Prestigious national financial daily, The Wall Street Journal, published a feature article on January 26, 2006 about their reporters consulting with 5 international Feng Shui experts in 5 major cities (Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, New York, and Hong Kong). Katy Allgeyer, one of only 350 American members of the International Feng Shui Guild, was the only west coast Feng Shui expert chosen for a consultation for this piece.

The Wall Street Journal article stated, “Our consultant in Los Angeles suggested adding feminine furniture, such as round, low tables in the bedroom, which is also our prosperity area, to counterbalance the masculine feel caused by tall bed posts and a gas pipe.” and “…many (Of Katy’s suggestions) made the house more livable.”

The Wall Street Journal continued with these positive comments about Katy Allgeyer, “Our consultant said the house had ‘too much minimalism in all the wrong places.’ The suggestions had merits. A simple rearrangement made the dining room look much bigger.”

As the article stated, “Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art that traces back thousands of years, is meant to improve your life by arranging your home in a harmonious way.” With her 20+ years of Feng Shui experience, Katy Allgeyer is uniquely qualified to help people realign and positively put on track both their living spaces and work environments.


Katy Allgeyer began 2007 by relocating from Los Angeles to be in High Point, North Carolina–the crossroads and true heart of the USA–and has a global clientele. Whether you choose a direct on-site Feng Shui inspection or an off-site review of your floorplans and blueprints, whether you decide to Feng Shui existing structures or incorporate Feng Shui principles into your design planning from the beginning, whether you have a domestic space or a commercial space, Feng Shui By Fishgirl is the service you’re looking for.