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Feng Shui By Fishgirl felt like barkin’ up the wrong tree today. So here are my takes on bark. If you’re feeling your sweet tooth go for the best chocolate bark in Cleveland: Lilly Tremont makes this and gorgeous truffles, too. Great gift for any mom on your list as well as for any occasion–you can’t go wrong with chocolate!


Another kind of bark is what my dog Hershey (yes, he’s named after the famous chocolate bar but he’s a white chocolate variety) has elevated to the level of song. Check out the video of Hershey Dawg Singing on YouTube and please Like him on facebook, too. Note to self: keep dogs away from chocolate because it is dangerous for their health. It’s also dangerous for my thighs but that is another story…


I designed a collection of Tibetan rugs hand made in Nepal inspired by the woods of Maine. The one shown here was called “Bark”. This fall I’ll be introducing a new line of rugs inspired by watercolor paintings.


And finally, what’s Ellen Barkin doin’ lately? Anybody know? I’ll bet this cougar is kickin’ back with a 20 something hottie and some of that Lilly Tremont chocolate bark and a bottle of wine right now! Bark if you love anything about this post…woof!

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Mothers are represented in the Love & Relationship area of the bagua. Since for most of us our mother is our primary relationship with another human being this placement makes perfect sense. My mom is going to be 91 years young this year. She lives on her own and is very physically active, mowing her lawn, gardening, bending over to weed, etc. My mother also likes crossword puzzles, reading novels, and writing letters to friends and family. What will you be getting *your* mom for Mother’s Day?

Stationary like the one shown here makes a great gift. Find this set on because it is functional and you don’t need to know someone’s size, it doesn’t cause allergies, and it is always in good taste. If your mom likes crossword puzzles like mine does (or if you want to give a gift that helps keep the mind sharp)  you could buy the Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Book from Walmart.

Another great gift for moms who love gardening is a can of wildflower seeds that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies. has a great collection of seeds here.

Even if you don’t buy a gift, your mom wants to hear from you. So let her know she is your favorite girl: visit your mother or call her if you don’t live nearby. And if you are a mom, Happy Mother’s Day to you!


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"Halo Collection" by Louis Lara for Seasonal Living

You already know Feng Shui By Fishgirl likes curvalinear shapes because they bring good yin energy to your feng shui. But where do you find great furniture design that meets this criteria? Seasonal Living has some beautiful pieces. Their “Halo Collection” by designer Louis Lara is divine and works indoor-outdoor. I saw it at High Point International Furniture Market last week. I like their mini melon ball ceramics, too, both for their shape and their gorgeous colors that would be a fun accent to any decor.

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Passover came and went and I was invited to a seder at a gourmet foodie’s house. Soooo glad that happened because I was introduced to a fantastic concoction I would never have known about. Now I share it with you: matzah crackers with carmelized sugar and chocolate chips. I know, right? Delish! Here’s how I made my version of them as soon as I got home from the seder:

Spread out your matzah crackers (they are large squares) on a baking sheet. Then spread soft butter on the crackers being careful not to break the crackers. I use imported Irish butter which costs a lot more at the store but man does it have a distinctively rich creamy taste so it’s worth it. Put the baking sheet under your broiler not too close so maybe the second rack down from the flame. Then you must watch carefully–you just want the butter to get to the melting point, bring the pan out and then sprinkle brown sugar all over the butter. You can spread that out with a knife. Put the pan back under broiler again, this time watching carefully (it only takes a minute or two each time) til you see the sugar melting into brown caramel sauce. Remove pans and sprinkle mini-chocolate chips over the crackers. Use mini chips as the bigger ones do not stick well to the crackers. I then removed the cracker sheets from the baking sheets and put them on paper towels so that any melted butter would be soaked up. Let these sit awhile — a few hours even– to dry and harden. Then you can easily break them into lengths (see photo). There’s probably a more kosher way to do this but the hostess didn’t give me an actual recipe so I winged it. I served them in a pretty glass vase standing upright and they are ready to eat. Warning: they are addictive! We had them last night with vanilla ice cream, crumble the matzah magic on top of the ice cream –wow!  If you’d like to try another shiksa’s matzah recipe go to Martha Stewart’s blog.


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Time to get your spring cleaning and feng shui organizing done, people! But you don’t need to throw your books out the window unless you are installation artist Alicia Martin. See more of her books pouring out of buildings here. Meanwhile some tips on cleaning out your library:

* Place books all the way to the front edge of shelves so that you don’t get dust buildup.

*Books and magazines you no longer need (school texts, for example) can be recycled to nursing homes, rec centers, even doctor’s offices. The Goodwill Stores will gladly take them off your hands.

*Make room for new interests by giving away old ones.

*Artists might find your books a great supply of art materials.

*Group books by topics so you can find them easily when you need them.



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OPPORTUNITY! Historic property in Vermont is a DIY fixer upper that would be remarkable if restored to its original beauty. It’s in foreclosure, was a former inn, This is the Elias Lyman House, built in 1779, and is listed on the State Historic Sites and Structures Survey as part of the Weathersfield Bow Historic District. Check out the “Preservation in Pink” blog for lots of fun preservation conversation.

Preservation in Pink

This house is located in Weathersfield and is a curious case. I don’t know the story of this house but surrounding properties are in good condition and inhabited. This house appears to have been lived in within the past few years. When I see a house like this, I generally assume that the owners could not longer afford the upkeep and just left or an older person passed away and the family does not know what to do with the property.

Would anyone like to guess a date of construction? How about the architectural style?  Update: My quick guesses were a bit off. See Ann’s comment below for the history and construction date. And note that the house is in foreclosure (therefore, in need of an owner!).

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I’m stunned that this beach exists in California and I lived there for 16 years without ever hearing about it. A beach made of polished glass instead of sand! Well, technically glass is made out of sand. Check out the full post and lots more pictures here at the Unfinished Man blog.


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Here at Feng Shui By Fishgirl we appreciate whimsy and art. Check out this artist Alice Pasquini who encapsulates both in her work!

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Gorgeous! Notice how the ch’i soars when such a beautiful curving path with pink floral bower lays before you. Landscaping is a part of your property’s overall feng shui. While this is an expensive example, use it to inspire your own creative landscaping ideas. PS: I’m not sure where this pic came from so if anyone knows, please post it! 🙂


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Getting your space organized while doing a thorough Spring Cleaning is excellent for your feng shui mojo. I love how this pencil holder made of old cardboard tubes rocks the wall with color and keeps all your writing implements at eye level. This would be perfect in an art studio or office. Reminds me of the jar idea I blogged about a few months ago.


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