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Recently I did a post about snakes on a bus. This post is more on design target: a vintage bus that has been lovingly restored (don’t you love the barnboard floors and the plywood walls?). Check the pictorial out at MaineHome+Design. Love, love, love this!


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Photo from Vogue

Some people know how to live. Have the acreage? Put in a labyrinth like this one that you could get lost in. Somewhere in Provence….

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Earth is the bottom ‘star’ in this picture taken on Mars.

With the worldwide economy sluggish at best, crazy people shooting up crowded movie theatres and such, the people of Syria in civil war, a nurse in NH deliberately injecting dozens of patients with Hep C virus, the American presidential elections getting nastier and nastier…this view of our planet taken from Mars looks like the brightest  most miraculous news any earthlings could have this week.

Guess what? IT’S FAKE!!! Check out how this latest Urban Legend hoax was perpetrated by clicking here.

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If you love design then you probably love Airstream trailers, too. We do at Feng Shui By Fishgirl as you can see by this post and that post. Today I was surfing treehugger blog and found 8 Awesome Airstream Hotels and a slide show of great pics. Go check it out! Even better, travel to one of these unusual hotels and report back to us on how much fun you had.

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Driving on a rainy Monday through Roanoke we visited the O. Winston Link Museum. It’s located in a since abandoned train station that was renovated by Raymond Loewey, the father of industrial design. Everything about the Link Museum was unexpected and an exceptional experience. I highly recommend you check it out if you’re in the area. Or go to see the entire collection online here.

O. Winston Link’s amazing train photography done at night with flash lighting.

But this post is about lunch. We asked the woman working at the visitor’s desk where to get the best burger in town. She told us the Texas Tavern in downtown Roanoke. We liked the name. When we got there we loved the building (good feng shui with it’s red trim!) as you can see from the slideshow.

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The Texas Tavern only seats 10 at its lunch counter and that’s it. Wasn’t crowded the day we went. I wish I could say that the burgers matched our expectations but they didn’t. The patty was wafer thin and didn’t even come all the way to the edge of the bun. It tasted like all bun. I must say that the hot dog with Texas Tavern home made relish on it that I saw someone next to me eating looked mighty fine. So…if you go, get the hotdog or ask for a double or triple burger to bring it up to the size of one normal burger anywhere else. Still, they had cool t-shirts and we are always up for adventure…

Some of Raymond Loewy’s famous designs. See more at the website.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had the great good fortune to visit Washington, DC last week to get my art fix for the season! This Chinese Zodiac (Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads) installation by China’s preeminent dissident/artist Ai Wei Wei is breathtaking, don’t you think? BTW to discover what your Chinese zodiac sign is click here.

The piece below is a temporary exhibit from Ai Wei Wei and I didn’t get the name of it but it was a very powerful installation. When viewed from above one can see it is a map of China.There were a chair and a table imbedded into the support beams. You felt oppressed as you walked under the beam energy and I believe that was the artist’s intention.

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Out of my skull waiting for my Skippy’s hotdog!

A perfect day in Winston Salem, NC includes a trip to Skippy’s Hot Dogs. I’ve written about them before and their quality is so consistently good it’s a no brainer…to avoid the inevitable lines go before noon. We arrived at 11:30AM and I ordered a Chicago classic dog even though I didn’t know what banana peppers are. The dog is so big I could only photograph half of it!

Chicago dog at Skippy’s in W-S.

Next on your agenda should be a trip to the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art. Currently they are showing some amazing works done by several artists all using paper as their medium. My favorite artist in the show was Simryn Gill who made “pearls” from entire copies of books or like this one below that was NOT in the show, National Geographics.

Simryn Gill’s “Pearls” made from an entire copy of a National Geographic magazine.

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Photo of Marco Casagrande's "Sandworm" by Nikita Wu

The play of light and shadow in this environmental art piece is breathtaking. “Sandworm” was built on the shores of Belgium by artist Marco Casagrande (note how his name pretty much guaranteed that he’d become an architect / designer…I love when your name matches your calling). I highly recommend you view the complete slideshow of this amazing project. People are using the Sandworm to meditate, hold picnics in, and just escape from the mundane.

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I’m stunned that this beach exists in California and I lived there for 16 years without ever hearing about it. A beach made of polished glass instead of sand! Well, technically glass is made out of sand. Check out the full post and lots more pictures here at the Unfinished Man blog.


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Sometimes you gotta ask yourself the tough questions. Truth and Cake blogger Rian asked a doozy with this one:

What Did You Give Up, To Get What You Got? | Truth and Cake. Knowing your own answers to that question can help you lay the foundation for attracting more of what you want into your life. How? The more you know yourself and your goals, the better equipped you are to arrange your feng shui to strengthen your foundation.

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