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Photo courtesy Scott Morgan

Photo courtesy Scott Morgan

Sometimes I feel like I’m upside down and not at all connected to the earthly plane. Do you ever get that feeling—do friends and family say to you “Hey! Where’d you go?” when you are with them but seem miles away? You might be a dreamer and as a child you had a rich fantasy life that seemed as real as waking life.

When I feel like this I now realize the need for grounding. Both feet need to be firmly planted on this earth if I’m going to be fully present and successful in the world we live in. Here are some tools to help you ground yourself, too:

* Smudge yourself with sage or incense. You do this by lighting the smudger and wafting the smoke all around yourself (or have someone else do it for you as you stand still). Envision yourself being cleansed of all negative vibes and starting with a blank slate.

* Do some deep breathing. Sit comfortably, yoga style, with back straight but body relaxed (you don’t want to be holding tension anywhere). Take in a breath deeply thinking “I AM HERE”. Let the breath out completely thinking “I AM NOW”. Repeat this process in rounds of 3 until you feel completely grounded.

* Before going into the dream state at bedtime, be very conscious and state your intentions to always return to your body no matter where your dreaming takes your astral body. Say out loud before you go to sleep, “I remember that I am here and I am now and I will always return to my physical body before I wake up.”

* Eat root vegetables such as carrots, beets, potatoes when you are feeling too ethereal. Root veggies come from the ground and will help remind you to connect to earth energy.

*Take time each day for yourself. Even if it is only ten minutes. Practice being mindful of who you are and where you are and recommit to being your authentic self.

Any other tips? Please comment!

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The clock is ticking. Your deadline looms ever closer. Pressure is mounting. Yet, you can’t seem to concentrate on the task at hand. Juggling multiple projects is your forte, so why the confusion and lack of concentration? Although it may very well be a classic case of spring fever and the advent of summer that’s got your mind wandering from the daily grind, you probably need look no further than your immediate environment for solutions to get you back up to speed at work.

Clutter on your desktop is the likely culprit. Faced with a pile of clutter in our work area, we consciously feel that hopeless sense of “where do I begin?”. Until the clutter is cleared away, we will not be able to work at optimum levels of energy and enthusiasm. In short, the outward confusion directly impacts our inner confusion. To borrow a phrase that Cher said to Nicolas Cage in “Moonstruck”, “ Snap out of it!”.
Here’s how:

1) Survey your surroundings at the end of the day. Put away all loose paperwork and equipment. Keep your files updated and ready to access.

2) Organize the tools of your trade. Have a good supply of all the items you need to work on your project before you begin, so you don’t lose precious time running out to an office supply store when your creative juices are flowing. Put every tool in its place when your work day is done.

3) Set goals and create a “to do” list that you can refer to throughout the day. Check off tasks as they are completed. Add new tasks as they come up. It’s a simple solution to keeping you focused on what needs to get done.

4) Schedule breaks to deal with colleagues (or kids if you work at home) all at once, rather than letting them interrupt your work flow whenever they choose. You’ll be able to focus more sharply on your project when you know you have uninterrupted chunks of time.

5) Respect yourself. Without clutter and confusion, there is clarity. The job gets done and you get to go home on time.

Post here if this article helped you focus!

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“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll still get run over if you just sit there.” ~ Will Rogers

Move Over, Oprah
Whether you are sitting on the subway on your way to work, or sitting on the beach during your summer vacation, chances are you are looking for a good book to read (after you’ve finished reading your Feng Shui By Fishgirl Blog, of course!). I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked what Feng Shui books I would recommend. Much like Oprah and her Book Club, I have my personal favorites which are subject to my whim (and whimsy).

So here it is: Fishgirl’s summer reading book list. I’ve limited the list to nine, instead of the usual ‘top ten’, because nine represents a very auspicious number within the context of Feng Shui. They are not given in order of preference, just in order of there being something for everybody and reflect my interests in things other than Feng Shui (Psychology, Dreaming, Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry…so many books, so little time!).

Fishgirl’s Book List

[1] The Western Guide to Feng Shui
Terah Kathryn Collins; Hay House Inc., paperback.

This slim paperback is the book I highly recommend to people wanting a simple overview of Black Hat Sect Feng Shui. The writing is clear and the information is not overwhelming to the lay person. No book should or can be substituted for the knowledge, years of training and experience of a Feng Shui practitioner.That being said, this book helps you to understand what your Feng Shui consultant suggested you do.

[2] Rogue’s Gallery, Michael Gross, hardcover.

This is a must read account of the movers and shakers (he calls them moguls) behind the scenes at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. As with “740 Park”, “Model”, “Ralph”, and other tomes he’s written, Gross unearths all the skeletons and reveals a fascinating cast of characters who live among us in the upper echelons of society. Great beach read!

[3]Conscious Dreaming; A spiritual path for everyday life Robert Moss, Three Rivers Press, paperback.

What could be a more fascinating book to daydream on the beach by? Robert Moss’s techniques for dreaming bring new meaning and richness to everyday life. You’ll become aware of synchronicity that ties together waking and dreaming worlds. Before I read this book, my dreams did not make any sense, especially since they did not conform to any of the explanations found in the myriad of “dream dictionaries” on the market. Now, not only do I understand my dreams, I am frequently given guidance to Feng Shui situations for myself and clients through dreams.

[4] The Alchemist, A fable about following your dream
Paul Coelho, Harper Flamingo Publishers, available in illustrated hard cover version or plain paperback.

Speaking of synchronicity and dreaming, this piece of timeless fiction is a delight to read. Like Ste Exupery’s “The Little Prince”, it may at first glance be mistaken for a children’s book. Although older children will probably enjoy the story, too, it is a magical tale for adults in need of some inspiration. I LOVE this book! Thank you to my nephew and his lovely bride for introducing me to this book (they quoted a passage from it in their wedding ceremony).

[5] Dreams Are Letters From the Soul, Connie Kaplan, paperback.

This book opened up another way of dreaming for me. Reading Connie’s personal journey–and later being part of her dream circle in Santa Monica and now online at–has highly influenced my own spiritual path.

[6]When The Drummers Were Women, A spiritual history of rhythm Layne Redmond, Three Rivers Press, paperback.

A dear friend gave me this book for my birthday. Although painstakingly researched, what might have become rather dry material in less skillful hands is presented in a very enjoyable way with lots of illustrations to back up the facts. Layne Redmond, a huge musical talent as well as author, brings out information about the historical legacy of women that has been suppressed for eons by the patriarchal clergy, politicians, and sadly, even archeologists. Once upon a time, almost all drumming was done by women…

[7] Mutant Message Down Under Marlo Morgan, Harper Perennial, paperback.

This book has had people wondering ever since it came out over ten years ago: is it true or is it fiction? It’s an incredible adventure story either way and has a lot of wisdom and insight to impart. The story is about a middle aged woman who is invited to join an aboriginal tribe on a “walkabout” in the Australian outback. This book tends to want to go on a walkabout itself- it somehow always walks off my bookshelf with someone who sees it there and I’ve had to replace it four times. I suggest reading it on the beach or back porch, preferably with a haunting didjireedo CD playing in the background.

[8]House as a Mirror of Self; Exploring the deeper meaning of home Clare Cooper Marcus , Conari Press, paperback.

Clare Cooper Marcus has based this book on over a decade of personal and professional research into how we feel about home and why we feel the way we do. Her expertise is founded on psychology and the viewpoint of this book is to help us understand how early emotional experiences affects our decisions about where and how we live as adults. This is a must read for every Feng Shui practitioner, as well as fascinating reading for anyone trying to find their own personal style. Filled with illustrations and individual case studies. A tad laborious in the beginning, stick with it and you will be glad you did.

[9] The Enlightened Heart, An anthology of sacred poetry Edited by Stephen Mitchell, Harper & Row, hardcover.

A wonderful selection of sacred texts from all religious beliefs. Many of these poems serve equally well as love songs. Guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings…your enlightened heartstrings, that is!

What books are on YOUR summer reading list? Do tell!

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The Grand Theatre, Ellsworth, Maine

The Grand Theatre, Ellsworth, Maine

Sometimes architecture can take your breath away. Art Deco always had that intention in mind. Can you tell why The Grand Theatre in Ellsworth, Maine has good feng shui? Hint: the colors used, the number of “steps” in the tower…thumbs up to this historic grande dame!

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Photo (c)Katy Allgeyer

Photo (c)Katy Allgeyer

The forest has so many lush shades of vibrant green. Green is a great feng shui color and represents living plants. Where to use green to enhance your feng shui?

Green works to activate the Wealth Area. It also is a natural in the Wisdom & Knowledge Area of any home or office. You can use a lot of it as your wall color or touches of it in fabrics for furniture and window treatment or just as an occasional accent in accessories. It’s your call.

Green plants enhance the Wealth Area and Wisdom Area of any room. Make sure that your plants are thriving in your environment. Dead plants equal dead Qi (energy).

Green is also the color of cold hard cash in America. Do you think the founding fathers were into feng shui?

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Thumbs up to the photographer of this pic.

Thumbs up to the photographer of this pic.


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AP photo courtesy of Huffington Post.

AP photo courtesy of Huffington Post.

I don’t know about you, but I am desperate for this sundress with Obama’s face all over it. It would totally satisfy my secret square dancer side…


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Picture 1
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Good feng shui is about bringing balance and harmony to our living and working spaces. When ch’i (energy) is in positive alignment, we feel more relaxed. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is based on many common sense principles. For example, we don’t usually feel comfortable working with our backs to a door because it leaves us vulnerable to being startled by people sneaking up on us. One feng shui solution for this is to place a mirror so we always know who is entering the room behind us.

Remove the clutter, remove the stress. The easiest feng shui tip to begin now is to get organized. At work, keeping your work area tidy and clean will keep you feeling on top of your game, and, make it easier for your co-workers to stand in for you while you are on vacation or a business trip. A well kept locker allows you to get your gear quickly and get home faster when your shift is over. Once you’re home, if you’ve kept your space clutter free there, too, you’ll find more time to unwind.

Negative vibes. Get rid of dead plants and flowers, stale food, broken clocks or other faulty equipment (have it repaired or replaced), old files that are no longer needed, pens and markers that are dried up, etc. When things are in good working order, people feel happy at work.

Feed your soul. Bring a touch of beauty to your life to inspire your spirit. Don’t just save flowers for special occasions. Bring a bud vase to your desk and keep a fresh cut red rose or other favorite flower in it. Tape a piece of art or a favorite photo or motivational poem to the inside door of your locker.

Under cover. Boring career wear got you down? Nobody needs to know what you got going on underneath ‘em, do they?! Guys: get those hot red boxer shorts. Girls: lavish yourself with lace and satin. Knowing you’re looking your sexy best can give you a real energy boost (not to mention a secret smile) all day long.

Treat yourself. Find time to get your hair and nails done. Treat yourself to a professional massage every now and then. Read a novel, shoot hoops, spend time doing something just for you at least 20 minutes per day. And post here to tell me how YOU relax!

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