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For good feng shui you do want to surround yourself with things (and people) that you love. I was reminded of this tonight while watching the season finale of Downtown Abbey. There is a scene where an expensive antique vase gets shattered in an ungentlemanly scuffle. Grand dowager Violet says no worries, she’s hated the dreadful vase since it was given to her fifty years ago by an aunt for a wedding gift.

That’s a long time to put up with something you’re not fond of. And the feng shui will be blocked until you remove these obstacles from your way. Hmmm…maybe the Downton writers know this because the broken vase does pave the way to Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley to finally be together!  

And remember, you have Feng Shui by Fishgirl’s permission to rid yourself of items that no longer reflect who you are….even if a favorite aunt gave them to you.

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WASTED FENG SHUI: Disposable High End House in Malibu

House designed by Bart Prince

 Waste not, want not. My mom used to say that a lot while I was growing up. I bet many others heard that from their WWII era parents, too. Seems to me we live in a disposable world now. Even houses as beautiful as the one shown here by architect Bart Prince– barely 7 years old– are subject to the whims of fickle 1 percenters. Read the full article in the LA Times regarding the controversy over this “tear down” in an exclusive Malibu ‘hood. That’s right: the new owners are planning to tear this marvelous and unusual oceanside home down to replace it with a generic McMansion. Maybe that’s because the previous owners got a divorce soon after commissioning the house but I doubt it…Feng Shui By Fishgirl could remove that negative divorce ch’i energy and restore the home to its positive vibration. Just give me a call and give your neighbors a break—-don’t tear this home down!

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ORANGE CRUSH: Big Chill Fridge

Photo courtesy of Big Chill Fridge

Orange is probably my most favorite color. Would love to have an orange crush fridge like this one, wouldn’t you? The kitchen shown here is in an 1880’s row house in Washington, DC that is only 11′ wide. There is a very balanced use of feng shui elements in this kitchen: metal counters, fire (orange color), wood (flooring and twig hangers), water (glass cabinets fronts), and earth (the orchid). If the kitchen was painted entirely white the balance would be thrown off because white is the feng shui equivalent of metal and there would be too much metal then. Or, if the cabinets were all wood there would also be an imbalance. See how feng shui works? The retro refrigerator is by Big Chill Fridge.


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All you need is Love. Love is all you need. I can listen to John Lennon sing that all day long. But what does it actually mean? Does it mean you don’t have to worry about your mortgage or rent…does it mean you don’t need to eat…? I’m pretty sure what it means is that everything we do and say can come from a Love-based place. Coming from a fear-based place is where all the negative things happen. Hate, prejudice, lashing out at people for fear that you might look stupid–things like this are based on fear. If you have Love in your intentions then you automatically have compassion and can walk in another person’s shoes. That makes the world a kinder place to live in. And it’s good for your feng shui!

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2 HEARTS ON A PENCIL…Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from Feng Shui By Fishgirl! Hearts are a universal symbol of Love & Relationship (imagine what it would be like if instead of the cute heart shape we associated feelings with our lungs or kidneys?). Notice this picture of a pencil and the twin hearts carved out of the graphite tip in one piece. To me this represents several important ideas to remember about love: its beauty, its fragility, that two hearts are united as one, that we are all connected like links in a chain, that we write on each other’s hearts daily with the words we choose to express ourselves (so be careful what you say to one another so as not to hurt the one you love). Be sure to search through my archives to find several articles related to Love & Relationship and how to improve your feng shui in this regard. Much love xoxo, fishgirl


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7 Secrets to a Happier Marriage

I am traveling this week and catching up with my reading, scouring the internet for articles on Love & Relationship. Here’s a great one:  

7 Secrets to a Happier Marriage –


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Great tips for making love last!  Including how to stay involved with each other, get through conflict, keep outside interests, and communicate. Read the entire article at at the link below and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Relationship Help: Tips for Building Romantic Relationships that Last.


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Do you have a guy that’s hard to buy for? I do. He’s got discriminating taste and everything he wants he usually has gotten for himself already. What to do? Well…luckily this week he decided to shave his beard for the first time in over 30 years (and yes, this is the first time I am seeing him cleanshaven). So when I saw this unique Reflect showerhead online I got excited. It’s Made in the USA from aluminum and costs $295 so make sure you give it to a guy that’s gonna be around awhile 🙂

Or imagine the fun we’d have together in this covered electric tricycle? Guys of all ages will want this! Check out the Icona website for more information. I’m afraid to ask the price but I can dream, can’t I?  Maybe a levitating lamp would go over big. Like this one by Angela Jansen.

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Fine art by Myeongbeom Kim

A picture is worth a thousand words. A bed made from actual clover and sod might be heaven to lie on. Do you LOVE it or hate it? The grass is always greener…

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Since my theme this month is Love & Relationship, I decided to do a post on cougars. You know, the older woman/ younger man relationship. I googled it and several sites came up. and and and, just to name a few. My research is limited to a google not an ogle so I can’t vouch for the legitimacy of these sites.  And of course, you can meet your personal Ashton Kutcher anywhere…at the gym, the grocery store, school, etc.

To utilize feng shui to attract a new love interest, you will want to strengthen your Love & Relationships sector. I’ve done lots of articles on love so be sure to search my archives.

I would like to hear YOUR cougar experiences. Are you with someone who is more than 8 years younger than you? How did you meet? What challenges does that pose for you both and what is the best thing about your relationship? Tell Feng Shui By Fishgirl your stories in the comments section.

Ashton Kutcher and his cougar Demi Moore in happier times.


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