Read here to see what Tracy’s Astro Salon has to say about her experience with feng shui experts–including me! And be sure to read the sticky post on my blog about how Tracy will help us create Personal Feng Shui Treasure Maps to help us manifest our goals and desires for 2010! The optimum time to create your visioning board is April 4th…just a few more days from now. I’m gathering up my images and words this week as I clean, clear, and declutter my own home. I feel energized already, do you?


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2 responses to “SHAMELESS PLUG

  1. johnnie cary

    I have an “L” shaped house, and the front door is in the “bottom” of the “L”, how do you determine the area’s of the house for the bugua? I appreciate any suggestions, thank you, Johnnie

    • Johnnie, Thanks for posting on my blog! You still orient the bagua (see my bagua page for an easy way to align your front door) as you normally would. But what you’ll find out is that you are “missing sectors” in the parts of the 9 area grid that are not part of the “L” shape. Missing areas can be remedied and sometimes they are not actually missing –there are precise calculations that a feng shui expert can explain during a professional consultation. If your house is an L shape exactly like the letter L (not reversed) then I would say based on that you are missing at least parts of the Love & Relationship area, Creativity & Future Projects & Children area, and perhaps some of your central areas.

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