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ATTN MUSIC MAKERS: The Mixtape Table is Good Feng Shui

The Mixtape Table.  <<< See more pics at the link to MECC Interiors Blog. This is one of the most unusual table designs I’ve seen all year! If I had a music company client or a musician even I would recommend this as a reinforcing feng shui symbol for their office. Love the creativity!

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Take a look at this wacky wild furniture from Straight Line Designs. Take a good look. Can you guess which one is called “Bad Table” ? Straight Line Designs is anything but straight! It’s a one-of-a-kind workshop that has been operating out of Vancouver, British Columbia for the past 25 years. In addition to installations, sculptures and private commissions, designer Judson Beaumont and his staff of eight full-time craftspeople have designed and constructed a variety of custom-built furniture and projects for public institutions and children’s exhibitions throughout North America and abroad. There are a lot more pics on his website that are sure to make you smile. And THAT’S what feng shui is all about (in my opinion!).

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Have you ever experienced a ghostly presence in real life or in dream time? It could take the form of hearing a voice like this story from Trainee Golem Builder Blog (where I borrowed this great ghost picture from). Or it could be that you are having a problem with shattering glasses and things breaking frequently in your  home space. Some people I’ve spoken to who live in centuries-old homes like their ghosts and feel that they add friendly energy to their lives. As a feng shui practitioner I have witnessed many paranormal entities. I always recommend removing ch’i energy that doesn’t belong to you. Get rid of residual energy by doing a thorough smudge / incense/ space clearing. You’ll feel more energized and lighter once you’ve banished the otherworldly energy.

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I’m so excited at Feng Shui By Fishgirl today! I discovered the fantastic picture blog “Free Cabin Porn” that has a lot of cool submissions from all over the globe. This one caught my eye because I have loved that charcoal black paint color ever since my first trip to Amsterdam last year. I love how it’s used here on building AND on roof and with the bright yellow trim–spectacular don’t you think? Here’s a photo of MY little cabin in Stonington, Maine that is my summer art studio. My bf designed the renovation of this 1920’s garage (see more pics ). And yes, that IS a vintage Airstream next to my cabin and in summer we show other artists there. Official opening will be last weekend in June this year. Come visit!

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Driving on a rainy Monday through Roanoke we visited the O. Winston Link Museum. It’s located in a since abandoned train station that was renovated by Raymond Loewey, the father of industrial design. Everything about the Link Museum was unexpected and an exceptional experience. I highly recommend you check it out if you’re in the area. Or go to see the entire collection online here.

O. Winston Link’s amazing train photography done at night with flash lighting.

But this post is about lunch. We asked the woman working at the visitor’s desk where to get the best burger in town. She told us the Texas Tavern in downtown Roanoke. We liked the name. When we got there we loved the building (good feng shui with it’s red trim!) as you can see from the slideshow.

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The Texas Tavern only seats 10 at its lunch counter and that’s it. Wasn’t crowded the day we went. I wish I could say that the burgers matched our expectations but they didn’t. The patty was wafer thin and didn’t even come all the way to the edge of the bun. It tasted like all bun. I must say that the hot dog with Texas Tavern home made relish on it that I saw someone next to me eating looked mighty fine. So…if you go, get the hotdog or ask for a double or triple burger to bring it up to the size of one normal burger anywhere else. Still, they had cool t-shirts and we are always up for adventure…

Some of Raymond Loewy’s famous designs. See more at the website.

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We used to have a mulberry bush in our front yard when I was growing up in NH. If my memory is correct, it was only about 5 feet high and the branches fanned out over the top and spilled down to create a “tent” that my younger brother and I could hide behind, picking the ripe juicy fruit from the under branches. We were certain our mom didn’t know where we were hiding. Maybe our blue-black mulberry smiles gave us away later on when we’d come out from the hiding space. It was always a favorite spot for hide ‘n’ seek. Our mulberry bush was located in our Wisdom & Knowledge area of my childhood home. My mom always had the wisdom to let our imaginations go wild.

Maybe that’s why I didn’t recognize the trees in our backyard in NC–they are tall trees with branches that stick out over our 2nd story deck. Laden with berries, the fruit is consumed pretty quickly by our resident birds and squirrels. This season we’ve gotten a bumper crop of berries and they’ve ripened extra early due to the mild winter, lots of rain, and early summer weather we’ve had. A visiting friend insisted we not let our organic treasure of bounteous berries go to waste and so this is what we gathered from the deck.

I found a great recipe for mulberry muffins here at And if you want to make a mulberry pie, just do what I do: buy the premade pie crusts (two to a box) and then just toss your berries with some sugar to taste, a spoon or two of flour to thicken the juice (or you can use cornstarch), a tiny squirt of lemon juice, spread it all into the pie crust and add the top and voila follow the directions on the box for baking your pie. Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

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I can understand why the designer wanted to use glass bathroom doors in this master bedroom suite: to let the light in from all directions including the bathroom windows. However, the same effect could have been achieved by using frosted glass instead of transparent. A sense of privacy and protection makes you feel safe. That’s good feng shui. It’s also the theory behind the Command Position. If you feel vulnerable and exposed (like you would in this bathroom) then you’re not going to have peace of mind. The idea of sliding doors is one I *do* like. The ones above are from Modernus.

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What about a wall that appears to be cracked open to reveal a bookcase inside? Cool! But check out what happens to this Tembolat Gugkaev designed wall feature after dark…I love it, do you?

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GONE FISHIN’ (For Wild Aquarium Design!)

Having gold fish in your home or office is great for your feng shui. I’m not so sure about keeping them in your toilet tank, however. Check out deMILKED for a wonderful post of 14 of the coolest and  most unusual fish tanks you’ll ever see. Pictured above is the Fish ‘n’ Flush and below is the Infinity Tank. The others include a sofa tank, a sink tank, and some very unusual designs you won’t want to miss.


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I had the great good fortune to visit Washington, DC last week to get my art fix for the season! This Chinese Zodiac (Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads) installation by China’s preeminent dissident/artist Ai Wei Wei is breathtaking, don’t you think? BTW to discover what your Chinese zodiac sign is click here.

The piece below is a temporary exhibit from Ai Wei Wei and I didn’t get the name of it but it was a very powerful installation. When viewed from above one can see it is a map of China.There were a chair and a table imbedded into the support beams. You felt oppressed as you walked under the beam energy and I believe that was the artist’s intention.

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