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Photo courtesy Apartment Therapy

A great post at Apartment Therapy guaranteed to put a smile on your face: “Dogs in House Tours, the Best of 2010”.  Here at Feng Shui By Fishgirl I get asked questions about pets and feng shui quite a bit. Are pets good feng shui? Absolutely! A well-trained, healthy, happy pet can add so much good ch’i (energy) to your space and it’s been proven scientifically that animals can help us to heal faster and live longer. Can keeping pets pose feng shui problems? Yes, of course. If we neglect their hygiene–and our own–by allowing fur to accumulate, or ignoring the cat litter box that needs to be kept fresh that can cancel out all the good vibes a pet contributes to the homespace.

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What can you do to improve your feng shui in 2011? Here are a few simple sorting tips from Feng Shui By Fishgirl that will have a big impact. You don’t have to tackle all of them at once. Babysteps is okay. How about tackling one thing per day? You can stimulate your good ch’i (energy) via altruistic donations or alternative income ideas.

1) Sort through your reading material. Take a look at the piles of newspapers, magazines, and paperback books around your home or office. After you’ve figured out what you want to keep and what you don’t need anymore, organize the keepers. Then recycle newspapers. The magazines and paperbacks can be passed on to friends, to hospitals or nursing homes, etc. You may even want to keep the magazines as “source material” for collages and vision boards (see point 9 below). Alternate moneymaking idea: sell your books through a yard sale or sell/trade online via sites such as Book Mooch.

2) Sort through your closet. This might take longer than one day. You can arrange your closet via color hanging all reds together for example. Or you can arrange by style hanging all pants together, all blouses, etc. Once you have that done you will quickly be able to see what you have available to you to wear. Don’t be surprised if you discover some items you forgot you even had at the back of the rack! Now you’re ready for the next step: sorting through each piece to determine what fits, what you like, and what you want to discard. There are plenty of places to donate your hand-me-downs. Alternate moneymaking idea: you might have some vintage or valuable clothing in good condition to sell via Etsy or a local consignment shop.

3) Sort through your medicine cabinet. For safety and for good health in the new decade, make sure your meds are not well beyond their expiration dates. Even some cough & cold over the counter drugs lose their potency. Ditto old nail polish and makeup. Dispose of properly and make a note of what you need to replace. If you or a loved one recently went through some health issues and you now have unused/unopened medical supplies you can put them to good use via a donation to Med-Eq.

4) Sort through your pantry. Your fridge and kitchen cupboards hold lots of stuff you need to discard. Get rid of spoiled food and food that is well beyond expiration dates, frozen foods beyond 6 months, and anything “suspect”. If you’re changing your diet and have unopened canned goods that are still okay, you might want to consider donating to your local food bank.

6) Sort through your plants. If you keep houseplants, make sure they are thriving and in good health as plants are a direct reflection of good feng shui energy in your space. Toss any stragglers if your thumb ain’t green enough to revive the thrive! Consider buying some abundant green round leaved plants if you don’t already have some.

7) Sort through your address books. Whether you still keep a rolodex like I do, or have your addresses in a database on your computer, hand-held, etc…taking the time to update and discard contacts will serve you well throughout the year.

8) Sort through your receipts. Get ready for tax time. Many of us get overwhelmed by tax season. By going through your pile now, organizing into separate piles of categories, you can then take some of the stress out of preparing your return a couple of months from now.

9) Sort through your goals for 2011. Some might call these new year’s resolutions. I call it a review of what you want to manifest and attract to you. Once you are clear about what your goals are, it’s time to put those ideas into action. One excellent way of doing this is creating a personalized tool known as a vision board or a treasure map. Click the link to the left to go to the guest post by astrologer Tracy Abbot Cook on the treasure mapping process.



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We interrupt your final week of 2010 for an important announcement:

You still have time to feng shui your refrigerator for the new year. What does that mean? Eat or remove all the holiday treats from your fridge and pantry. Fill your fridge with colorful vegetables and fruits instead. When 2011 comes this Saturday, you’ll be ready with an environment that supports your nutritional and weight loss goals.

We end this broadcast so you may return to formulating your new year’s resolutions.

Happy New Year!


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Photo courtesy Marie Claire magazine.

Here where Feng Shui By Fishgirl is headquartered, it’s freezing rain and very overcast today. So I’m looking for inspiration and color. Creativity can take my breath away. When I see something beautiful that also happens to enhance feng shui, I get a really happy feeling inside. This photo does that for me today. I might change my mind tomorrow, but today this is it. I know, I know, I’m always advocating headboards for good feng shui, right? That still holds true. But this painted wall takes the place of a headboard because

* It’s designed to lift your gaze –and the ch’i energy–upward which balances the bed and gives a headboard effect.

* It’s got an incredibly lovely scene of auspicious apple blossoms and birds and the sun—all great ch’i enhancers.

*The colors are lovely and especially so if this bedroom is located in the Love & Relationship area.

*There are two matching lamps bedside (always good in feng shui terms).

*The overhead light is covered with a round (yin!) paper lantern…very soft and a good solution to the feng shui problem of hardware over the bed.

Now to give credit where credit is due: I found this pic at Hidden in France and Corine found it at Marie Claire Maison and they found it was an actual chic new hotel you can stay at in Belgium.


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Photo by Michael Koren

This is a fascinating read by author Robert Moss on : John Lennon had more than one precognitive dream about his own murderer. Had he been a dream practitioner familiar with shamanic dream techniques as taught by Robert Moss, he might have been better equipped to change the outcome. I have had the good fortune to study with Robert Moss on more than one occasion. I frequently dream of future clients that I later meet and often get a preview of spaces I clear and apply feng shui to solve problems on way in advance of the actual job. If you’d like to explore your own dreams further, check out Robert Moss’s website.

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If you’re as addicted to house tours and sumptuous slide shows as I am, you’re in for a real treat with this one. The New York Times featured this slideshow of  the former Harmony Club in Selma, Alabama. Under continuing restoration by its current owner for his private residence, the building has cavernous rooms that the owner is striving to leave as untouched as possible. It’s much more wabi-sabi than it is feng shui although the name “Harmony Club” has a very nice ch’i energy to it that I’m sure will resonate good luck. I think what’s fascinating me about this space is just that: space. Uncluttered, unfettered, unlimited space. I’m lovin’ it! And I hope the NYT does not mind I lifted their photo here in order to promote their slideshow. Enjoy!

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Feng Shui By Fishgirl wants to know which side of the real vs. fake debate you stand on when it comes to your Christmas tree. Please post a comment. If you’re a traditionalist, nothing less than a Douglas fir or a Scotch pine tree will do. Many of us are turning to artificial evergreen trees or even metallic trees from companies such as as a way to fit into our sustainable green lifestyles. Here are the pros and cons from a feng shui viewpoint.

*Positive chi energy from the actual wood/earth of the tree.
*Aromatherapy of the natural pine scent is uplifting.
*Green color represents wealth and wisdom.
*Add lights to it, metal tinsel, balances the elements for good chi.
*BEST: use a living tree that you can plant after Christmas instead of killing a tree.

*Positive because it does not kill any living tree.
*Doesn’t have to be green, you can choose silver or gold to boost the metal element (silver is great in the Health sector, gold is great in the Wealth sector).
* Cool retro look.
*You can choose a color to activate each feng shui area (ie: this pink one would work well in the Love & Relationship area!)
*Easy cleanup.
*Saves money as you only buy it once.
BEST: You can have one in every room without feeling guilty.

The Christmas tree activates whichever area of the home/room that you place it in. Be sure to check out the bagua to see what section of feng shui is best for you. For example, if you want the tree to bring in prosperity for the new year, try to place it in your Wealth area. The Fame area might be a good option, too as the triangular shape of the tree is a natural for activating Fame (which might be good for your career/wealth). The Tai Chi center location is a wonderful place for the Christmas tree as well.


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Traditional "red pocket" envelopes for giving money are good feng shui.


Choosing holiday gifts to co-workers, vendors, clients, and employers shouldn’t become another burden to add to your stressful workload. Creating good chi (energy) through proper use of feng shui techniques is beneficial anytime and any place. During the holidays, when carolers incite us to “be of good cheer”, being of good chi is even better! Why not spread the good chi around? Here’s a list of holiday gifts that fill the niche of being cool things to receive, and, good for the recipient’s feng shui.  (And because you are giving with good intentions, your own feng shui will also benefit.)

RED CANDLES The color red activates and stimulates. Red candles are available in abundance during the holiday season and can be found at Target or even Trader Joe’s at prices that won’t break your bank. Or try online.Accompany a large red candle with a beautiful candle holder and a hand written note advising your recipient to light it in their Wealth, Fame, or Relationship areas of their bagua for good feng shui results. Those areas can be found at the upper left, middle, and right hand sides of any space you’re facing toward.

Double Happiness candles from Red Envelope.

INCENSE Readily available at retailers everywhere, you might find a more sophisticated selection at yoga center gift shops. Look for classic scents such as jasmine, ginger, green tea, and patchouli. This gift will lift your hipness quotient quite a bit, too.

MOBILES Lightweight paper mobiles can be found in museum gift shops. A butterfly mobile is a good example that works for kids and grownups rooms. In Chinatown, one can find cocktail parasol mobiles at just about any shop. Mobiles function as art and as feng shui tools to add movement, stimulating good chi and opportunity, and creativity. Here’s one artist’s work.

MONEY Wherever it’s appropriate, money is a definite chi booster. If it’s placed in a Red Pocket (a Chinese feng shui red envelope that you can find at any shop in Chinatown), it doubles the good fortune of both giver and receiver. The bright red envelopes with golden characters and artwork embossed on them make receiving that end-of-year bonus all the more fun.


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