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This is the back of a pickup filled with our jars...

We did a feng shui clear-out of the basement today. Well over 200 jars (we stopped counting!) of home made preserves decades old. In fact, we found labels that said 1951. This is the year my domestic partner was born. The canning jars of gunk came with the house he bought in Maine 6 years ago. Two years ago he was diagnosed with the big C in his intestines. Coincidence? Maybe. But this mass of moldy gunk–albeit in glass containers–tucked away in the bowels of the home does have a correlation in feng shui symbolism. I’m so glad my partner is A-ok clear and now, so is the basement of our home!

The jars were taken to the dump by our handyman after I inquired proper procedure with the landfill director. Take a close look at the 60 year old carrots in the jar below–they almost look edible, don’t they?!

Check out those carrots....yummmm!


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FENG SHUI LAMPS: Eco-Friendly Lighting

Lots of innovation in lamps these days. Read more: Eco-Friendly Lighting: 6 Incredible Lamps Made From Recycled Materials (PHOTOS).

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If you’re an artist or creative entrepreneur, you may have heard of towns across America giving homestead tax incentives to artists to come gentrify neglected neighborhoods. Paducah,Kentucky famously revived itself into such a town. And with cities such as Detroit crumbling, other cities are following suit and welcoming artists with open arms to turn their urban feng shui around. Syracuse, New York is offering fixer-uppers to qualified artist buyers for $1. Read more here:  Welcome to the SALT District « SALT District.

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WHILE YOU WERE OUT (Did the Temp mess up your feng shui?)

Do you care who is sitting at your desk while you're on the beach?

Do you care who is sitting at your desk while you're on the beach?

It’s sum-sum-summertime! Many of us will be taking our vacations soon. You might be traveling to an exotic island, to Europe, or simply relaxing in your back yard with a pina colada and a good novel in “staycation style”. Whatever you have planned, taking time off from the daily grind is good for your ch’i (energy) and that means it is good for your feng shui.

What’s happening to your space while you are on leave? If you’re lucky enough to have an office, most likely you shut the door to it until you return. Some feng shui tips before you leave town: empty the trash can,clear off the desk top, remove all clutter and sticky notes from your computer, lock away any personal items that you wouldn’t want people snooping into (or better yet, bring them home).

While you’re away the closed office ch’i may become stagnant the longer it is unused. Here’s what to do to revitalize the “dead zone” when you return from vacation. You’ll need a stick of incense. Light the incense and waft it about the space in a circular motion. While doing that, reclaim the space and rededicate yourself to being the best at whatever job it is that you do. There’s no need to use the entire stick of incense.If you work in a conservative office you may want to light a small aromatic candle instead while doing the reclaiming visualization. Snuff the candle after a few minutes whenyou feel you are ready to begin working again.

If you occupy a cubicle or open area you’ll still want to activate your feng shui when you come back from your trip. You might have other conditions to worry about: perhaps your desk was used by a co-worker or temp worker while you were out of town? This is all the more reason you need to clear out their energy and reclaim your space.

The final touch after you’ve smoked out the stale ch’i is to place some cut flowers in a vase on your desk. It can be a big bouquet or a tiny bud vase. Welcome back!

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Photo from Apartment Therapy, Click link for more

I get so excited when I see  (a) Creative Thinking (b) clean crisp colors (c) uncluttered living spaces (d) repurposed/recycled that doesn’t look like crap (e) innovative design ideas. This post —Palettes In The Home | Apartment Therapy DC.–has all of the above. The kitchen table pictured here is made from moving palettes! There’s more photos of other palette creations such as platform beds on wheels at the link. Go see and report back to Feng Shui By Fishgirl if you like or don’t like. And by the way, Apartment Therapy is one terrific source of interior design inspiration, don’tcha think?

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The island where I live has an incredible aura about it. Deer Isle, Maine attracts many fine artists and highly skilled craftspeople as well as vacationers who come from all over the world to admire the beauty of the natural environment. Julie Morringello is the creative genius behind a new lighting resource called modernmaine. Julie’s “Uni Collection” was inspired by the exterior shell of a sea urchin like the ones that frequently wash up on the shores of Deer Isle. Uni is the Japanese word for sea urchin. The lamp diffusers of the Uni are made from Tyvek or paper of your choice and can be switched out at whim. Displayed here are two versions. Best of all, these organic designs are very good feng shui. Why? Creative, beautiful, good yin yang balance, just good energy all around.

See more here.

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There is some exciting astrological stuff happening this month. I checked in with Vedic Astrologer Drew Lawrence Consultation | Events to find out more about Jupiter’s transit. What I found most interesting is Drew says there are only 3 roles in life: victim, victimizer, and victor. In this article Drew encourages us all to tap into our victors by becoming true to ourselves and leading the path for others. That’s good feng shui! Check back this summer as I will be interviewing Drew Lawrence and finding out more about the difference between Vedic and other Astrology systems. Find Drew on facebook.

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Oh No You Didn't!: hanging art work below the chair rail line right behind a chair?!?!? Feng shui walk of shame (and an apparent lack of common sense).

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One of our designer neighbor’s has done a wonderful job creating ambiance at his pool.  Here’s a glimpse of the swimming pool and pool house and the walk of irises leading up to it. Unfortunately the irises had already passed but just imagine Giverny and you’ll get the picture. Swimming in the pool are goose and duck decoys with genuine antique duck decoys from France hanging out on the edge of the pool. The garden comes right up to the edge of the patio and the pool house has orchids and chandeliers. The feng shui here is as tranquil as the conversation is bubbly. What’s your pool look like?

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Two thumbs up for these creative door handles. I applaud the designers, just gotta hand it to them for thinking outside the boring doorknob. For shaking things up with a handshake. Which do you like best?


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