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Atlanta's Good Food Truck

Feng Shui By Fishgirl LOVES to tell you about great hotdogs. We were in Atlanta last weekend at the Indie Market and the “Good Food Truck” was parked outside. I had a “poodle”. It was a hot dog topped with a special cole slaw and maple syrup! Sound disgusting? It was delicious! This hotdog was right up there with the others I have blogged about. If you’re in Atlanta, try to find this truck~!

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These bugs are good feng shui!

When you have ultra high ceilings —in home OR in a commercial setting like the one shown above—filling the space with something wonderful is a good feng shui idea. Although not the only solution, art and mobile sculpture is usually a good choice for stimulating ch’i in an empty space like this. A company in Sunland, CA commissioned sculptures of bugs (yes! bugs!) from artist Bruce Gray for their industrial space. See more of the installation here.

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This website was built with feng shui in mind.

Incorporating feng shui into a web site activates and energizes it in a very subtle way. It’s something the designacologist does naturally when designing websites, business cards, brochures, and paintings. TaylorWrite is a new global marketing firm owned by Kate Taylor. Kate spent 10 years living in Shanghai and Hong Kong and another 10 years traveling throughout Asia. Kate knows about the power of feng shui symbolism and asked me to work with her on creating her new site with feng shui in mind. The entry page is my favorite: can you guess why? It’s not a simple photo collage. It’s a photo collage arranged in a circular bagua formation. Note Kate’s pic is in the upper central position (Fame & Reputation). Go to the site and see if you can discover the numerous feng shui principles we used in the final edit of the design. The ste has also been translated into Chinese.

Note where the "Heartlink" red logo with heart is located.


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When I first saw this picture at, I mistakenly thought it was a new toilet tissue holder. It’s not, it’s a lamp turned sideways. This just underscores how important photography is to the feng shui of marketing. Just like an environmental space or a product design, photographs/business cards/brochures/websites and other marketing tools all can be improved using accurate feng shui knowledge. Not every feng shui expert has product design and graphic design knowledge. Feng Shui By Fishgirl does and is available for corporate or individual consultations. My new marketing services can be seen at the site. I look forward to helping you!

Is that a roll of toilet tissue???

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