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Check out this featured home in Elle Decor. The draperies in the master bedroom were done by Queen of Shades (well done, Jainee!) and the overall interior design by Sarah Walker. I like the feng shui of the space, too.

Home Remodeling Ideas—Midcentury Modern Home.

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If you’re new to the Feng Shui By Fishgirl blog you may find there’s so much information here you just don’t have time to pore through it all. So, I’ve compiled links to some of the most popular blog posts I’ve written this year to make it easier for you to get a taste of feng shui. Start with my Top 10 Tips and if you like what you’ve read, keep on exploring the links below. What’s your favorite Feng Shui By Fishgirl post?

Seems like wallpaper is making a comeback. Check out “Off the Wall Paper” for some very cool vintage wallpaper sources. You may be inspired to redo your master bedroom using some of that vintage paper or make simple changes the way Marni did when she won my “Simple Solutions: Master Bedroom Makeover” last spring. You might be worried about mismatched nightstands in that bedroom but they aren’t always negative feng shui.

Some people are looking to get more interest in their master bedrooms but can’t get over their broken hearts. “Recipe for Healing a Broken Heart” is a great place to begin on this site if you can’t seem to move on. Try the solutions offered and see if feng shui doesn’t help you heal as well as attract a new improved mate! You can also take part in Personal Feng Shui Treasure Mapping to send the right signals out to the universe about what your heart desires.

This heat wave coast to coast has many of us yearning for winter. Next best thing is some winter inspired art work and cool all white interiors. And speaking of artwork, how about organizing your art studio to the principles of feng shui?

One of my most popular posts is about the supernatural phenomenon of breaking glass. This post guaranteed to send chills down your spine (great for a hot summer day!).


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They almost got the feng shui right…but that super heavy log beam crossing your head / chest will make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep (that is, IF you can fall asleep here). Solution? You could put a firecracker cure on the beam but I would simply paint the log beam white. White in feng shui terms = metal, and metal cuts wood. Do a search of my blog for “beams” to find all my posts about them and more photos…

What I do love about this room, however, is the great use of fabric behind the bed to create a headboard effect that is tall enough to balance out the high ceiling and the tall windows. This is simple to recreate in your own home.

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Here’s the Press Release that the Blue Hill Coop Cafe sent out on my “Imagine Peace Tibetan Prayer Flags” installation for the month of July 2010. It all started when I received a tweet from @yokoono that said “Hi Katy. Imagine Peace. Love, Yoko”…
Katy Allgeyer’s colorful mixed media locale paintings and peace flags
are on display at the Blue Hill Co-op Café during the month of July.

“Imagine Peace” Tibetan Prayer Flag Installation:
Allgeyer states that, “This work incorporates my Tibetan Buddhist
philosophy, my feng shui practice, and my art. I have two nephews
serving in the military (one is on his third tour of Iraq right now),
and they are very much on my mind this July 4th. Buddhist temples are
adorned with strings of prayer flags that are left hanging until they
disintegrate, illustrating the transient nature of thought.”

According to the Stonington artist, this installation was created out
of paper and twine to represent the fragile nature of peace. The
images used on the flags are hearts from a previous installation
(“WALL of LOVE: The Art of Feng Shui”) that was exhibited in Los
Angeles and was part of the Kunstkreuz 2003 “Love & Peace” Art
Festival in Berlin, Germany; peace flags and detail peace symbols
taken from her 2010 Independence Tray painting; and the repeated word
“imagine” given to her as a direct tweet via Twitter via Yoko Ono,
John Lennon’s widow. “Let’s give peace a chance,” suggests Allgeyer.

The artist frequently works in mixed media techniques incorporating
road maps, topo maps, and nautical charts into her painted canvases.
The paintings on display at the Co-op Cafe are of favorite locations
in the Blue Hill area, including the farmer’s market and the old
Wescott Forge (which is now Table). All work is for sale.

Please contact the artist directly to purchase art or see more of her work: or 207-367-6369 or

Katy welcomes studio visits at 21 Weed Field Road in Stonington. Open
daily, but flexible hours so call ahead.

Katy Allgeyer’s artwork is on exhibit at the Café until the end of
July. For more information about Art in the Cafe, contact coordinator
Mary Barnes at 359-5053. The Co-op is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

I’ll have to go back to take a better photo before the show comes down…but meanwhile, I am hoping the prayer flag installation will inspire others to Imagine Peace. And, raise the ch’i for good feng shui around the world. Starting one person—-and one cafe—-at a time.


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ON BEING BOTH: When the answer isn’t B & W

A good friend of mine subscribed me to O Magazine for my birthday this year. The July 2010 issue has a wonderful article by Martha Beck about how we limit ourselves when we think in terms of “either / or” and asks the question “why can’t the answer be “both”? It can. Read the entire article for more.

BTW I am in the midst of figuring out a computer situation and once I’m fully back online I will blog some more (with pics!), promise! 🙂


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