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With my Feng Shui By Fishgirl practice I am involved in organizing spaces and aligning energy with the locations of the bagua map. With my fine art practice, I explore location further using road maps, nautical charts, and other media within the space of my painted canvases.

I recently was delighted to meet another artist who explores spacial relationships. Anni Frohlich moved to Greensboro, NC from Miami, Florida and has quickly become a fixture on the Triad art scene. Anni’s work is intertwined with the eco-conscious green movement in that all of her pieces use repurposed materials. I am particularly drawn to Anni’s Little Cities like the one above called “Transformation City”. The artist is preparing for a solo exhibition later this year. However, the artist also has a line of fine art one-of-a-kind jewelry made from recycled treasures.

Found Object Rings (c) Anni Frohlich

Her chunky rings are funky and an inexpensive way to improve your feng shui by:

1] helping the planet one little step at a time through recycling materials.

2] helping an artist by supporting her art.

3] treating yourself with love and kindness–it all begins with you.

Contact the artist Anni Frohlich via her facebook pages.

Found Object Ring (c) Anni Frohlich

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FUN-SHUI: Pearl River Market

A glimpse of the wares of Pearl River Market, NYC

If you’re looking for a fun way to jazz up a child’s room, a sunporch, an art studio, patio, or Creativity & Future Projects area, check out the Pearl River Market website where you can find a myriad of colorful paper products you can hang from ceilings. Chinese lanterns, butterfly kites, globe lamps, mobile art….use your imagination to stimulate your creative juices and fill in empty space of too-high ceilings. While Pearl River used to be located on Canal Street in the heart of NYC’s Chinatown district, they’ve recently moved to a chic Soho location. You can also find great gifts, tea, housewares—have fun shopping and tell us what you bought!

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Need something to remind you that springtime is just around the corner? I found this wonderful tea tray at Harbor Farm recently. It’s pretty and chi-ful and at $12.25 will not break the bank.

My favorite tea is the premium quality Jasmine Pearls that cost and arm and a leg in tea shops. Unless you have a secret source. I used to live nearby to Los Angeles’ Chinatown where I discovered I could buy my tea for half to a third less than the fancy retailers at the mall. Half a pound is $11.00.

Of course, with your tea you need some yummy tea biscuits. Get a dozen from Emily’s for $14.50. The ones shown here are made with green tea but they have other flavors, too.

I like these hand embroidered mini-napkins from Latin Works Co., perfect for tea time, made in Ecuador. Set of 6 on sale for $9.95. Sweet!

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My favorite M & M’s candy is offering personalized printing on their candy! OMG I am in chocolate heaven…I can get photos of my sweetie, my doggies, and any saying I want printed in any colors I choose. Now THAT’S sweet. And, it’s fantastic feng shui because you’re clearly stating your Love Intentions for Valentine’s Day 2010. BTW, you can do it for weddings, Mother’s Day, baby showers, birthdays…

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Couture ClipboardsThese Couture Clipboards from violet.com make me smile. If you’re a listmaker–and what organized feng shui person isn’t?–these make carrying your notes around fun! And for storing those notes, these veneer folders with larks & flowers on them are just darling.
Larks & Flowers Veneer Folders


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