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Why is removing clutter so important to good feng shui? Let me give you an example of how clearing space makes room for good things to happen. I have been feeling blocked lately (it happens to feng shui practitioners, too) I sat still with it and noticed that I had let a few things pile up on my desk, had a “to-do list” that was a couple pages–and a couple of months–long overdue, and I knew if I didn’t address all these things I  would feel even less inclined to do them as time went on. I have a client project I need to complete on a tight deadline but couldn’t muster the energy or focus to do it. I have paintings I want to paint in time for the summer gallery season in Maine and I am only partly done.

So…I began one night this weekend with clearing off my desk, slowly working through the piles of bills and filing work. Checked it off my list. Took out the list. Ordered a new cheaper mobile phone service from Virgin Mobile that will cost me $60 less per month than my original provider (check!). Scanned artwork in to upload to my facebook page (check!). Filled out an online survey that earned me a free tall sized drink at Starbuck’s (check!). Gathered up stuff to donate to Goodwill (check!). Worked on some press releases for an upcoming art event (check!). Followed up with my blog (check!). I won’t bore you with the rest of my list.

Today I went to Starbuck’s to redeem the free tall drink–the barrista gave me a free venti frappucino (triple the size of the original free offer) with an extra shot of coffee (score!). The facebook upload of my art resulted in one painting selling immediately (score!).  Later that afternoon I had to appear in court for two traffic violations that happened under extenuating circumstances; I had to sit and wait patiently for 2 hours until my case was called and then the DA dismissed my $380 charges with only a warning (score!). I visited Williams-Sonoma to return a broken two year old  $200 blender for which I had no receipt as I had always been under the assumption that Williams-Sonoma had a lifetime warranty on their products. I’d had this blender boxed up for 9 months meaning to return it (building up negative ch’i on my to-do list). After a little hassle and listening to the manager explaining to me why they no longer have that lifetime warranty policy in place I was given a brand new blender from a better brand with equivalent value (score again!).  Do I feel lucky? YES! I feel like the way was cleared for me to benefit from good luck. I also applied the intention of positive action—deciding to clear the decks of my to-do list is setting intention to make room for auspiciousness, making time to act on things you need to do sets other things in motion (ie: my art work was painted but I still had to take steps to scan and upload it in order to expose it to potential buyers). By reviewing my bills and seeing that my mobile phone was costing me too much, I consciously took action to switch providers saving me a great deal of money that sends a message to the universe: I respect money and I deserve more to come my way.

This is what it feels like to be “in the flow”. I did have one negative today…my windshield has a crack on it that will need an expensive repair. But I’m taking it in stride and taking care of this maintenance right away instead of letting it pile up a ton of negative energy. Keeping your life clutter free really does attract abundance. Try it! And please share YOUR stories of clearing out the clutter in your life.

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A mile wide tornado preceded by a rare double rainbow. People are still being pulled from the wreckage days later. You can help the people of Joplin, Missouri recover (it’s good feng shui karma). There is a comprehensive list of contact information to the best disaster relief orgs at the link below:

Joplin, Missouri: How to Help Tornado Victims – ABC News.

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HIDDEN IN PARIS: An Auspicious Interview With Author Corine Gantz

I am thrilled that my friend Corine Gantz has published her
first novel. Corine is an inspiration to all of us aspiring
writers–she found the time to write despite being a full
time wife and mother. Corine’s been entertaining us for
years with her blog “Hidden in France”. Some people
say I feng shui’ed myself out of California but in fact,
it’s Corine’s fault that I moved—she introduced
me to my mate six years ago and I consequently began
a new life–Hidden in High Point and the sequel, Hidden
in Stonington– on the east coast with my delightful life partner.

You can read about Corine’s adventures in matchmaking here.

Author & Blogger Corine Gantz

My exclusive interview with Corine reveals her wicked
sense of humor. See my review of her novel and then
go out and get it for your summer beach reading–you
won’t be disapppointed.

FSBF: Your blog is called “Hidden in France” and your
book is called “Hidden in Paris”. Will you continue the
“hidden” theme or the “French” theme in your next book?

CORINE: Ahem… my husband has already bought domain
names for ‘hidden’ followed by a dozen cities and countries,
and I appreciate his enthusiasm but definitely no.
“Hidden in France” was the original title of the novel,
I started a blog with that name, then realized that oops,
there already was a book by that name. You can’t copyright a
book title but I did not want to step on anyone’s toes, especially
the toes of someone who survived the holocaust by hiding in France.
You know what I mean, one does not mess with holocaust survivors,
it’s just plain bad feng-shui.

FSBF: You have 2 sons and your main character
Annie has 3 sons. Coincidence?

CORINE: Absolute coincidence, see she has 3 and
I have 2.  I’m perfectly disguised!

FSBF: One of my favorite–and hilarious– passages
in “Hidden in Paris” was the way Annie’s young
boys got away with the “no swearing” rule by using
the popular internet expression of spelling out
the letters WTF. Did your boys help you with that?

CORINE: No one bothers with acronyms at my
house, I’ve long lost this battle.

FSBF: You seem to have a deep understanding of how
many women lose themselves in relationships.
Not just relationships with their partners but also
with their parents, for example. In the book all 3 women
have lost sight of their authentic selves
through their codependence on others.Why did you
choose to focus on  this particular issue?

CORINE: I’m interested in women and the kinds
of limitations we put on ourselves, and how we
manage to break free of them.  The breaking free
and the strange forms this takes is the interesting
bit for me.  In the past it was true that society
and men conspired to limit women, but this is
no longer the case. Yet modern, smart, functioning
women often take every (unconscious) step to impose
limitations on themselves.  It’s as though it is so
anchored in our collective unconscious that we
cannot help but reenact it.  We can so easily become
our own jailors out of love, fear, guilt, anger. And
when we realize that we own the key out of
that jail it’t a beautiful moment.

FSBF: Do you have a lot of close female friends
or are you a loner like Annie?

CORINE: I’m definitely an introvert.  It doesn’t mean
I don’t want to be with people, but that I need
far more alone time than I need together time.
I’m not the easiest of friends, which is perhaps
why my close friends happen to be very
tolerant women (and especially tolerant of me).

FSBF: Another important character in the book is
food and French cooking. What’s cooking in your kitchen?

CORINE: Everything is cooking in my kitchen at all times.
I get a bit obsessive about food. A few days ago
I met a woman on a school field trip who said
that—how did the conversion lead to this I will
never know—she prepared meatballs by boiling them
in water first.  It sounded disgusting, this visual of boiled
animal flesh, but she was from Morocco, home of
some of the best cuisine in the world.  I had her detail
the recipe step by step. She probably thought I was a
mad woman. Once I got home I had to try it–had to!
At 7 pm I was shopping for ingredients and at 8 we
had Moroccan boiled meatballs on our plate.  By that
time we were so starved no one cared if it was
good or not, we wolfed it down.

FSBF: What authors dead or alive would you like
to have a dinner with over your kitchen table?

CORINE: An alive one, definitely.

FSBF: You took the unusual route of self-publishing
and requested your readers to help you improve
your book by sending in any typos or grammatical
errors so you can update the next printing
of your book. Was publishing a less than perfect
manuscript a risky decision or a wildly clever
marketing scheme on your part to engage your
readers with interactive participation—much like
comments posted to a blog–so that they would be
more vested in passing the word out about your book?

CORINE: Oh this wasn’t done out of cleverness,
but rather out of sheer need. My only regret was
that I did not start this edition with the disclaimer.
Finding typos in a book is like finding sand
in your oysters, it can really ruin an otherwise
enjoyable experience.  I just hope that my first readers
will be as kind and supportive as my blog readers
and that they won’t resent my asking for their help
and forgiveness. I priced the kindle ebook version
of Hidden in Paris at 2.99. When the typos are
gone maybe I’ll charge more!

FSBF: Anyone who reads your blog knows about
your infatuation with President Obama. Do you
have any ideas for catchy phrases for his 2nd term
campaign speechwriters or for his bumper stickers

CORINE: Let’s Obama-copter Out of this Mess!


Click the picture to find out where you can buy “Hidden in Paris”.
And do come back to post your own reviews in my comments
section! PSSST: Corine you are welcome to share your Moroccan
meatballs recipe with us anytime! 🙂


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A great use of art for auspicious feng shui!

Take a look at the artwork of Jessika Cardinahl. Jessika paints gorgeous large canvases of animals.

The bedroom above is from her facebook page and the wolves painting is hers, too. I love how the art takes up nearly the entire wall over the bed, bringing balance to the room and raising the ch’i. (A pet peeve I have is when there is no headboard and/or no art or textiles on the wall over the bed…) When I found this pic on facebook, the artist had written below it “I feel so protected”. Some people would find wolves scary but Jessika obviously understands shamanic Animal Wisdom and identifies with this powerful totem. In Native American lore, Wolf is symbolic of a Teacher or a Pathfinder.  Placing your animal totem over your bed can protect you during dream time, too.

Note that the two bedside tables are mismatched (a feng shui no-no) but that the two matching bedside lamps more than make up for it. And if you’ve got a space like this one where you might not be able to fit two matching tables, paying attention to the lamps and the artwork is a viable solution.

See more of Jessika’s artwork at her website. Her zebra painting below is spectacular, isn’t it?

I love this image! I recently saw a bison at a zoo rolling around the grass like this zebra

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Y’all know how I love the color red for activating your feng shui? Check out this really cool pillow blooming red in 3-D by Surya.

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Alexander McQueen "Savage Beauty" exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC.

It’s a rare day that a museum exhibit grabs you and haunts you after you’ve seen it. “Savage Beauty” the selected collections of the late couturier Alexander McQueen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is all that and more. Elevating fashion to fine art requires not just the genius of the designer who created it but the genius of the curator who put this show together. Breathtakingly beautiful and over-the-top, this exhibition is a must-see for any fashionista but also for any art lover.

From the "VOSS" collection by Alexander McQueen.

Long before there was Lady Gaga, there was Alexander McQueen. McQueen was 40 when he killed himself last year depriving us of many more decades of decadent talent. The designer was inspired by everything from the movie “The Omen” to nature’s organic materials (feathers, shells, animals) to Japanese kabuki theatre. The videos taken from the actual fashion shows where the collections were first presented are works of art in themselves and displayed smartly throughout the exhibition. Find out more about the show at the website created just for this event. This is a landmark show that is already influencing window dressing all over NYC. The show ends July 31–get yourself to NYC to see it!

Alexander McQueen windows at Bergdorf Goodman inspired by the museum show.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver in happier days.

I have always admired Maria Shriver and at the same time always wondered what the attraction was between her and Arnold Schwarzenegger. To me the differences in their backgrounds and especially their political beliefs seemed like too great a gap to bridge. Now the media hounds are feasting on the sordid scandal that surrounds the dissolution of their 25 year marriage. My heart goes out to Maria and I am glad to see that she has friends like Oprah who will help her through this heartbreak. The fact that your partner is cheating on you is devastating. The fact that your partner is cheating without using a condom is unforgivable.

When a partner cheats on you it turns your world upside down. The deception and betrayal shock you first and then numb you. It turns everything you believed to be true into a lie that shakes your foundation. It steals your confidence in yourself, your ability to trust, your judgement of good character…nothing seems real anymore. Arnold Schwarzenegger not only hurt his wife by cheating, he created a situation that put her health in jeopardy (unprotected sex has many consequences besides conceiving a child– STD’s are more common than ever and can lead to cancer, infertility, and AIDS) and put the well being of his 4 children with Maria in danger as well. I don’t think Arnold–and other cheaters–get this, nor do they care. It requires complete narcissism to cheat. Selfishness to the max. Because an honorable person would do the right thing: get out of one relationship before getting into another one. Arnold wasn’t thinking of anyone else but Arnold.

New reports are revealing that his mistress/housekeeper was pregnant at the same time as Maria was with their last child together.  Just think about your own kids and how they would handle this situation at school. And think about the so-called “love child” who is an innocent victim in all of this. What a shock to learn your mother is a ho?!

You've got a friend: Oprah Winfrey with Maria Shriver during taping of her upcoming final episode.

Maria Shriver will survive. She is a Kennedy, after all. And she has some powerful women friends like Oprah Winfrey who has already offered her a show on her new OWN television network. It’s no secret that Maria gave up her own career ambitions to help her husband run successfully for office as the Governor of California. Without her support it is doubtful that he would have won the election since even then he was under scrutiny with charges that he had groped several women. Maria stood by her man. I can’t help but thinking of a quote I read recently attributed to Tyra Banks: “Never dull your shine for someone else.”  It would seem that Maria has learned that lesson the hard way. Feng Shui By Fishgirl hopes Maria Shriver will be smiling from her authentic self real soon. Life is too short and too precious to waste on jerks like Arnold.


* Read the Feng Shui By Fishgirl recipe for healing a broken heart.

* Spend time with good friends who will remind you that you are lovable.

* Take a vacation.

* Get a complete physical examination asap.

* Move on! Get on with your life as soon as you can. It can only get better.

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The Guangdong Museum designed by Rocco Design Architects, LTD

Four years ago when I was visiting Guangzhou this stunning museum design was still under construction so I didn’t get to visit it in person. The architects used very specific symbolism in designing this project that creates beautiful qi energy for great feng shui. Click the link to see more pics and read about the symbolism involved in conceiving this project:

Project – Guangdong Museum – Architizer – Empowering Architecture: architects, buildings, interior design, materials, jobs, competitions, design schools.

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OPEN WIDE Mouth of Ch'i What a colorful name for something we Americans usually call "the front door". But if ch'i flows like a river, and we think of rivers having a mouth that opens to the sea, then wouldn't it make sense that the point where the river of life enters our personal energetic space be known to Feng Shui practitioners as the Mouth of Ch'i? Don't … Read More

via Feng Shui By Fishgirl

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