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FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS TO HAPPINESS IN 2012–a step-by-step guide by Robert Moss


Some of my art work was chosen by dream guru Robert Moss to illustrate this article he wrote about following your bliss. In this post, Robert gives us a step-by-step (easy and short!) exercise to discern what makes you happy and how to set those plans in motion to follow your heart in 2012. Click the link below to jump to the Dreamgates Blog on Beliefnet.

Do what you love, and let the world support you – Dream Gates.

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Glass sculptures from artist Giampaolo Amoruso

Do you surround yourself with blank walls and empty shelves or do you feast your eyes on colorful images and objects that make you smile?

Snowmen lamp post--public art in Holland.

Does your town put up boring traditional sculptures when they’re choosing public works of art or do they go for whimsical and unusual? Next time your town is looking for art, be sure to go to the public meeting and vote for art that represents you and your taste!

Your home and its furnishings can be works of art, too.

Would you ever dare to have a couch shaped like a pair of lips? Or perhaps lipsticks shaped like….well, take a look below.

Conceptual art piece in a museum exhibition called "Red".

Art can be funny. Art can be offensive. Art can be inspiring. Art can be beautiful. Art can be thought-provoking. Art can uplift our ch’i.

Look up to the heavens...

The church knew that. This is why they employed artists throughout the Renaissance period for commissioned works of art depicting the bible stories on canvas and on ceiling frescoes throughout Europe. Life sized murals that inspire awe and wonder even today. Does your home inspire you? A well placed piece of art can really change the energy in a room. Look at your walls and niches and see if there’s room for some art to improve your space.

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Here’s the Press Release that the Blue Hill Coop Cafe sent out on my “Imagine Peace Tibetan Prayer Flags” installation for the month of July 2010. It all started when I received a tweet from @yokoono that said “Hi Katy. Imagine Peace. Love, Yoko”…
Katy Allgeyer’s colorful mixed media locale paintings and peace flags
are on display at the Blue Hill Co-op Café during the month of July.

“Imagine Peace” Tibetan Prayer Flag Installation:
Allgeyer states that, “This work incorporates my Tibetan Buddhist
philosophy, my feng shui practice, and my art. I have two nephews
serving in the military (one is on his third tour of Iraq right now),
and they are very much on my mind this July 4th. Buddhist temples are
adorned with strings of prayer flags that are left hanging until they
disintegrate, illustrating the transient nature of thought.”

According to the Stonington artist, this installation was created out
of paper and twine to represent the fragile nature of peace. The
images used on the flags are hearts from a previous installation
(“WALL of LOVE: The Art of Feng Shui”) that was exhibited in Los
Angeles and was part of the Kunstkreuz 2003 “Love & Peace” Art
Festival in Berlin, Germany; peace flags and detail peace symbols
taken from her 2010 Independence Tray painting; and the repeated word
“imagine” given to her as a direct tweet via Twitter via Yoko Ono,
John Lennon’s widow. “Let’s give peace a chance,” suggests Allgeyer.

The artist frequently works in mixed media techniques incorporating
road maps, topo maps, and nautical charts into her painted canvases.
The paintings on display at the Co-op Cafe are of favorite locations
in the Blue Hill area, including the farmer’s market and the old
Wescott Forge (which is now Table). All work is for sale.

Please contact the artist directly to purchase art or see more of her work:
katyallgeyer@mac.com or 207-367-6369 or http://www.katyallgeyer.com

Katy welcomes studio visits at 21 Weed Field Road in Stonington. Open
daily, but flexible hours so call ahead.

Katy Allgeyer’s artwork is on exhibit at the Café until the end of
July. For more information about Art in the Cafe, contact coordinator
Mary Barnes at 359-5053. The Co-op is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

I’ll have to go back to take a better photo before the show comes down…but meanwhile, I am hoping the prayer flag installation will inspire others to Imagine Peace. And, raise the ch’i for good feng shui around the world. Starting one person—-and one cafe—-at a time.


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With my Feng Shui By Fishgirl practice I am involved in organizing spaces and aligning energy with the locations of the bagua map. With my fine art practice, I explore location further using road maps, nautical charts, and other media within the space of my painted canvases.

I recently was delighted to meet another artist who explores spacial relationships. Anni Frohlich moved to Greensboro, NC from Miami, Florida and has quickly become a fixture on the Triad art scene. Anni’s work is intertwined with the eco-conscious green movement in that all of her pieces use repurposed materials. I am particularly drawn to Anni’s Little Cities like the one above called “Transformation City”. The artist is preparing for a solo exhibition later this year. However, the artist also has a line of fine art one-of-a-kind jewelry made from recycled treasures.

Found Object Rings (c) Anni Frohlich

Her chunky rings are funky and an inexpensive way to improve your feng shui by:

1] helping the planet one little step at a time through recycling materials.

2] helping an artist by supporting her art.

3] treating yourself with love and kindness–it all begins with you.

Contact the artist Anni Frohlich via her facebook pages.

Found Object Ring (c) Anni Frohlich

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