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One of the Valentine’s feng shui suggestions I have is to love yourself enough to focus on your finances this year. A favorite wealth guru of mine is The Millionaire Mommy Next Door blog written by Jen Smith. Read this fairytale:

The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Retirement Contributions.

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Color is a very personal preference. Some of us spend so much time surrounded by vibrant colors at work that we prefer a more subdued and neutral environment at home. Can a moody grey living room like the one shown here have good feng shui? Absolutely! It’s especially auspicious if the room is located in areas of the bagua where greys and blacks are naturally welcome (Travel & Helpful People and Career areas are exceptional placement for greys and blacks).

Click this link to jump to the website article to see more:

» Blog Archive » Moody Gray Living Room.

In addition to color there are other elements to the design that enhance the feng shui in this room. For example, check out the use of yin-yang shapes in the art work in the photo below. Round yin on top (where we belong, hehe!) and square masculine yang below. No color, but very powerful. The orchids and the rounded vase are also nice compliments to the overall feng shui qi.

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I like to focus on Love during the month of February. It’s a no brainer since Valentine’s Day is this month. Classic feng shui instructs us to consider color, symbology, placement, and a balance of elements and yin yang to achieve harmonious feng shui in our space. Let’s examine those aspects of the Love & Relationship sector to see how we can improve and strengthen Love & Relationship in our homes.

COLORS: White, Pink, Red and Peach tones are all favored in this area of the bagua. Plus, have you noticed that everyone’s skin tone automatically looks better when surrounded by peachy or pink or red sheets? This is an advantage if your bedroom is located in your Love & Relationship area. The photo above is a nice example of peach tones used on walls and bedding, as well as a nice round yin shaped mirror. (However, it’s not great feng shui to have your headboard on the same wall as the entry door. Since this is a B & B and not an actual home, I’ll overlook that.)  You can add red, white, pink, peach accents to your space with candles, pillows, sheets, flowers.

SYMBOLOGY: Certain images inspire Love & Relationship ch’i (energy). Peonies are symbols of love. So are roses. Anything paired up (two candlesticks close to each other rather than spread to opposite sides of the mantle), a picture of two lovers/mated swans or other animals in pairs, hearts. Believe it or not, mothers and sisters also rule this area so a picture of your mom or of you as a mom is well placed in the Love & Relationship area of your home.

ELEMENTS:  Earth is the element represented by Love & Relationship. Clay tiles or ceramics in the colors of  love can add to the strength of your Love & Relationship area. So if your bathroom, for example, is located in your Love & Relationship area, it’s better to have ceramic tiles instead of wood flooring there.

YIN & YANG: Round shapes are feminine yin energy, square of rectangular shapes (and I include sharp pointed penetrating shapes like triangles) are considered masculine yang shapes. In any space, it’s good to have a balance of both. This strengthens the equality within your Love & Relationship area and brings balance to your actual relationship. Soft drapey fabrics would be yin, harder crisper window treatments such as shutters would be yang. Rounded edged furniture, yin. Sharper edges, yang. Look around your room and identify the yin and yang shapes there. Do you have a good balanced mix?

Just one of the fantastic peach rooms shown at site. Great use of color, yin yang, pairing of objects, and elements for Love & Relationship feng shui.



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This article at Slate Magazine raises a really good question:

Do you love your dog too much? – By Jon Katz – Slate Magazine.

Pets can get us through many a rough patch in life. They make great companions and it’s even been proven that having access to a pet can extend your lifespan (that’s why many nursing homes and hospitals have visiting pet programs). But what if your love for your dog gets in the way of having a human love relationship? It happens. Especially if your heart’s been broken. A pet will give you unconditional love and it won’t talk back or express negative feelings. Loving a person means you’re going to get feedback, and not all of it will be what you want to hear. Thank you, Jon Katz for bringing this common situation to our attention in your fun article! Do you have a story of loving your pet too much to tell?  Did a pet get you through a difficult divorce or heartache? ‘Fess up and comment below!

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From time to time I reintroduce prior blog posts I’ve written that I can’t really improve on. Letting Go of Clutter–it’s really holding you back!

is one of my most popular posts at If you want to discover the psychological reasons you might be holding on to junk, read that post.

Another good one is about Letting Go of Your Ex. We often hold on to toxic relationships long past there due date.

These doctors in the article below claim that hanging on to negative experiences in your brain can be detrimental to your health as well. A recommended read:

Is Your Brain Stuck in the Past? – David Perlmutter, M.D. F.A.C.N and Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. – Heal Your Life.

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I’m a big advocate of improving the feng shui of your space using what you’ve already got and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to do it. I call that “frugal feng shui”. But you have to be willing to tackle the job with some elbow grease and ingenuity. This super cheap kitchen redo is an excellent case in point.


Click this link to jump to one of our favorite design sites, Apartment Therapy, to see the full story and find out how the transformation was done:

Before & After: Kitchen Reno on a Near Zero Budget | Apartment Therapy New York.


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Photo by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre

Gorgeous pictorial of a city in ruins, check out the art photography of Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre at  their website. The photos are hauntingly beautiful as my friend and colleague Tracy’s AstroSalon said (be sure to read her post as to what this all means astrologically). They are of abandoned buildings in Detroit (there is another portfolio of abandoned theatres that is a work-in-progress as well). How do all these abandoned buildings—many abandoned not so long ago—affect the feng shui of the entire city of Detroit and of the entire USA? Detroit is pretty much the heart of America. The automobile industry represented the best of American ingenuity and gumption. It’s now in ruins. We need to clear out the clutter of abandoned buildings and start rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure, planning our growth more wisely, investing in forward-thinking industries and creating jobs for the new millenium. What do you think should be done and how do you think we should do it?

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Every now and then even Feng Shui By Fishgirl has to put in a commercial…here it is:
Hey everyone–check out my new Global Feng Shui Services listing at I give this new network two thumbs up for ease of use and great features. For example, you can list your service and they will do an autopost on for you. You can even do a Thumbtack e-blast once you’ve got your contact lists entered. Instead, if you’re using Thumbtack to search for services in your local neighborhood, Thumbtack gives you the ability to vet, contact and book service professionals the moment you find them. If you’ve used my services and want to add a testimonial to my listing (greatly appreciated by moi!) please go to my listing and add your testimonial.

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Chocolate & Strawberries = Sexy Brain Food

1) Make your own Valentine cards. Nothing says “I Love You” more than something you made yourself. This stimulates your Creativity feng shui sector.

2) Dip some strawberries in chocolate. This stimulates your Family & Health area because it’s been proven that fruit and chocolate are both good for your health.

3) Read up on the kama sutra. Increasing your Wisdom & Knowledge feng shui will benefit your Love & Relationship area as well.

4) Update your resume. Loving yourself and making yourself a priority is good for your Career sector.

5) Go see your mom. Or your grandmom or favorite aunt, etc. so that your Travel & Helpful People area will get a nice feng shui boost.

6) Declare your love to the world. Be famous for letting people know how much you love them! Your Fame & Reputation sector will love it.

7) Love your money. Make 2011 the year you get serious about your finances. Get out of debt, start investing, pay attention to your money so it will grow into Wealth.

8) Love, love, love. Love is the foundation from which all other goodness flows. Love-based decisions are better feng shui than fear-based ones.

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