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SOMETHING’S FISHY (And we like it that way!)

A throne fit for a fishgirl: Tristan Cochrane‘s fish rocking chair rocks it for me! It’s silver and that makes it perfect for activating your Travel & Helpful People area of the bagua. Just figure out that section of your home or a specific room using my Feng Shui By Fishgirl bagua map and then get yourself one of these babies (alternatively you may place silver objects in that area) to strengthen the ch’i energy of your environment. May I simply eat a lot of sardines instead? Hmmm….that’s a thought!

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“Crying Girl” (1964) by Roy Lichtenstein. © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein

Artist Roy Lichtenstein was at the forefront of the pop art movement in the 60’s. His iconic “Crying Girl” was recreated with makeup on a live model by  M.A.C artist Karin Stone, in Chicago, IL. How cool is this?! While it’s an entirely different sort of body paint camouflage than the type Peeta uses on himself to blend in the forest, putting on this mask like makeup would hide your true face.

"Crying Girl" makeup application comes to life.

"Crying Girl" in 3D living color 🙂

I am betting that the hyper fashionista future people in the Capitol would die for this makeup look. Literally. See The Hunger Games and tell me if you agree! Happy Friday 🙂

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Had lunch with designer friend Raymond Waites the other day and he mentioned that white-on-white and all white furniture is looking fresh again as a hot new trend. I am so glad to hear it! In the 1980’s I had an all white bedroom (well, it was shades of faux painted whites/creams/pale greys) and loved it.

I painted my wood floors shades of white like this back in the 80's.

Feng Shui By Fishgirl cautions against creating sterile space with white, however. In feng shui terms white is the color represented by metal–so if you decorate a room with metal furniture and also white color everywhere, that’s literally overkill and deadens the ch’i energy of your feng shui. You’ll also find it interesting to note that people wear white to Asian funerals instead of the black we are accustomed to here.

"Pale & Interesting" shop in London.

Still, white done right can really be awesome! How to do the white-on-white trend and still have good feng shui? Use a balance of elements: wood, earth, water, metal, fire…for example, white painted wood and earthen crockery that is white; a glass table represents water but could be on a metal base or a white stone or wooden base. Adding one shot of color like the bright blue flowers above also warms up your all white room. Or use one other pale accent like seafoam or pink or pale orange to jazz it up.

Pale accents of aqua work well with all white rooms.

Adding texture to all white rooms is another must-do to keep the feng shui and visual feast alive. This can be achieved as simple as a puckered bedspread below in an all white bedroom.

photo from


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LIGHT MY FIRE: Portable Fireplace Design No Longer the Pits!

The outdoor lifestyle trend in home furnishings is heating up this season. Here are some of the best fire pit designs I have seen lately. Some are built into tables. Some resemble ancient urns or flower pots with flame coming up for a magnificent entryway to your home. My favorite idea is a fireplace in a suitcase. How do you light your fire?

Designs by Planika, Travelmate, Eva Schildt, John T. Unger.

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One of the most interesting green sustainable products on the global market that Feng Shui By Fishgirl has discovered is from Spain. Charcolive is producing restorative sleeping pillows made from naturally carbonized olive pits. The process–patented technology modeled after an ancient Far East formula–  results in pits that look like this and are said to ionize the air, eliminate moisture, and have deodorizing properties, too. The company makes pillows, air fresheners, and a refrigerator item that keeps vegetables fresher/crisper for a longer time–all made with these pits.

The idea behind the pillows is the pits inside mold to you so they cradle your head and neck in the proper position throughout your sleep. Supposedly you get a more restful night that could help prevent headaches and cervical spine issues. I bet they could also help eliminate snoring if you get your head supported correctly with this pillow.  They offer 3 versions, all come with their own removable/washable pillow cases and arrive shipped to you in a complimentary logo tote bag (a nice touch!).  These babies are heavier than normal pillows and have a similar consistency to bean bags.

Frankly, I was skeptical to try these out but I’m glad I did. I often wake up perspiring from a hot flash—with this pillow absorbing the wet heat around my neck and face, I didn’t wake up and that was very cool.  I also like to watch videos or read the Feng Shui By Fishgirl blog on my kindlefire at night in bed which often results in an uncomfortable crick in my neck.  I tried the Charcolive Natura on top of a pile of regular pillows to keep my head in position– it definitely felt very supportive and I was not as sore the next day as I would be without this ergonomic solution. Be warned that the shifting pits make a crunchy noise when you move your head. For me, it is a natural”white noise” sound like a soothing rainstick. My boyfriend is more sensitive however and couldn’t deal with these “crunchy granola pillows”  🙂

I think the organic design benefits and environmental pluses of Charcolive pillows outweigh the negatives. These pillows are a more hygienic alternative to synthetic or goose down. Since they are designed to last –you “clean” them by removing the cover, shaking out the pillow and letting it soak up the sunshine outdoors for a couple hours every 2 months or so– they are a good deal and will not have the disastrous environmental impact that polyester filled pillows have. Good for health and good for the environment means good feng shui for all concerned.

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Fernando Robert "Shrine Shoe Rack"

How many pairs of shoes go to waste in your closet because you forget that you own them? Now you can make a shrine to your Pradas, your Jimmy Choos, and your Ferragamos and turn them into wall art. Read more about the Fernando Robert-designed “Shrine Shoe Rack” here. I think it’s a very helpful product and an awesome design!

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Feng Shui By Fishgirl just found some Helpful People in Ohio. If you’ve got a broken basket, the Longaberger company has a restoration department that can repair it for you. Succeeding in business is no picnic in this economy, but the corporate headquarters of Longaberger is a picnic basket! They make the maple wood baskets in the USA and have many fun gift products on their website, too. I love the apples-in-a-basket themed giant sculpture, too. Craaaazy!


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In the new blockbuster film “The Hunger Games” the character named Peeta grew up in a bakery and decorated cakes. That’s the explanation given for his skill with the body paint. But Feng Shui By Fishgirl suspects that author Suzanne Collins and the art director on the movie were actually inspired by photographs of Verushka.

Some of you will be too young to know the name Verushka. Her real name is Countess Vera Gräfin von Lehndorff-Steinort and she was one of the world’s first super-models in the 1960’s & 70’s. Unlike her peer Twiggy, Verushka was voluptuous and still is.

Even though I was very familiar with her work in fashion I didn’t know about these artistic camouflage photos that Verushka created. However, lucky for me–and my readers!– my bf was aware of them and suggested I look it up on Google after seeing “The Hunger Games“.

Absolutely breathtaking, no? These performance pieces are Verushka’s vision and concept caught on film by photographer Andreas Hubertus Ilse .  The last portraits in the series were completed in 1992-1996 when the model/artist would have been 52-57 years of age. All the more inspiring to women artists of a certain age. Ahem.

See more photos of Verushka in the book Transfigurations that came out in 1986 and can still be purchased through where it has a 5 star rating. What rating do you give it and do you think the film got some inspiration from it?

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I live in High Point, NC–the furniture capitol of the world where designers and buyers visit our showrooms twice annually from around the globe. I attend the High Point Furniture Market Weeks to see industry friends and trends. Imagine my surprise to recognize the seatbelt chair from The Phillips Collection in the popular hit movie “The Hunger Games“. Adorning the dining room of Panem’s Capitol where Katniss and Peeta got their first taste of luxury before the games began, the bright green modern chairs are a knockout. Made from seatbelt strapping, these chairs come in several styles and colors, too.


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Go see the full sized photos of artist Rune Guneriussen’s fine art installations at his website here. You won’t be disappointed!




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