THE WALL STREET JOURNAL stated, “Our consultant in Los Angeles (Katy Allgeyer) suggested adding feminine furniture, such as round low tables in the bedroom, which is also our prosperity area, to counterbalance the masculine feel caused by tall bed posts and a gas pipe.” and “…many (of Katy’s suggestions) made the house more livable.” The WALL STREET JOURNAL continued with these positive comments about Katy Allgeyer,” Our consultant said the house had ‘too much minimalism in all the wrong places.’ The suggestions had merits. A simple rearrangement made the dining room look much bigger.” 

~THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, January 26,2006 “Cranky Consumer”

Katy’s feng shui services enhanced the look and feel of my new art gallery space. The difference was felt by patrons, many of whom commented that, “The energy feels really great in here!”. More importantly, the feng shui impact was demonstrated in increased art sales at the very next art event immediately following the work Katy did. There was also a sudden flow of incoming accounts receivable to my art insurance business which I also run from the gallery (some of these outstanding debts owed me were nearly two years old). Talk about movement! What is wonderful is that all of the negative people,thoughts, and feelings have seemed to vanish from life after your consultation.Feng shui really works!

~ Tom Pratt, 626 Gallery, Los Angeles, and

Awesome Katy. Got (your feng shui analysis) and it is perfect.

~Bill Garland, Stockbroker, Pacific Palisades, CA


I have worked with other feng shui services and was left feeling
depressed and overwhelmed! So I was recently very afraid to try it
again, but I knew I really needed some help in that area,
I had gotten so stuck in some important areas of my life. So
much so that my sister-in-law, who had been reading Katy’s
columns for years, decided to give me a consultation AND Katy’s
“Intentional Success” personal ceremony as a birthday present.
She knew my feelings about the lastservice I had had, but she
said from Katy’s writings and from talking to her that she
felt sure that I would be nurtured by the experience.
I was so impressed with Katy. Immediately I could feel her
strong positive energy and was amazed
at her ability to really size up the situation. She was so
generous with her time and energy. I felt she
went above and beyond in her observations and
numerous helpful and do-able solutions. I loved her
great sense of design, too. Her suggestions were specific
and also sensitive to what I could do within
my present budget, so that I could implement solutions quickly!
The (“Intentional Success”) personal ceremony was quite a
beautiful experience. It was very helpful and created a lot of
powerful intention and focus for moving forward and getting
unstuck! And just showed more of Katy’s sincere passion for helping others.
And then she sent me the written analysis which gave even more
observations and solutions which were SO helpful!! I look forward
to completing implementation of her guidance and then having her come
back to tweak it and take me once again to a whole other level!!
Since starting the changes to my place, I have had a major
breakthrough in my relationship and in my personal growth.
Not to mention it just feels so much better to be in our home now!
This all confirms to me that as I continue
the process Katy has outlined for me that things will just keep
getting better and better. Thank you Katy, from the bottom of
my heart (and my partner thanks you, too).
Marca (Venice, CA)


(One week after Katy came to do a feng shui tuneup…) We are shifting the energy over here. Charlie’s parents came over this weekend and brought a nice birthday check for Charlie and then volunteered to cover Jack’s camp. Totally unsolicited by us….we changed our mat out front to say welcome and are doing all the other stuff, bit by bit..
Thank you!

Katy was splendid. I learned a lot from her, and worked with her suggestions quite a bit in the house. I think she was very useful.

~Dr. C. A. Torres, UCLA

Katy Allgeyer did an excellent reading of my home in late December. Although I had moved in a year earlier, I still hadn’t quite made it my own, and she gave me some excellent tips. Whether or not you believe in feng shui, you would doubtless agree my space is much improved aesthetically, and has a more welcoming atmosphere as a result of some relatively simple changes. For example, she suggested I move my dining table to run north-south instead of east-west, making the room look much bigger, and she came up with a clever way to hide some awkwardly placed cable wires. Katy is very knowledgeable, very direct, and very kind. She even offered to help me move furniture. She did a thorough job, making sure she knew as much as she could about the house and my situation, and I recommend her highly.

~Sarah McBride, Echo Park, CA


We are owners of a new lounge.  We build it and although it looks beautiful,
something was just not clicking.  We were having problems keeping the cash,
and that is when I brought Katy in.  She was able to immediately identify the problem.
She counseled me on my entire space, focusing primarily on the wealth area
(our main problem area), and after her visit, and upon my implentation of the
changes she recommended, we have been able to keep more control of our funds.
Katy is wonderful, I did not feel she was being controlled by “time in session”
during our consultation, she was very thorough and very reasonable!

~Susy Alvarez, The Rhythm Lounge, Long Beach, CA

I am a Caltech philosophy professor who travels a lot. Last summer I asked Katy to feng shui my Santa Monica apartment while I was away on a trip. When I returned, I could hardly believe the transformation in my place. Suddenly,everything seemed to be where it ‘belonged’. She has a wonderful eye for color, and for the use of space. I was delighted with the result. Thanks, Katy!


~Dr. Alan Ha’jek , Caltech

Katy Allgeyer is more than a feng shui practitioner,
she is also a healer. Insightful and intuitive, she
seemed to zero in on what I needed to accomplish with
my space to move myself to the next level. She then
went on to methodically explore each area of my studio
as it pertains to the baguas and make suggestions,
fusing her feng shui knowledge with innovative yet
practical design ideas that would not bust the bank
for this budget-conscious aspiring actress. Katy also
performed a special meditation ceremony* (separate from
her feng shui services) which helped reaffirm my
intentions, allowed me to dream bigger, and somehow
made my dreams feel more in reach.
I have a bit of work to do on my apartment to truly
make it my own and thrive in this space, and I feel
that with Katy and my friends, I have had really great
advice and look forward to putting my apartment
together and enjoying this gift to myself.

~Jennifer H., Actress, Hollywood, CA

I had always been very curious about Feng Shui, and had decided that when we bought our own home, I would have a professional assess the layout and flow. When we finally became homeowners a few months ago, I had a terrible time trying to find someone who had enough experience to earn my trust, and most of the consultants used a lot of traditional cures that would not work with our home without seeming very obvious. I serendipitously found Katy’s blog one day, and was hooked- she seemed to go to the core of the philosophy, using and understanding what flow truly was, and explained everything in such a wonderful way that it would not alienate a layman. I contacted her for a consultation, but since I was not in her local area, we decided to go for a long-distance consultation. I was a little hesitant at first, because I thought that being IN the home would be important to get a sense of the energy, but she put all my fears to rest. After receiving some materials from me, she promptly (really, within 2-3 days) send back a written report, with notes on our floor plan. The written report was VERY comprehensive, and I saw that she really “got” the space. Her recommendations were not just “cures”, but aesthetically improved our space, and just made it feel right. The changes we have begun to make have certainly given us results- let me elaborate on one particular case. My husband and I both work for a non-profit company. I work part time, and he is a more senior level employee. In this economy, I received a 15% raise after making changes to our wealth area. My husband also received an unexpected raise AND bonus!
Katy is a wonderful person and a thorough professional. She has always answered my questions promptly, and without any reservations. She is truly amazing and I cannot recommend her services highly enough.
-SK, Texas

I can feel the new energy…….the written report is very helpful!!

~Lisa Long, Barsac Brasserie, Hollywood, CA

Katy, thank you for your help. When I reviewed your recommendations, you said that we needed to have a fireplace mantle to anchor our health. I had this done, right after my husband came out of the hospital to ensure that he has a speedy recovery. It’s been good since then!!!

~Lea Santoro, Burbank, CA

I love what we did to my home and it has been a big help to me on my journey.You were my best investment in my mental, spiritual, and physical health that I have ever made. Merci many times over.

~Jackie Maye, Carson City, NV

You have a way of making this “exotic” wisdom accessible and immediately useful, and I love sharing it with friends. You might want to mention that you can “do” buildings from a distance, not only within your local area like you did our two Wellness Centers in Canada via floorplan review.

~Jenny Noble, Astrologer, British Columbia

I recently moved into a new space in Santa Monica and Katy was wonderful. Her talent and intention to make my living space more beautiful was clear from the moment she walked through my door. Her guidance has already made my apartment feel like a retreat, and I continue to transform my space with Katy’s advice in my mind. Katy has a very colla- borative and positive energy, and I consider myself very lucky to have found her. She listens to you carefully-about your life, what’s working, what’s not working- and then gets right to the business of making it all flow. I feel so connected to my space now. This was an invaluable experience.Thank you, Katy. You’re the best!

~U.R, Writer, Santa Monica, CA

Katy’s work on my retail space gave me immediate results: five interior designers came to the store the very next day and made huge purchases. Katy’s ” Intentions Ceremony” gave me a sense that I have the power to create my own success in life and that I am supported by the universe in ways I cannot even begin to imagine. Thanks, Katy!

~Jamie Park, TREAT retail store owner, Santa Barbara, CA

I was in the doldrums and had no energy to make art at my studio. I called on Katy to set it right and indeed she did! Her knowledge and vision invigorated me in my career. Within an hour of incorporating one of her cures I had an appointment to show my work at a gallery. My art is now hanging alongside Miro, Picasso, and my hero, Paul Klee. Good job, Katy!

~Carol Surface, Artist & Interior Designer, Venice, CA

I have lived in the same apartment in Santa Monica for the past ten years. I was feeling “stuck” and lacked the energy to make changes in my life. Katy’s feng shui suggestions made a tremendous difference in the apartment. In just one day, Katy transformed the energy in my home space, implementing changes in the placement of the furniture, plants, artwork. I was there during the process and I am still amazed at the wonderful transformation that took place. I bought a plant as you suggested for the knife edge in the bedroom…You know – the bedroom feels like it has so much more space – you are BETTER than an interior designer…….

~Sherrie Auhll, C.P.A. Brentwood, CA.

So many amazing things have happened since we Fend Shui’ed my home and did Katy’s “Intentions Ceremony”. I am really excited about all of it. My mom and I got together, and our relationship is loving and strong, and my relationship with my boyfriend is flourishing beautifully and healthily, I have begun practing yoga 3 x a week, and my career is really starting to take off! This week I had six auditions

with two callbacks this week for the two that were my favorites! I am ready to start practicing massage as as a job to supplement my acting so that I may fearlessly

pursue my acting and act in my highest good. The biggest thing I have done lately is release fear to embrace love.

Thank you!

~Kelly Sullivan, Actress, Los Angeles, CA

To say that our lives have been truly altered by our Feng Shui consultation would be an understatement indeed. Katy’s enthusiasm and expertise during the consultation and recommendations for colors, placement and energetic change in our apartment not only has made our place more welcoming to friends and family (who have verbally articulated our space feeling different and more warm), but we saw immediate changes in our careers and relationships. Within 24 hours of moving clutter out of our wealth and opportunity area, calls immediately came in for Ron (commercial director and fine art photographer) to sell current prints or for commissions. Several sales and inquiries were made that 1st week. Opportunities for work for Alisa (yoga instructor, business woman) crescendoed 3 weeks later, giving her the opportunity to choose what she wanted to take as opposed to waiting and hoping for any job to come her way.We continue to feel the flow of energy in our home. Our relationship has felt more supported as well. Who knows, maybe a baby is in our near future…Thanks Katy, you’re the best!

~Alisa Donner & Ron Hamad, Los Angeles


April 16, 2006

A little over three years ago, I consulted Katy for a Feng Shui analysis of my Echo Park apartment, where I had lived for 7 _ years. I had come back in January 2003 from a trip to Spain with a sense of restlessness in my life: no boyfriend, a career that had flat-lined and needed resuscitating, and a strong feeling that my flat no longer suited me. Not knowing where to look, I started with Karen Kingston’s excellent book, Clear Your Clutter, and started donating old books, clothes, and knickknacks. A friend suggested I hire a Feng Shui consultant to push me along after a month of clutter clearing, so I hired someone recommended by a co-worker. This consultant, who shall remain nameless, showed up late, did a cursory look through my flat and made some general suggestions about mirrors and chi energy, but offered little in the way of constructive advice. A few weeks went by and I came across Katy’s website, Feng Shui by Fishgirl, while surfing the net one night; based on the strength of the testimonials, I decided to try again.

When Katy came to meet me at my flat, she showed up promptly, sat me down, and began to ask me questions about goals in my life; my hopes and expectations for the future. She listened carefully and took notes, saying that this information would shape her suggestions for my place. She next went through each room and did a thorough inventory, taking measurements, checking for “missing corners” and noting furniture placement.

Afterwards, Katy’s first major point was that the “L” shape configuration of my flat, which I had never really paid attention to, meant that the relationship corner of my place was entirely missing, as was part of my career section. Go figure! I also had way too much furniture for one person and the size of my place, most of which had been given to me by family members and which I had felt obligated to keep. She actually rearranged some of my furniture right then and there, and my place instantly felt transformed. Katy gave me a long “to do” list and said she would mail me the final report with the layout of my flat in a few weeks.

In the meantime, I felt completely energized and motivated by Katy’s consultation. In the space of two weeks, I had sold several pieces of furniture, hundreds of books and cd’s, and had painted the study a beautiful shade of green. I also lost seven pounds and had people telling me how vibrant I looked. Clutter clearing and decorating became almost addictive; I went from being a hoarder, “this might come in handy someday” type of person to someone who couldn’t wait to shed all these old layers that just seemed to be tying me down.

In the next few months after Katy’s consultation, several things happened in my life which at first seemed like misfortunes but which actually turned out to be blessings in disguise: I didn’t get the job promotion I had been after, my landlord served me an eviction notice, and my place was burglarized; the only objects taken were my old engagement ring, some cash, and a Sex and the City DVD (!) When I was telling the police detective about my recent eviction and the objects that had been taken, she said, “It seems like the universe is trying to tell you something, honey.” I had wanted change in my life, and it had come about in a major way.

I had until August before I had to move out, and began the process of apartment hunting in the Los Angeles area. Meanwhile, my father surprised my mother and I with plane tickets to visit cousins in England and Ireland that summer. While abroad, my cousins suggested teaching in England for a while if I wanted a change, so I thought “Why not?”and applied to several London-based teaching agencies while I waited for my Irish passport to arrive from the San Francisco embassy. By November, I had purchased a plane ticket to London even though I didn’t have a job placement yet. I was going entirely on faith that I would find the right job and was willing to take risks; a very different person than the one I had been in January. Two weeks before I was scheduled to leave at the end of December, my passport and my job placement came through. I was off to teach English at a high school in St. Albans, a suburb north of London 30 minutes from where I was going to be staying. It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly.

Two years on, and I am still at the same school, and living happily with the wonderful Scotsman I met a month after arriving in England. We are expecting a child in late August.

Thank you, Katy! You helped make this happen!
~Kathleen Boylan, U.K.




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