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2010–Setting Intentions

I’m liking the number for the new year because it is divisible by 3. It feels like we’re going to finally see some positive shifts worldwide. Let’s all hold that thought for New Year’s Eve, shall we?

BTW, this December 31 we’ll be experiencing a Blue Moon full moon as well as a lunar eclipse. Astrologically, this is a pretty rare event with Blue Moons occurring about once every 2 and a half years. It’s a fantastic time for setting intentions. This means making a list of each positive thing you want to keep or attract in your life. Draw a big circle on a piece of paper and write the list inside of it. Outside the circle, write down all of the negative stuff you want to release from your life.

For example, inside your circle you might write: Love, Happiness, Health….and specific things like “Take up running” or “lose 20 lbs” or “move to Asheville”. In the outside releasing section you might write Fear, Sarcasm, Pain…and specific things such as “road rage” or “gossiping about coworkers”. Get the picture? Draw this up on New Year’s Eve before midnight and then sit with it and meditate on it and read the positive things out loud saying “I will attract ___, ___, ___ etc to my life in 2010”. Do the same with the negative saying “I will release _____, etc from my life in 2010”. Then burn that baby. Do that in a fire place or some other safe venue, please! As the smoke wafts into the air, you are setting your intentions for your dream year.

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This is a tree worthy of the N’avi tribe from the Avatar movie…we stopped at the Hampton Plantation on our drive from Wilmington to Charleston this Saturday. Dude, we’re glad we did! This historical site was empty (and free admission in the off season) so we had the grounds all to ourselves. The mighty live oaks are magnificent. One of these trees had a plaque that said President George Washington had saved this particular tree back in the 1700’s. Yes, the trees are that old and much older. These ancient trees saw Native Americans wandering by before the gorgeous mansion was built in 1730. And, what might these witnesses to slavery tell us about that shameful period of time in America’s history? I believe the trees add powerful healing energy to the grounds as would any trees in your own backyard. Live oaks, with their sculptural shapes and draped Spanish moss, you can’t help but thinking they are true works of art. BTW, hugging trees is good feng shui.

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Feng Shui By Fishgirl loves discovering new places (especially while traveling). If you happen to be driving down the east coast and you find yourself just north of Charleston on Rte 17, be sure to stop at Cosmic Jack’s for the best hot dog you’ll ever eat! The venue caught our attention because of the shiny polished vintage Airstream they had parked out front. Turns out the inside of the Airstream has been completely gutted to make room for a catering kitchen (what a groovy idea!). Inside, the decor is part 50’s, part Jetsons and the staff is super helpful and friendly. The french fries are to die for and they’re served with authentic draft root beer.

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1) I will surround myself in my home space only with things I like or love.

2) I will cultivate relationships only with people that I like or love.

3) I will repair items and friendships that are worth saving and discard ones that aren’t.

4) I will be conscious of expressing myself in a positive way.

5) I will remove clutter from my space and my mind.

6) I will examine my space and rearrange things for a better energy flow.

7) I will be more conscious of sustainable practices so that I leave a smaller footprint on the earth’s surface.

8) I will keep up my gratitude journal and teach others how to create one.

9) I will not save the smudge stick, incense, and candles for special occasions.

10) I will eat more chocolate.

What will you do to improve your life in 2010?


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Feng Shui By Fishgirl believes that you should only surround yourself with stuff you love, especially in your own home sanctuary. Often, though, someone we love may give us a gift that we don’t share enthusiasm for. Should we keep it in order to protect their feelings? No. That’s not good feng shui. Give yourself permission to choose not to keep the gift out of guilt or obligation. Here are some alternative ideas:

*Exchange the gift at the original retailer for something you really want.

*Give the gift to a charity organization such as Salvation Army.

*Give the gift to a friend that you know would like it.

*Transform the gift into something else you like (ie: if it is a skirt but you love the fabric, cut it up and make it into a pillow or incorporate it into a quilt—get creative!).

Having stuff around your space that you don’t love has a negative impact on your feng shui. If an item is unused it becomes a part of clutter and resentment builds up. It’s much better to let it go. Is that ungrateful? No. Be thankful for the thought and the person behind the gift—give them a sincere thank you for their generosity. And don’t think twice about letting go of gifts you don’t love.

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Photo from CNN

Isn’t this a gorgeous pic? Check out the story at CNN. Back in 1989 I visited Hiroshima, Japan and was very moved by the piles of colorful origami peace cranes left as handmade offerings throughout the memorial site.

Photo from

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In my art gallery or when I’m doing art fairs, there will always be those people that come in not to view and appreciate the art I’ve created, but to pick my brain for their own information. For example, recently a woman came up to my booth at a local fair and said “Who does your mugs?” I replied, “I do.” She continued rather annoyed with me, “No, I mean who is your vendor where you get your mugs printed?”. I told her, “I am.” She then got very upset and said, “Aren’t you going to tell me who your vendor is?” and I replied that she must be an artist also and I would be happy to supply her and be her vendor. She walked off in a huff.

Everything I said to her was true. But she expected me to give away my trade secrets simply because she asked. That’s not only poor etiquette, it’s against the Law of Reciprocity. If she had stopped to purchase something and take the time to develop a relationship with me, she may have eventually learned (earned?) the information. Or, she might have actually utilized me to be her mug supplier and grown her own art business that way. That would be a win-win situation. Balance is required for good feng shui. Balance is key to Reciprocity.

Take inventory. Are you giving too much? Are you allowing yourself to receive in kind? Do you feel balanced or do you feel depleted? Do you feel empowered or taken advantage of? It’s time to look at your Reciprocity and make sure you take in as much as you give out.

Tell us your stories here in the comments section.

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When a loved one dies at home, where does the energy go? Does it have an impact on your feng shui? That’s a good question and one I encounter often. If a person dies under disturbing circumstances, that energy may stick around and cause problems for the living. But if the person died peacefully, and certain steps are taken to clear the air and reclaim the space, the feng shui can be very positive again once everyone has completed their grieving process.

My own father died in a NH hospice room several years ago. I was impressed that the nurses there had created their own ritual for the residents that passed away. I was just outside his room when my father passed. The nurses went in immediately without me and carefully cleaned my father’s body and tucked him into his bed so that it appeared he was sleeping peacefully. They had placed his hands folded across his chest with a single red rose and they had opened a high window across from the bed despite the freezing temperatures and snowstorm outside. I inquired why they did this and I was told that they wanted to give their patients’ spirits a chance to leave the premises. They told me further that they would leave the body in this state at least overnight instead of rushing to call the undertakers in to take it. This might give the deceased some time to “find the window” and leave. Very interesting, isn’t it?

What if a spirit/ energy can’t leave? That’s when you have some feng shui problems. If a loved one has died at home, you can try the window method same as the hospice workers. But in addition, you might want to consider space clearing with incense or a smudge stick. Bless the energy of the departed and send it back to the creator as you waft the smoke around the room and the rest of the home. Be sure to do this after a good crying jag, too.

You may live in a space where a previous occupant has died but you did not know it. Or even worse, someone may have killed themself or others in your space. In an old historic home, there could be ghosts from centuries past still residing there. What happens is that the residual chi energy in all of these cases needs to be displaced so that you can claim the space for your own. If you try to do a space clearing method on your own and it doesn’t work, call in a qualified feng shui expert. In addition to smudging, there are sound cures and other sacred methods that a pro may use to clear the space so that you can claim it and live there in harmony.


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Fortunate Saint #116 (c) Katy Allgeyer

Announcing the launch of “Fortunate Saints”. Original modern spiritual icon paintings with Chinese fortune cookie sayings juxtaposed next to Italian prayer cards on richly painted miniature canvases. Priced from $100 and up. The 5″ square ones are unframed with painted sides and the slightly larger ones are framed in gorgeous gilt and wood frames, each one of a kind. Fortunate Saints make great gifts for any occasion, with some having specific messages perfect for making amends, expectant mothers, graduates, and prosperity. Place them in your Wisdom & Knowledge area or Wealth area and see what happens!

Fortunate Saint #116 is on eBay right now!


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