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As a feng shui consultant, I appreciate the symbols of love that Valentine’s Day surrounds us with. Hearts, hearts, and more hearts! I’d like to encourage my readers to remember that LOVE is essential to all beings on this planet. Be kind to your neighbors and your neighbors’ pets. Cherish your mom and your sister as much as your spouse. Valentine’s Day does not have to be for couples only. Spread loving kindness wherever you go and it will come back to you multiplied.

Check out this one-of-a-kind art piece necklace I created for one very lucky person. There will never be another one like it. Made from rare Venetian glass beads, Tibetan stone dZi beads, black glass and sandalwood Buddhist mala beads, and one vintage blue resin heart with scorpion embedded within:  Available at ArtBarn on Etsy:


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Are you searching for a unique gift that also imparts excellent feng shui good luck? There are some great items that do exactly that on my ArtBarn shop on Etsy. Click the photos to go to the direct links at my shop.

This necklace is from my personal collection of auspicious feng shui jewelry. Vintage jade and gold:

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-1-04-55-pmThe pendant necklace on leather cord shown below was personally designed and made by me. I imparted the 3 Secret Reinforcements Ritual onto it for extra beneficial blessings. The centerpiece Chinese Fu Dog soapstone carved amulet bead is old and is from a trip to China. The blown glass beads are rare Venetian glass and the Mother-of-Pearl white beads are also vintage and rare. Finally, the carved wood beads are from a vintage mala. Wow! Can be worn by man or woman and has powerful energy!

This rare Tibetan silver vintage box is perfect for storing your wishes a la the feng shui ritual to activate intentions. It’s got a Chinese dragon on the lid and a Tibetan Buddhist cross on the bottom. It has been blessed with the 3 Secrets Reinforcement Ritual as well by yours truly.

Many more silver boxes at my shop that are also suitable for the feng shui intentions ritual. Click here for the link to all my special boxes.  The Tibetan Buddhist thanka that I am offering is of museum quality. It is rare and it is amazing. This high end piece would add grace to any feng shui practitioner’s home.

And if you’re looking to activate your Love & Relationship Area (and who isn’t?), my Love Power Heart painting from my WALL OF LOVE: The Art of Feng Shui exhibition has been blessed and will generate enormous energy in your home.

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Art By Katy Featured at the Edge.

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Check out this new “Omni” trivet designed by Louis A. Lara. He’s attempting to fund the project via and you can pre-order yours and support this direct design idea if you agree it’s cool! I like the starfish quality of it and the sustainability. I only learned this summer that silicone products can withstand heat. They feel rubbery so that surprised me, too.

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Last night I downloaded this really cool app to my Kindle Fire. The Audobon Guide to North American Birds is a spectacular interactive app that lets you keep a record of your own bird sightings even while it’s helping you to ID birds via photos and even bird sounds!

For an awesome–an unbelievable but true!–video of a cat and an owl at play (they’ve known each other since they were one month old and each animal is now a year old), go check out this video of Fum & Gebra. It’s a reminder to us that there is no reason why we can’t all get along on this planet. If an owl and a pussycat can play together side-by-side why can’t we?

I became interested in birds because we have been watching barred owls nest and grow up in our very own backyard in North Carolina. My bf took the photos below from our deck which is about 20 feet from their favorite tree.

Photo © Scott Morgan

Owls represent wisdom and night vision and mystical clairvoyance. Native Americans believed they represented the magic of seeing behind the veil of illusion…because the owls heads seem to turn completely around, they can see in all directions, helping us to see things we may not want to see! If you’re on facebook (and who who who isn’t?) please check out The Owls Page fan site for owls and go “like” them if you are as owl crazy as I am!

© Scott Morgan

I used a vintage botanical owl drawing in one of my new “Fortunate Flowers” series paintings. The original painting is 20″ x 24″ and as of this writing is still available. Prints in a variety of sizes can also be ordered. Contact me for more information.

Anything with a heart shape is a good symbol of Love & Relationship. Photography Blogger has some great owl shots but in particular I love this Barn Owl with its heart shaped face! Photo was taken by Jennifer Graevell.

Of course,  no discussion of feng shui is complete without also discussing Wealth. Did you know that “owls” were coins used over 2000 years ago as money? Find out more about this fascinating story here.

I found a website that explained the ties between America’s founding father (George Washington) and the Freemasons. There is supposedly an owl on the American dollar bill.

And if you are Owl Crazy, I know you’ll LOVE the Geoffrey Warner Studio Owl Stool as much as I do. It even comes in a kit so you can finish it and assemble DIY.

Geoffrey Warner Studio “Owl Stool”

The camouflaged owl photo below is by Jennie Marie Schell and is for sale in a variety of print formats. She calls it “Barred Owl Peek-a-boo”. This is the same kind of owl we have nesting in our backyard year after year.

I might have to bite the bullet and sign up for HootSuite so I can manage all my social media and post my owl photos to more sites! Who who who do you like best for social media sites? Do tell!


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Feng Shui By Fishgirl felt like barkin’ up the wrong tree today. So here are my takes on bark. If you’re feeling your sweet tooth go for the best chocolate bark in Cleveland: Lilly Tremont makes this and gorgeous truffles, too. Great gift for any mom on your list as well as for any occasion–you can’t go wrong with chocolate!


Another kind of bark is what my dog Hershey (yes, he’s named after the famous chocolate bar but he’s a white chocolate variety) has elevated to the level of song. Check out the video of Hershey Dawg Singing on YouTube and please Like him on facebook, too. Note to self: keep dogs away from chocolate because it is dangerous for their health. It’s also dangerous for my thighs but that is another story…


I designed a collection of Tibetan rugs hand made in Nepal inspired by the woods of Maine. The one shown here was called “Bark”. This fall I’ll be introducing a new line of rugs inspired by watercolor paintings.


And finally, what’s Ellen Barkin doin’ lately? Anybody know? I’ll bet this cougar is kickin’ back with a 20 something hottie and some of that Lilly Tremont chocolate bark and a bottle of wine right now! Bark if you love anything about this post…woof!

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Mothers are represented in the Love & Relationship area of the bagua. Since for most of us our mother is our primary relationship with another human being this placement makes perfect sense. My mom is going to be 91 years young this year. She lives on her own and is very physically active, mowing her lawn, gardening, bending over to weed, etc. My mother also likes crossword puzzles, reading novels, and writing letters to friends and family. What will you be getting *your* mom for Mother’s Day?

Stationary like the one shown here makes a great gift. Find this set on because it is functional and you don’t need to know someone’s size, it doesn’t cause allergies, and it is always in good taste. If your mom likes crossword puzzles like mine does (or if you want to give a gift that helps keep the mind sharp)  you could buy the Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Book from Walmart.

Another great gift for moms who love gardening is a can of wildflower seeds that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies. has a great collection of seeds here.

Even if you don’t buy a gift, your mom wants to hear from you. So let her know she is your favorite girl: visit your mother or call her if you don’t live nearby. And if you are a mom, Happy Mother’s Day to you!


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Put this away in your autumn projects folder…How To Make Roses From Maple Leaves at The instructions and several more photos at the creative blog. Although I love the yellow roses, I think I’ll make mine in red and orange for optimum feng shui results!

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Kindle Fans! Food Fans! Hidden in France Fans! Hidden in Paris Fans! Feng Shui By Fishgirl Fans! Author Corine Gantz is giving away free downloadable copies of her Hidden in Paris Cookbook through Sunday April 15th. I just got mine and it is yummy. I’ll be reviewing this after I try some recipes in my own kitchen so stay tuned. Meanwhile, you can read my interview with Corine here. Bon Apetit!

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Treating yourself every once in awhile is good for your morale and for your ch’i energy. That’s what Feng Shui By Fishgirl believes in. Who’s with me on this one?  For the recipe to this incredibly decadent chocolate brownie ice cream bar on a stick go to (they say it’s “vegetarian” but I don’t see any vegetables, do you?).

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