows us how to do clutter in a positive way. You CAN show off a collection of things, you CAN cover every surface, and STILL have good feng shui. See this home for inspiration.

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CAR FENG SHUI Have you ever calculated how many hours a week you spend in bumper to bumper traffic? Tally up those hours to see how much of your life you waste in the micro environment known as your car. Unless you work the night shift as a security guard or sit at your home computer telecommuting in your jammies or live in a very rural location there seems to be no way to avoid a minimum of at least eight hours a week in your automobile. For many of us, it's … Read More

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Was it raining where you lived today? It was here in North Carolina and I heard from friends that it was in Maine and in LA, also. This photo that I first spied at Apartment Therapy and traced to another blog really lifted my spirits today. Such a wonderful image. I bet the Traveler’s Insurance Company would love this image, too. But anyway, this serves as inspiration on how to lift ch’i in your home. Don’t neglect your ceilings. If you have particularly high ceilings, you can circulate the ch’i by adding feng shui solutions such as mobile art works and hanging sculptures. Use your imagination…pretty paper parasols or fans or Tibetan prayer flags—all from Asia—could be mounted in interesting ways if you have the right space for them. Fabrics can be stapled and draped in creative ways, too. This photo (again, Apartment Therapy thank you!) shows an ultra glam use of fabric.

As seen at

I like the idea of painting some ceilings with sky and clouds. This mural by Hove Painting Studio takes it to a very high level adding lush flora and fauna as well as sky. I like how the ivy spills out onto the trim, too.

Hove Painting Studio did this mural.

This photo from shows not only a sky painted ceiling but also solves the problem of that awkward column. By painting it to look like a tree, the column becomes a symbol of growth and the tree of life. Traditionally that is a good feng shui solution. You could also paint faux ivy growing up the column and hanging down from it. Do you have a high ceilinged space that you’ve done something interesting with? Send us your pics and we may feature you on the Feng Shui By Fishgirl blog.

Photo of mural work executed by

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A feng shui necklace by May Pang.

Synchronicity is always at play in my life. I had just finished reading the last interview with John Lennon & Yoko Ono and posted about it on my Feng Shui By Fishgirl blog. Then I was searching online for feng shui jewelry and discovered this line designed by May Pang. In case you are not old enough to remember, May Pang was John Lennon’s companion during his infamous “Lost Weekend” (a weekend that lasted 18 months in LA). I contacted Ms. Pang to find out if this line was currently available so I could feature it here on my blog. She graciously emailed me back to say yes. Each necklace represents a different auspicious feng shui intention such as Harmony, pictured here. The designs are simple, clean, and uncluttered—just like a space should be when feng shui principles are applied to it.


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