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You still have time to enter to win the Blue Hill Inn. Entry fee is $150 and 200 word essay must be yours and yours alone. Check out details on this opportunity to be the new owner of this historic B & B:

I have personally seen this inn and can attest to the feng shui being lovely and positive. Downeast Maine without the kitsch– upscale, charming, and a great place to stay. Why not test your luck?

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Color plays an important role in the practice of feng shui. Read on to see how the right hue can maximize your career prospects.CAREER: Black is the color of the Career sector of the bagua map. Black represents water, which is the natural element associated with career. Wearing black or having black furniture and accessories in your office makes a strong statement that you are serious about your career. Touches of black are enough — anything in excess represents an imbalance. Feng shui is about achieving perfect balance in all areas of your life.

WISDOM & KNOWLEDGE: Green and black and midnight blue are smart choices. If you’re studying for a test, consider wearing one or all of these colors until you’ve passed the exam. Or consider using these colors in your library or office, especially if you are in the professions of law, teaching, clergy or dispensing knowledge of any kind.

FAMILY & HEALTH: Green strengthens ties to health and family. Eating green foods leads to good health. Sustainable “green” design is a plus.

Photo from

Photo from Rachel's Look Book blog.

FAME & REPUTATION: Red matches the element of fire, which is the activator for fame. Just watch political candidates — even Democrats will wear a red power tie. Wearing red under clothes is also effective.

LOVE & RELATIONSHIP: Red and shades of pink, peach and white are all conducive to romance and the strengthening of relationships.

CREATIVITY & FUTURE PROJECTS: White is what works here. Perhaps because it represents a clean slate, an empty canvas, a clear mind? White is also equal to the element of metal, which rules this area of the feng shui map. Rooms where creative types meet and work on new concepts ideally should be pristine white.

TRAVEL & HELPFUL PEOPLE: Grey or black or white used singly or together will enhance this area. Silver and other metals also work. Consider framing travel photos in these colors or try wearing a gray flannel suit when you’re meeting with your investors.

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The folks at put together this infographic and invited me to post it. Which of these facts do you find most interesting? For me it’s most interesting that there are 4 South American nations on the list of most feng shui interest and the USA is not even on the list. I might need to get me to Rio! Meanwhile, speaking of Feng Shui At Work…there is an entire archive of my Feng Shui At Work articles written for Working World Magazine of Los Angeles if you’re looking for some great career advice from Feng Shui By Fishgirl.

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February’s theme at Feng Shui By Fishgirl is Love & Relationship. Check out this link for all you need to know about conducting your office romance: OFFICE ROMANCE | Feng Shui By Fishgirl.

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Sometimes I feel like I’m upside down and not at all connected to the earthly plane. Do you ever get that feeling—do friends and family say to you “Hey! Where’d you go?” when you are with them but seem miles away? You might be a dreamer and as a child you had a rich fantasy life that seemed as real as waking life.

When I feel like this I now realize the need for grounding. Both feet need to be firmly planted on this earth if I’m going to be fully present and successful in the world we live in. Here are some tools to help you ground yourself, too:

* Smudge yourself with sage or incense. You do this by lighting the smudger and wafting the smoke all around yourself (or have someone else do it for you as you stand still). Envision yourself being cleansed of all negative vibes and starting with a blank slate.

* Do some deep breathing. Sit comfortably, yoga style, with back straight but body relaxed (you don’t want to be holding tension anywhere). Take in a breath deeply thinking “I AM HERE”. Let the breath out completely thinking “I AM NOW”. Repeat this process in rounds of 3 until you feel completely grounded.

* Before going into the dream state at bedtime, be very conscious and state your intentions to always return to your body no matter where your dreaming takes your astral body. Say out loud before you go to sleep, “I remember that I am here and I am now and I will always return to my physical body before I wake up.”

* Eat root vegetables such as carrots, beets, potatoes when you are feeling too ethereal. Root veggies come from the ground and will help remind you to connect to earth energy.

*Take time each day for yourself. Even if it is only ten minutes. Practice being mindful of who you are and where you are and recommit to being your authentic self.

Any other tips? Please comment!


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FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS TO HAPPINESS IN 2012–a step-by-step guide by Robert Moss

Some of my art work was chosen by dream guru Robert Moss to illustrate this article he wrote about following your bliss. In this post, Robert gives us a step-by-step (easy and short!) exercise to discern what makes you happy and how to set those plans in motion to follow your heart in 2012. Click the link below to jump to the Dreamgates Blog on Beliefnet.

Do what you love, and let the world support you – Dream Gates.

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If you found yourself out of a job in this economy, Feng Shui By Fishgirl sends you good vibes and hopes that your situation improves in the New Year (or sooner!). If you’re still among the working, here’s a reminder on how not to eff up your feng shui at your company’s holiday party…

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Put away those many hats you wear as chief problem-solver, fire putter-outer, and customer relations smoother-over and trade them in for your party hat, right? If your end-year M.O. is to make a great impression on management in order to move up the corporate ladder in the new year, you’ll want to maintain a professional demeanor despite the informal festive occasion. Office parties afford you the opportunity to schmooze with your associates and your supervisors and sometimes their spouses, too. Sure, the atmosphere is more relaxed than usual. But before you get down and boogie with your boss at the holiday office party, you might want to think twice before imbibing that second cup of Christmas cheer.

Cautionary tales of holiday office parties run amok are the stuff that urban legends are made of. We’ve culled a few from the local Working World. All names and companies have been slightly altered to protect the privacy—and jobs! —of those involved.

Rose M. from Glendale was up for a promotion at the L.A.-based financial company she worked at for 3 years. She thought that the office party might provide a perfect opportunity to impress her supervisors with her warm personality and popularity among her peers. Unfortunately, Rose took the “festive dress code” on the party invitation too far. The office party was being held on the roof bar at the Standard Hotel on a Friday night. Rose, 26, was planning to go out clubbing in Hollywood later that night with friends and dressed accordingly. Although her outfit was hip, expensive, and Rose looked wonderful in it, the décolletage and skimpy hemline of her party dress were more in tune with Britney and Paris than with the conservative corporate culture she worked in.

“I made a mistake,” Rose said. “I thought that being at an office party was like being off-duty, you know?” Her male colleagues paid her too much attention and the other women she worked with were angry with her. “I didn’t get the promotion and I don’t think they took me seriously at work after that.” Rose plans to look for a new position after year-end bonuses are handed out.

In Larchmont, Gary S. works for a well-known insurance company. His employer holds a dinner dance every December and employees are encouraged to bring their significant others. The dinner is lavish with an open bar. With drinks flowing and the lights down low, inhibitions tend to fall away and people forget that whatever happens at the holiday party is NOT going to stay at the party—it’s going to be talked about at the water cooler for weeks to come.

After 4 vodka tonics Gary was out on the dance floor performing his best John Travolta moves. He was out there alone “stayin’ alive” until his boss’s wife, who clearly had also been drinking, came out to join him with some provocative dance moves of her own.

“She hit on me, in front of my boss and everyone else. She was all over me and I didn’t know what to do. I was in a no-win sitch,” Gary said.  What happened next was unexpectedly surreal, like something out of “Animal House”. “My boss’s wife suddenly lurched forward and puked all over me! It was so gross but it solved my problem. Nobody remembered that a few moments before she hurled, Mrs. X was groping my butt!”

The fashion industry is often thought to be ultra chic and glamorous. One designer tells a different story. “I design for a hugely successful designer label,” Bernie G. said. “One year, the Christmas party lasted way too long. Some people had been drinking too much. One of my designer colleagues got so smashed she actually tripped in her high heels and came crashing down into the buffet table. The food went flying everywhere…she was a mess. They made her go into re-hab the next day. She never came back to work. The company wasn’t going to fire her, but the sheer humiliation was too much for the poor thing.”

    Janice M. brought her boyfriend of three months to her company’s office party. “I thought I knew him pretty well by then and I wanted to bring a date since most of my colleagues would be there with their husbands or wives,” Janice said. Her boyfriend made a pig of himself at the buffet table and spent half the night in a heated political discussion with some of Janice’s co-workers. “I could hear his loud voice rising up over others, even with the Christmas music playing in the background. I was so embarrassed.”

We’re happy to report that even though Janice’s relationship was derailed soon after the party, her career is on track. Make sure yours is, too!

Please share your holiday office party disasters and other stories here in the Comments section, Happy Holidays!

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I’m a fine artist as well as a feng shui healer. Many of my friends are also self employed artists or creative types. The news media is constantly talking about employment but rarely discusses self employed artists who have trouble making a living from just their art in the best of times, let alone the worst of times. Feng Shui By Fishgirl would like to know how you are faring. Please take my poll, share your stories for survival here, commiserate with other artists, give us some inspiration…thanks!

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If you’re an artist or creative entrepreneur, you may have heard of towns across America giving homestead tax incentives to artists to come gentrify neglected neighborhoods. Paducah,Kentucky famously revived itself into such a town. And with cities such as Detroit crumbling, other cities are following suit and welcoming artists with open arms to turn their urban feng shui around. Syracuse, New York is offering fixer-uppers to qualified artist buyers for $1. Read more here:  Welcome to the SALT District « SALT District.

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RED POWER! Boosting Feng Shui With the Color Red

A beautiful design from Period Corsets.

Red is a powerful color. The symbol of passion. (That 1950’s corset from Period Corsets shown above would not have the same erotic power if it were made of blue satin.) Red stands out. Red is the color of fire. Red is HOT! It’s used as a warning, attracting our attention. Just think of the Red Carpet at the Oscars…would it hold the same power if it were yellow? Red attracts. We use feng shui to attract opportunity and strengthen power points within a space. In feng shui the best sectors for applying the color red are Wealth, Fame, and Love—the upper 3 sectors of the bagua.

Adding red accessories to these areas of your home will add instant feng shui punch. You can use the color red to accent a wall or select red furnishings carefully (one red chair for example). At work, red shows up in “power ties” on men and all red suits on women (remember Hillary Clinton’s campaign suits?) but there are other ways to use red for career. Red can secretly make us feel our own power (try wearing that red satin bustier completely concealed under your grey flannel suit next time you go to an important meeting!).

Do you have the color red in your home? Tell Feng Shui By Fishgirl how you harness the power of red in your life…

Here's a great example of a red accent chair providing feng shui PUNCH!

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