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FENG SHUI VS. THE FRENCH WAY: Hidden in France Interviews Feng Shui By Fishgirl

I was recently interviewed by author/blogger Corine Ganz about the nature of feng shui on her blog Hidden in France. During the interview Corine coaxed me to reveal my 5 Top Feng Shui Tips for Romance so do be sure to go read the entire post here. And see if you can find one “feng shui no-no” in Corine’s bedroom above–be sure to post your comments. Thanks, Corine for making my day brighter!

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Our Sand Beach in Stonington, Maine tonight after Irene passed through. Lots of rain, now there are high gusty winds and a strong tide. Our power is out but we have a generator. Feels like the winds are getting more intense even though the storm has passed by. We send out hugs to all those who had it worse than we did in Maine.

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GROOVY & ORGANIC: Martin Luther Church in Germany is an Architectural Marvel

If you like Cool Whip, you’ll love this new church design in Germany. I think they’ve gotten a fabulous mix of yin and yang so I give it a feng shui thumb’s up. And kudos to any religious organization that would actually dare to support contemporary architecture / artists.



Project – Martin Luther Church – Architizer – Empowering Architecture: architects, buildings, interior design, materials, jobs, competitions, design schools.

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I’m a fine artist as well as a feng shui healer. Many of my friends are also self employed artists or creative types. The news media is constantly talking about employment but rarely discusses self employed artists who have trouble making a living from just their art in the best of times, let alone the worst of times. Feng Shui By Fishgirl would like to know how you are faring. Please take my poll, share your stories for survival here, commiserate with other artists, give us some inspiration…thanks!

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AMAZING VASE: Recycling Coffee Bags for Good Feng Shui





There are two young entrepreneurial women on our island who began a coffee business last fall and are doing gangbusters with it. Melissa and Meghan have a lot of creativity and wonderful personalities. This photo shows one of their coffee bags repurposed as a vase (put a glass jar inside to hold the water for your flowers). Recycling and reusing is excellent feng shui. Check out their 44 North Coffee blog:

44 North Coffee — Another use for those coffee bags!.

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Photo copyright Mike Larder

12 Million people–many of them children–are at risk of death from starvation in Somalia. Mike Larder has captured their plight in his photo essay (be aware that these pictures are quite graphic).  It’s good feng shui to help. Join the United Nations by texting ‘ AID to 27722 ‘ to automatically donate $10 to the UN’s relief efforts in Somalia.

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Is eating good food good for your feng shui? I think it is!

Didn’t have any BBQ sauce on hand last night and was grilling babyback ribs. I looked in the pantry and put something together from the following ingredients—it worked and it was yummy!

* a couple of spoonsfuls of William Sonoma spicy fish rub

* half a spoon of salt

*half a spoon of pepper

*half a cup of dark balsamic vinegar

*half a cup of Pomi tomato sauce

* a generous spoonful of mustard

Whisk it all together and it makes about a cup of thick BBQ sauce. Put the sauce in a big Ziploc bag with the ribs and shake til all coated well. Leave to marinate a few hours then grill ’em!

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An old bathtub sunken into outdoor deck makes a great 'home spa' !

View of tub and deck

Cutout window in fencing for fun.

Staycations at your own home can be a lot of fun if you’ve got yourself a little “home spa”. Check out this one in Maine.The outdoor tub has both hot and cold water options if the sun doesn’t heat the water warm enough for you. I love the feng shui of having cutout windows in fencing to spotlight both the view and creativity.


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