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Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 4.48.38 PMDo you want the easy effortless style of Diane Keaton, age 69? Here she is in AARP Magazine looking vibrant and young at heart. I couldn’t help but noticing her giant sterling silver cross. I have one for sale on my Etsy shop!  So if you like this look, click here and it can be yours.  And your search for a 2016 fashion muse can be ‘crossed’ off your list.

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There’s a really comprehensive post about fancy dog houses over at Click the link and you’ll see more photos of supermodel Rachel Hunter’s dog houses (shown here) as well as Paris Hilton’s supposedly $325K doggie digs. Having pets is wonderful for your feng shui. Making them live apart from you in an outside house–no matter how nice–is not so great for either of you. If you want to benefit from the loving relationship that a dog can give you, treat them as you would any member of the family.

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I’m so excited to find a new design blog to add to my repertoire. Habitually Chic posts about all kinds of cool design stuff. Check out their post on travelin’ in style. They’ve even uncovered a pic of Led Zep in front of their airplane for this great pictorial.

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Photo from Elle Decor

The symmetry of this poolside cabana designed by Jamie Durie creates good feng shui balance. I’m a sucker for turquoise color–it’s so soothing and instantly puts me in the mood for relaxation. There are a couple of design elements here that are off kilter—the two lamps are mismatched and either side of the structure has a different potted plant arrangement. This slight assymmetry gives an extra boost of energy to the overall space and does not harm the balance at all. See more from this designer at Elle Decor.

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Katie Holmes’ Feng Shui

I want to feng shui Katie Holmes’ new apartment in NYC. If I were hired, I would strengthen her tai ch’i core in order to support her new found independence from Tom Cruise. I’d also make sure her creative desires were represented in her home. It’s been reported that he had a Svengali-like hold on her and would not allow her to take on movie roles he didn’t approve of, monitored her cell phones and email, and had other controlling tendencies.

My guess is Katie might not be open to feng shui because she might misconstrue it to be a religion or Scientology substitute. It’s neither of those things. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of placement and energy flow to align one’s architecture and environment. Wishing Katie good luck in her next chapter of her life. And I wish the same for Tom, too. Call me if you want some help with your feng shui!

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We first covered Brad Pitt’s “Make it Right NOLA” back in November, 2009 with this post. It’s three years later and Brad’s non profit org has made inroads into rebuilding New Orlean’s lower 9th ward —hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina—one house at a time. Using sustainable construction and known architects, the affordable housing is making waves in the design world. Here are just three of the completed houses. Go to Make it Right NOLA to see more and find out how you can contribute to this worthy cause (which also contributes to your own excellent feng shui). Oh, and there’s a great video of Mr. Pitt there, too.

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Christian Laboutin shoes.

Wander down Wall Street and you’re sure to see some powerful women wearing their Christian Laboutin status symbol shoes. You’ll recognize them from the Chinese red soles–red being a very powerful feng shui color symbolizing wealth. I’m sure now that you know about them, you’ll notice this signature sole shoe appearing in TV and film on movie stars as well. Which reminds me…I saw a film on TV the other day where a character was using bright red nail polish to paint the soles of her shoes red to mimic this look on the cheap! It was hilarious. Not sure if it works or not. Someone please try it and let me know! I don’t have a need for heels as I am on an island in Maine where LL Bean is the fashion king. Ayup.

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