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A loved one was recently in and out of the hospital 3 x in two months. Most hospitals do NOT have feng shui energy flow in mind when they are designed. Usually, quite the opposite–depressing drab colors, utilitarian fabrics, and mediocre art prints (if any) abound.

It’s hard to stay cheerful in that environment and a good positive attitude is needed for healing. Solution? Bring your own good chi to decorate your patient’s room.

In the photos here, you’ll see balloons that were brought in from the hospital gift shop (one of them was a musical balloon). I also had a bottle of soap bubbles on hand to amuse my patient.

But the most appreciated idea was printing out 8 x 10 glossy photos on my home printer of people and places and art work and pets that my loved one loves. I took a hole puncher and punched 5 holes across the top of each photo. Then I strung together up to 9 photos with red curling ribbon (it’s indestructible and cheaper than fabric ribbons). I was able to tie off the ribbons onto the curtain rods and room dividers in the hospital room. The effect was kind of like Tibetan prayer flags draped all around the room.

Many of the hospital staff came in to comment on how much they liked it and how much better it was for the patient to be surrounded with this type of inspiration. Usually, they said, only children’s rooms get this type of attention. What ideas have you used to cheer up someone with an illness?

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Furnishings by Oly

Here’s a very glam bedroom from manufacturer “Oly” as seen at High Point International Furniture Market this weekend. The combination of shapes includes round and square, soft and angled, great relaxing colors all add up to great feng shui.

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CHERRY BLOSSOMS & JASMINE PEARLS: What’s brewing in your kitchen?


You don’t have to go to DC to enjoy cherry blossom season. Your own kitchen will do. This apron is only $9.95 at Mrs. Lin’s and she’s got a variety of lovely teapots as well. Here’s a photo of my favorite tea seller’s stall in the market in Guangzhou, China.

Jasmine pearl tea is my favorite morning libation and is one of the most expensive teas out there if you go to trendy tea parlors in the US. Instead, buy it online from LA’s Chinatown department store for a third of the price. Remember: saving money builds Wealth & Prosperity, and that’s always good feng shui.

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Location, Location, Location

In Black Hat Sect Feng Shui tradition, the Mouth of Ch’i determines the placement of the bagua locations. There are three possibilities for location of the front door:

Knowledge & Self Cultivation Position which is located to the left hand side of the front of your building. (Also known as the “Ken” position, but, then some of you wiseguys might complain that there is no “Barbie” position so I will stick to the English names!) 

Career Position  which is located within the central area of the front of your structure.

Travel & Helpful People Position which is the area occupying the right hand side of your building. 

There are particular colors natural to each position which enhance the energy associated with each area. There are also specific implications for business owners. Each area relates to a very different philosophy of conducting business. For instance, should one put one’s time and energy into developing direct relationships with the local chamber of commerce or would a TV advertisement be more effective? With Feng Shui, the location of your Mouth of Ch’i would give you the answer and help you to avoid wasting time and money.

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Red Orange, Mark Rothko c. 1968

Red Orange, Mark Rothko c. 1968

In the ancient Indian Chakra system, each power point of our energetic body is represented by a specific color. We are literally a rainbow of colors! Not only do our bodies emit color energy in this way, our personal ch’i / energy is deeply influenced by the hues we surround ourselves with in clothing, in home and office decor, even in the presentation of the food we eat.

Our language is peppered with references to color as it relates to mood: green with envy, yellow with fear, blue with sadness to name just a few. Numerous studies have been done exploring the correlations between color and mood. Color is a powerful tool. It can lift our spirits, or drag us further into despair.

Within the study of Feng Shui we know that color is ch’i /energy. There is one color above all others that can be used to activate and energize your Feng Shui wherever you use it. Guessed yet? It’s red. If you’re shopping for a so-called “power tie” in the neckwear department of Barney’s, you’ll be shown to the red silk versions. Nancy Reagan made red suits her signature when she was our First Lady. Red is a color of leadership and action. Red symbolizes Fire, the original energy heat source.

Need to get your creative juices flowing for your next big project? Here’s how you can harness the Power of Red in your work environment right now:

* Wear red clothing to important meetings and interviews. Red not your color? Try wearing it where no one can see it (red Jockeys for example).

* If you have a choice of chair, choose a red one.

* Keep red flowers on your desk.

* Add red color wherever possible (paint an accent wall, use red binders on “hot” projects, red file folders, etc).

Aim for balance, though: a little red goes a long way. You DON’T want to be dressed in head-to-toe red sitting in a red chair surrounded by red walls! And, you don’t want to cause anyone in upper management to be “seeing red” when they think of you.

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Feeding your creativity with inspiration is great feng shui because it motivates action and intention. I’ve been traipsing through the blogosphere today and discovered thedesignblog and cribcandy as well as anothershadeofgrey, and oyokoncept (all of them gave me great visuals and ideas for new creative projects. You might also like amadteapartywithalis. For fresh ideas with a decidedly French flair, I love hiddeninfrance…what design blogs inspire you?


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Wallpaper by Camilla Diedrich

Wallpaper by Camilla Diedrich

I wonder if the bunnies come with every order of wallpaper from award winning designer Camilla Diedrich? I think this “Trueblue WallPaper in Grey” pattern is stunning and I love how she used a round ball lantern with square paned glass door to give a yin-yang balance to the room. There’s nothing more boring than blank walls so if you can’t afford fine art paintings, look for wallpaper or decals that eliminate the need for additional art.

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