My Top 10 Tips

The Fingerprints of Feng Shui

Just as every fingerprint is uniquely individual, so, too, is every space and the specific needs of the people living within. Even the same house, sold multiple times, would not necessarily have the exact same Feng Shui solutions applied to it for each family that bought it. There is wiggle room for factors such as personal taste, color and style preference, and convenience. The most critical ingredient for analyzing is to determine what areas of the client’s life are running smoothly and what areas are blocked or problematic.

However, there are some universal Feng Shui solutions that everyone can benefit from immediately. I offer them here as a gift to you!

1) KEEP THE LID DOWN Okay guys, I promise I am not discriminating against you out of some deep-seated feminist anger. The truth is,leaving the lid open on your toilets lets a lot of ch’i escape. The problem is magnified if your bathroom happens to be located in the Wealth or Love & Relationship Areas. So, always keep the lid down to
enhance your ch’i knowing that the resulting bi-product will be a happier woman in your household.
(FYI: All puns herein are intentional and made without shame.)

2) REMOVE THE CLUTTER Why not take inventory of all the things taking up space in your home? IE:the clothes you can’t fit into or wouldn’t be caught at Starbuck’s in, the knick knacks Aunt Sophie has given you over the years that you really hate but feel obligated to keep, the jars and
tubes of creams and beauty potions in your makeup drawer that have less than a tablespoon of product left in them, the piles of magazines that you keep meaning to read. Once you’ve disposed of the useless trash (remembering to recycle!), dispose of the “good stuff” via donating to
Goodwill Industries International, Inc. Oh, and that marvelous feeling? –that’s your ch’i expanding!

3) KEEP IT CLEAN Cleanliness is next to godliness. Once the clutter is removed, it’s easier to keep your place clean and clear.

4) LET THERE BE LIGHT Keeping rooms darkened for long periods of time builds up negative ch’i. As a Californian, I am very conscious of energy conservation, so please don’t think I am advocating indiscriminate consumption of our natural resources. Do you have a room or several rooms that are completely in the dark most of the time? Perhaps you keep the blinds shut and the curtains drawn to retain heat in the winter? Maybe there is a room that you use only for storage or for houseguests that you never actually have? Let the sun shine in! At least once a week(if you can’t do it every day), open shades and let the light in to circulate your ch’i. If there are corners and rooms that receive little daylight, turn the lights on for awhile(this is especially important in your Wealth Area). With the new energy efficient lightbulbs, there is no excuse not to let there be light.

5) HOME COOKIN’ In Feng Shui terms, the stove represents the heart of the household and the ability to attract health and wealth to us. If we are the kind of folks who eat take-out all the time and never cook, it is important that we activate all the burners to use the stove and generate energy, even if only to turn them all on simultaneously for one minute per week. Also, keep the stovetop clean and make sure you can see who is entering the kitchen when you are cooking with your back turned.

6) STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES Whenever possible, treat yourself to some freshly cut flowers. Many people wait for others to give them flowers on special occasions. Try to stop thinking of flowers as a luxury item and instead, think of flowers as food for the soul. Fresh blossoms have a magical effect on a space…they bring beauty, color, and scent to any room which immediately uplifts your spirits and your Feng Shui. Affordable as a double latte’, they are readily available at supermarkets, carwashes, your own backyard, or you can even buy them online.

7) BED HEAD Correct placement of your bed is extremely important for optimum rest and peace of mind. Make sure the headboard of your bed is not placed on the same wall as your doorway to the bedroom. If this is the only option available to you, it is advisable to add a mirror to the
opposite wall so that you may see who is entering the room wile you are lying in bed.

8 ) KICK DAVID AND JAY OUT OF THE BEDROOM These days, many of us fall asleep watching the TV from our beds. Some of us may also have our computers, radio alarm clocks, cell phones, answering machines, lamps and various other electrical devices within arms reach of our beds. No wonder we don’t feel refreshed and rested when we wake up! By moving your TV out to the living room or den, you will be making a very big Feng Shui improvement (and may just perk up your love life, too).

9) SAGE ADVICE As I advised in my premiere newsletter, clearing out your psychic residue via frequent use of a sage smudge stick is a very simple thing that you can do which will improve your Feng Shui instantly. Also
recommended: burning incense regularly.

10) LIGHT A CANDLE IN YOUR LOVE & RELATIONSHIP AREA Keep the home fires burning, attract a new love partner, or simply enjoy a feeling of contentment in all of our relationships. It’s simple: don’t save the candles for special occasions!

19 responses to “My Top 10 Tips

  1. Love your site especially Feng Shui on the internet. Thanks visiting my site and leaving a comment. Stay in touch.

  2. simplyblogged

    Great tips and fairly easy to do too.

  3. pigletliver

    Love your site and your suggestions!

  4. I have been reading through your site and am a big follower of Feng Shui. Thanks for all the helpful tips.

  5. Elsa

    Headboards… Recently my daughter’s headboard was removed because she changed her full size mattress to queen. Her bed is situated in the middle of her bedroom facing the door. It is directly in front of two windows which face a brick wall. Although I’ve been searching for a headboard she and others feel the windows act as a headboard and like the look.
    What are your thoughts on this and is it wise to leave the bed without a headboard? Also, she loves iron headboards are these alright vs. a wooden headboard? I heard once that for couples an even wood bed is better than having a bed, such as an iron headboard because there are no openings? Is this true? I’d really love to know what you think!

    • Elsa,
      Keep in mind that I would need to do a full feng shui analysis to give a comprehensive answer to your
      question. But in general, it is better feng shui to have a headboard which acts as an anchor to ground
      the bed. That being said, I have been guilty myself of disobeying this ‘rule’ and we have been headboardless
      on our master bed for two years, with a narrow window high up over it. It has NOT been serving us well.
      So, we made the decision to get a headboard and will move our bed to another wall this fall when we
      are back in the winter house. In general, I see no problem with iron headboards and having cutwork in
      the headboard. I would not like it to block the window, though. I would suggest she get some time
      of headboard for support to the bed —it could be something low and modern looking as opposed to
      traditional high boards.
      Good luck!

  6. trang

    Dear Katy,

    In the bedroom of my daughter there is an wardrobe with doors covered by three big mirror which face directly to the bed. I would like to take out those mirrors as this is not good fengshui, but we rent this flat so we couldnot do much, only thing I can do is covered them with an transparance tissue curtain. As the room is quite small, I cannot cover with a heavy dark color tissue. When you enter into the room on the right hand side is a wall which is the same wall with the WC. Left hand side is the window, infront is wardrobe with mirror. According to fengshui it is not good to sleep feet face to mirror, head direct to the same wall with WC , head direct to window or door and feet face door. So I dont how to manage this as four directions non is good for my daughter. Please advise me how to correct this. Thank you very much for your kind help.


    • Hi Trang,
      Thank you for contacting Feng Shui By Fishgirl. I cannot analyze your case properly without doing a full consultation. Please
      email me if you are interested and I will send you the rates and the info I will need from you in order to provide you with an
      accurate off-site consultation to determine where to situate your daughter’s bed.

      In general, I would worry more about the wall to floor mirrors stimulating energy too much so your daughter might have trouble sleeping
      in that room. Does she have trouble sleeping? Does she have trouble concentrating on home work (if she studies in her room)? Treating the
      mirrored wardrobe as if it were a window and hanging a curtain/veil over it is a very good solution to this problem. It doesn’t matter that
      it is thin or sheer—it’s the idea of creating a physical barrier to the chi energy bouncing off the mirror.

      In general, placing the head of the bed against a wall where a WC is located is not great feng shui. But there are details I would need to know
      to give you accurate advice. For example, is the headboard directly lined up with the toilet or just the bathtub?

      Please email me for more information at:
      Thanks and good luck,

  7. Oooh, these are easy and definitely doable! 🙂

  8. There’s nothing too intimidating or overwhelming there, by any means. Yet I’m sure seemingly small steps such as these can lead to significant change in a positive direction. Thanks for the tips!

  9. Wonderful tips! Thank you. Now to close up the laptop and put some of these into practice. …

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  11. love this post, so true!! great advice, tks

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  13. rachel

    Hi,just few days back i joined you…and got many helpful tips…Thankyou so very much…i have washbasin n’ dishwasher that exactly sharing half part each of my fame and realtionship are…not have any alternative…any fengshui tip for this?…thankyou

    • Hi Rachel,
      Thank you for subscribing to Feng Shui By Fishgirl! Although I cannot do an accurate reading without a full feng shui analysis of your home, I can tell you that “in general” you can solve sink/drain feng shui problems by 1) keeping the drains closed 2) placing a rubber seal cover over drains when not in use 3) make sure your plumbing and your d/w are kept clean and in good running condition/ well maintained. All of these tips should keep ch’i energy from draining out of your home. Good luck!

      PS: if you feel this info has been helpful to you, please consider making a small donation in any amount you choose to my website via my “donate” paypal button on home page. Thank you!

  14. Great article. Chi direction (energy) goes a long way when it comes Feng Shui. Capturing those Chi inside your home is as important. If you have time please visit for decorative feng shui home decor.

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