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The most expensive bed in the world was designed by Janjaap Rijssenaars and costs $1.6 Million. What makes it so special? It floats midair with a magnetic support system! See and read more about this unique design at WeTheUrban.   From a feng shui standpoint I love the clean lines, clutter free look under the bed, and innovative creativity. However, I’m not sure how the magnets would impact my qi energy and I doubt there will be any studies on the effects since so few people will be able to acquire this furniture. Do YOU like it?

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'Multicolor VOCHO VW Beetle Sedan Quilt' by Margarita Cabrera

I’m a very visual person and am attracted to color as an artist. But as a feng shui expert I am also very attracted to symbolism and the energetic power that symbols hold for all of us, much of it subliminally. Today I saw an exhibition at SECCA in Winston-Salem, NC  by artist/activist Margarita Cabrera. Her message is a deeply political commentary on our disposable society, focusing on the plight of immigrants. (click the link to SECCA to find out more about Cabrera’s work). She creates her art out of materials such as the vinyl fabric shown here. I loved the way the artist incorporates sewing into the work and leaves the stitched ends to hang loose instead of snipping them off. Recently I viewed some of Andy Warhol’s work where he’d stitched four photos together the same way and also left dangling threads. Those ‘loose ends’ invite the viewer in to complete the experience. I’ve been seeing a lot of fiber arts lately, too, that make me want to drag out my old sewing machine and set it  up in my art studio.

'Baby Grand Piano' by Magarita Cabrera

'Mini Hummer' by Margerita Cabrera

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Planning a wedding? Make sure you incorporate personal touches that represent you and your partner for your most auspicious day. This sets up a really strong feng shui foundation for your lifetime together.  Creating memories is important, but it’s equally important to honor each other so that no one partner feels overshadowed. Take for example this young couple below who were featured in the Washingtonian recently. (Full disclosure: mom of the bride is an old college chum of mine). While reading the article about their wedding I was struck by how balanced the symbolism was in the details of their wedding. Elements of the wedding reflected the groom. Other elements reflected the bride. Still more elements reflected their joined adventures and tastes. The bride’s mom made the wedding gown (great feng shui because the Love & Marriage sector of the bagua is enhanced / strengthened by mothers). It feels like this couple really are off to a great start. Read the article and see if you think so, too. Congratulations Laura and Jesse!

Click the link to read more:

Real Weddings: Laura and Jesse – Bridal Party (


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PUMPKIN RAMBLE…LOVE & RELATIONSHIP IN THE UKRAINE | Feng Shui By Fishgirl.    This is a repost of a previous blog I wrote that is very timely for Halloween! Enjoy 🙂

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Apple® Pie in Remembrance of Steve Jobs

Apple® Pie    (photo ©Katy Allgeyer)

Apple® Pie (photo ©Katy Allgeyer)

Very few people have lived so fully within the Creativity & Future Projects sector of the feng shui bagua as Steve Jobs did. Founder and CEO of both Apple and Pixar Animation, Steve shaped the way we communicate with his innovative visions. Dying of cancer at age 56 would be tragic for most of us and I do not discount the tremendous loss that his family and colleagues and employees must feel today. However it is worth noting that Steve’s legacy will continue to shine on and inspire for generations to come. And that is a life well lived, no matter how short it was. Today I baked an Apple® Pie in his honor.

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