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Christian Laboutin shoes.

Wander down Wall Street and you’re sure to see some powerful women wearing their Christian Laboutin status symbol shoes. You’ll recognize them from the Chinese red soles–red being a very powerful feng shui color symbolizing wealth. I’m sure now that you know about them, you’ll notice this signature sole shoe appearing in TV and film on movie stars as well. Which reminds me…I saw a film on TV the other day where a character was using bright red nail polish to paint the soles of her shoes red to mimic this look on the cheap! It was hilarious. Not sure if it works or not. Someone please try it and let me know! I don’t have a need for heels as I am on an island in Maine where LL Bean is the fashion king. Ayup.

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A house made completely of glass. That’s way too much water element to be good feng shui. (Glass = Water). I had this in my files…not sure the source. IF anyone can help me I’ll post the proper credit.

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As lowly as it is, a wastepaper bin can still be well designed for visual appeal and good feng shui! Here are a few I found while wasting my time on the web. 😉

Completely made of recycled paper designed by Riccardo Nannin

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Photo by Peter Murdock for Metropolitan Home/ Elle Decor

Contemporary homes can look (and feel!) so cold if not done right. That’s why I love it when designers get it right. The home above is a Caribbean getaway. The concrete floors make it low maintenance/easy care. The place is warmed up with the colorful print accessories and basket on table, the art on the wall, the cushions. Notice how there is a good mix of yin and yang shapes. Well done! Do you have a contemporary home? Want to feature it on Feng Shui By Fishgirl? Contact

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I’m a sucker for pretty colorful dishes. I googled just that and the first image that came up was these handpainted ones shown at the Imported Hand Painted Dinnerware Blog. In my own kitchen I’ve got a collection of vintage Fiestaware that I have been collecting since I was 16 years old. My dad got my collecting bug started when he took me to my first auction way back when. The last gift he gave to me before he died was the money to go to an auction he knew of that was going to be selling a lot of Fiestaware. I ended up with two platters and the dealers outbid me on the rest. I think of my dad whenever I look at my colorful dishes–which is daily. I believe in using them even though they are valuable collectibles.

I was never one to like fine bone China. I have friends that are really into it, registered for China for their weddings, collect their mother’s patterns, etc. I much prefer my bold everyday Fiestaware. But here’s something I do know. If you have a need to find a replacement for any of your fine China that may have broken or been discontinued, check out Replacements Ltd. This company happens to be nearby to where I live in North Carolina but you can work with them online from anywhere. Another HOT TIP: If you have China from a marriage that didn’t last, ended in divorce, or you simply don’t like it anymore then get rid of it! Turn it into cash by selling it to Replacements, Ltd. I frequently advise my feng shui clients to do this so that the old China doesn’t block their Love & Relationship ch’i.

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I wish I had a larger photo of these cool rejuvenated resin chairs but I don’t. Directions on how to paint your own at DIY, your source for Do It Yourself Projects with complete instructions so you won’t f*ck it up.

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Perusing some shopping sites online I came across something called a “Papasan Chair”. The picture of the dog on the chair made me smile, too. Anyway, if you want to find out everything you never wanted to know about Papasan Chairs, go to Pier 1 Imports. They’ve got a really long history page about this chair! Who knew?  I think the price is right if you’re looking for indoor/outdoor that won’t break the bank. And the rounded lines make it a nice feng shui choice.

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Keeping your kitchen organized and your pots out of the way makes for excellent feng shui. Want to find out how to make this pot rack yourself? Click here for complete instructions from DIY Network (one of our favorite blogs). And send Feng Shui By Fishgirl pics of your finished project hanging in YOUR kitchen!

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DESIGN IDEAS? Submit Them!

Do you have a brilliant design idea that you would like to see produced? Here’s a company that is looking for out-of-the-house design submissions. Check out Design Ideas for more information on what they are currently looking for. And good luck!

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bookyard – an outdoor library by massimo bartolini

At first glance Feng Shui By Fishgirl LOVED this outdoor public bookyard (see plenty more pics of it at designboom). Two thumbs up for creativity to designer Massimo Bartolini.  Then I started wondering how the effects of climate and weather would take their toll on the books. Ew. Unless it’s in the desert where it hardly ever rains, or, unless there are caretakers covering or removing the books daily, this is probably not such a great idea. What do *you* think?

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