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photo from apartment therapy via family living magazine

What if you could jump start your child’s creativity simply by creating a great space? You can! The room shown here does just that by surrounding the child with “magic”. Go see more pictures here. And remember, the Creativity & Future Projects sector of the bagua is also represented by Children. Now you see why.

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Tianmen Mountain National Park in China has just opened a breathtaking (and scary!) glass walkway a mile up a mountain that hugs a cliff. See more photos at newgarde blog. You don’t have to go all the way to China for this type of thrill, though. The Grand Canyon Skywalk has a glass balcony that you walk way out and over the majestic Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Personally, I’m chicken when it comes to doing this kind of thing. I’d have no problem living in a glass house like the one I featured recently on Feng Shui By Fishgirl but I’d have a huge problem walking on glass over a deep chasm. What about you?

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THE SCIENCE BEHIND CREATIVITY:Why Creative People Are Eccentric

Growing up I never felt I fit in, did you? If you are a non-conformist, chances are you are also a highly creative person. Turns out there is a scientific reason why Creative people are Eccentric. It’s in our genes. Read more of this fascinating story at Scientific American magazine link below.

The Unleashed Mind: Why Creative People Are Eccentric: Scientific American.

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I know it’s often tough for renters to decorate their homes without fear of losing their deposit check. Often landlords won’t let us  paint. If you’ve got a child, that can really limit your options for stimulating their Creativity! Don’t let it get you down, Feng Shui By Fishgirl always finds a solution.  Chuck E. Byrd Wall Decals Etsy Shop comes to the rescue of moms everywhere with a huge selection of vinyl wall decals that do not damage walls. You can create a mural that uplifts your child’s ch’i energy and stimulates their imagination. Very important for feng shui and for creating future artists and designers.

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Talk about creative! This hacker hybrid of a bicycle and grocery cart is practical and helpful to a sustainable lifestyle. Fun shui! Would you buy one and use it to grocery shop  if it were available commercially? I would! See more crazy hacks at Huffington Post.

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3 Love Messengers paintings by Isabelle Bryer

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I’m focusing on the feng shui of Love, Love, Love for the month of February. Art improves feng shui and supporting artists lifts your spirit, too. Check out Isabelle Bryer Paintings for some adorable love themed work like the 3 Love Messengers shown above. Think you can’t afford art? Many artists like Isabelle offer their images as printed reproductions to give more people access. That’s good feng shui!

Mozelle Art Studio Jewelry has gorgeous silver earrings

Lots of moms out there would love to get some jewelry for Valentine’s Day. For fine handcrafted jewelry, Mozelle Art Studio has a wonderful selection of earrings and necklaces. Artist Maureen Farr will also custom make an exclusive piece for your Valentine. How cool is that?

A Subscription to Feng Shui By Kindle for Your Kindle!

And while you’re at it, why not love yourself with a subscription to Feng Shui By Kindle on your Kindle Fire? It’s only 99 cents a month (99 means infinity in feng shui) and that’s a whole lot of love for a little bit o’ money. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and this blog operates entirely on your support (think of FSBFG as the NPR of feng shui!).

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Looking to update your home? I discovered some design inspiration at Modenus. Click the link below for more transformations like this kitchen. W-o-w! What a difference a new countertop makes ! I think everyone is getting tired of stone. This new look is way fresher, don’t you agree?

Before and after- 80s design update by ReDesign of London, Ontario » Modenus Interior Design Blog.

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W O W !  I gotta get one of these (and I don’t mean the bikini)! See more at a fab design blog I just discovered:

MOLOKINI – Transparent Kayak –


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Installation by Farhard Moshiri

Farhard Moshiri lives and works in Tehran, Iran. That can’t be easy. Look closely at his cutting edge installation and you’ll see that it’s made from knives, albeit beautiful ones. Imagine finding yourself in such a stifled society where creativity is not prized? How would you express yourself as an artist? Would you be afraid of repercussions from the government? Would that stop you from making art? Would you still have the time and luxury and freedom to believe in Feng Shui? See  more of Farhard Moshiri’s work.

"Choc Line" 2007 Installation of 130 small acrylic paint pasteries


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OUTDOOR ART SHOW? Attract buyers!


Here’s a simple idea that can help you attract buyers to your outdoor art fair tent: hang bright colored ribbons to catch the eye and the wind—stimulating your feng shui opportunities.

The ribbons around the tent in the photo above are placed first at the very back covering the Wealth, Fame, and Love areas. If that’s all you can do, that’s the most important. Hang the sides to right or left if you can. Not only do the ribbons signal “Creative Person Here!”, they also serve as defining walls where there are none, separating you out from your neighboring artists.

You don’t need to use ribbons. You could hang bells, chimes, crystals…whatever is appropriate to your merchandise and venue. The point is: use your creativity to raise buyer awareness and to stand out in a crowd. That’s good feng shui!

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