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SPOILER ALERT: We’re discussing the film “Yes Man” here and may disclose some of the plot so if you haven’t seen it –and I recommend you do– come back to read this post afterward.

It’s rare that I get both uplifted AND entertained by a movie. Director Peyton Reed’s “Yes Man” is that type of film. Starring Jim Carrey as “Carl” and Zooey Deschanel as “Alison”, the story starts out with Carl as a sad sack guy filled with negativity and ennui wanting to stay at home hiding from his friends and the world at large. It’s only when he takes a seminar that requires he say yes to everything (even dubious opportunities) that good things start coming his way. Feng Shui By Fishgirl calls that being in the flow with the universe. Not only does his dead-end job turn around but also Carl ends up being happier and attracting more opportunities to him. That’s what feng shui is all about.

Carl soon starts noticing the synchronicity and begins to look for signs. By the end of the film he realizes he can be a conduit to bringing other people together, introduce opportunity to his widening circle of friend, and discovers that he is integral to their lives since we truly are all connected. Without Carl saying Yes to taking Korean lessons would Sue and Norman meet at the end of the movie, for example?

We never know where saying yes is going to lead. And fortunately, the movie explains clearly that one doesn’t need to say yes to everything and everyone, just those things that resonate within one’s heart. It’s opening your heart that is key and then paying attention to what it’s telling you. Then you are free to say no to some things (which is the same as saying yes to yourself). Of course, all of this is conveyed with a great deal of humor and pathos as Jim Carrey delivers a touching and believable performance. I say 2 thumbs up to “Yes Man” and to making more films like it. Do you agree?


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LIVIN’ LARGE: Travolta’s Floridian Dream

Photo Courtesy of

Actor John Travolta has created his dream home in Florida based on his love of airplanes and that is apparent not just from the 2 private jets parked right outside his window (yes, his property includes a runway that goes right up to his house and can accommodate a 707 jet!) but also from details such as the overhead fans shown here. They remind me of propellers. Although the home is not to my tastes, I do think the feng shui from the photos I’ve seen is pretty well balanced. The 5 elements (water, wood, metal, fire, and earth) seem to be well represented and the curvature of the windows and some of the furnishings are a positive yin counterpart to the masculine yang angles. My feeling is that the living room sort of resembles a plush airport lounge(…ew!). But that is exactly what Mr. Travolta was aiming for, isn’t it? I wonder if his actress wife Kelly Preston is as happy with the design of the house as he is? The couple has been very active in the relief efforts in Haiti. Go to Architectural Digest* to view more pictures of this house and tell Feng Shui By Fishgirl if YOU could live here.

* You may need to already be a subscriber to to be allowed to see the slideshow. It doesn’t cost anything, just register.


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BEAM ME UP, SCOTTIE: Beams & Feng Shui

This photo that I lifted from Apartment Therapy gave me a perfect illustration of “beams over the bed” feng shui problem. What we’ve got is a gigantic wooden beam crossing over the bed at about chest position. Then we’ve got support beams coming from the walls up to the cross beam that would be positioned over the sleeper’s head. What’s wrong with this picture?

Beams carry a lot of weight (that’s kind of their job, actually). In feng shui terms, the weight is then energetically pressing down on you if you are immediately under the beam. That’s fine if you’re in a temporary sitting area such as a dining room or living room. But it’s not fine for working at a desk all day or sleeping in a bed all night. Sooner or later it will give you problems with headaches, lack of sleep, pressure in your relationship and other problems.

It appears obvious to me that this bedroom is set up to enjoy the view out a window opposite the bed as well as the fireplace. This is where the bed has to go. No worries, Feng Shui By Fishgirl always has a solution. A classic feng shui solution would be to hang a firecracker under the beam. Doesn’t seem like that would work into the decor or add to the romance, does it? No. Therefore I would suggest painting the beams white. White is the feng shui equivalent of metal and metal cuts wood. In addition, I would create a canopy of fabric coming up from behind the bed and draped across to attach to the beam. This would transform the bed into a custom made canopy bed, bring down the ceiling height for a cozier sleeping experience, add some yin (feminine) energy, and solve the problem of the beam.


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AQUA: The Shape of Things to Come

Pic from LA Times

From it’s undulating yin (feminine) curves to it’s name “Aqua” connoting the element of Water and the color of Sky, this new skyscraper in Chicago designed by Jeanne Gang of Gang Studio is making a feng shui statement whether intentional or not. The 82 story building is the tallest in the world designed by a female architect. I love how that sounds. And I love how this looks. I say thumbs up, what do you say?

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COLOR MY WORLD: Creativity & Future Projects Area

Crayons pic from NPR

This picture puts a smile on my face. Makes me remember how exciting it was to receive a new jumbo box of Crayola crayons as a kid. Oh the possibilities! In feng shui, we follow the bagua (map) to discover what sectors of a space are related to what area of life. The Creativity & Future Projects sector is located just beneath the Love & Relationship sector along the right hand side of the map.

The Creativity area is also related to Children. That means it is a great area to locate your kid’s room or their play area. It’s also a wonderful location for an art studio, writer’s den, or workshop. If that doesn’t fit into your floorplan, don’t worry. You can enhance and activate the Creativity area by bringing photos of children, yourself as a child, artwork done by children, or child-like art (mobiles, for example) and placing them within this section. For example if your Creativity sector happens to be your kitchen, hang your kids art work on the wall or fridge and display creative cookbooks/cookware/and fun chef’s tools. If it’s your master bedroom and you want to keep it decorated in a sophisticated manner, simply bring in photos of your children—you can even keep them in expensive photo albums within the space.

It’s important to express Creativity within that sector so use your imagination when decorating her. Bring in art. Use interesting fabrics and window treatments. If you’re more the traditional type, go a “little” wild and show some flair particularly in the Creativity area.
Express yourself! Comments always welcome.


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Photo from Dwell Magazine

What’s wrong with this picture? It certainly looks cool. But the new addition has caused an L or cleaver shape to the home and that has changed the feng shui. From what I can tell, this photo is a view of their backyard so I’m basing my reading on the front door being out of view on the other side of this house. That would mean that by adding this addition, the owners have created a missing sector of their bagua. In this case, the addition is locate in their Love & Relationship sector. Can you tell what’s missing? Yes, it’s their Wealth area (and also Fame & Reputation in the middle). Yikes! Do you have a layout like this one? No worries. You can complete the bagua —add it back in— by adding a large tree(lighting it would be even better) at the exact point formed by drawing a line from the house and a line from the addition (so you now have a square again). You could also not plant a tree, simply put a tall lamp post there or a flagpole–something tall to anchor and balance out the missing sector. The tallness is to make sure the addition does not dominate the Wealth area, overshadowing it. See more photos of this house at Dwell Magazine.


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CREATE YOUR OWN LUCK: Widening Your Circle of Opportunity the Feng Shui Way

Some people seem to have all the luck, don’t they? We all know someone who is well connected and constantly has advance knowledge of the best opportunities before everyone else does. She’s the one who finds the latest designer clothing at bargain basement prices, discovers the new vacation spot before it is over-run with polyester-clad tourists, and gets her resume in to human resources before the job has even been posted. She’s always in the right place at the right time…almost as if a Guardian Angel was watching over her and protecting her interests.

Maneki Neko Lucky Cat

Practitioners of Feng Shui believe it is possible to create your own good fortune. Keeping open to possible beneficial opportunity is the driving force behind all Feng Shui practice. One of the most important Feng Shui power locations relates to “Travel & Helpful People”. This location is directly opposite the “Wealth & Abundance” area on the Feng Shui Bagua map and they have direct impact on one another. Someone with an abundance of mentors, contacts, and helpful people in their life usually has a lot of luck with money matters.

In the working world, the currency worth more than currency itself–well, almost!–is who you know. Think of cultivating a large network of active contacts as your personal gold mine. This applies as much to a rabbi and his temple as it does to a sales & marketing executive or a soccer mom in need of a carpool buddy. The more people you know, the wider your circle of opportunity.

Every time you make contact with the people in your data base, you are reconnecting with them on an energetic level. Taking the time to touch base, say hello, and exchange information may lead to an unexpected opportunity. You ever know where the next opportunity is going to come from. That’s why it’s a great idea to collect business cards from people you meet no matter if their business is seemingly unrelated to yours. Even your neighborhood drycleaner could come in handy by introducing you to your next boss or boyfriend.

NOTE: Go to Action Cat to create animated Lucky Cat cards to send all your contacts 🙂

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We hate to think of ourselves as the kind of people who think
in stereotypes, don’t we? But even those of us with the best
intentions are subconsciously influenced by our perceptions
of certain archetypal symbols that represent either positive or
negative emotions.

For example, most of us would react with disgust and repugnance
if we walked into a potential employer’s office and found a huge
Nazi swastika on the wall. But did you know that Hitler borrowed
that windmill shaped cross symbol from ancient Chinese and Tibetan
cultures where it has an auspicious and benign meaning of good
fortune? I’m not saying that we should suddenly embrace the swastika as a good luck symbol. My point is to illustrate how we imbue symbols with powerful energy for good or for evil with our collective perceptions.

(Pic courtesy of Reclaim the Swastika)

This is an extreme example. From smiley faces and Valentine’s
Day hearts to Nike swooshes and Starbucks mermaids…
in daily life, we are surrounded by iconic symbols that stir emotions
within us.

Feng Shui teaches us that the intentions behind the symbols are
what makes them powerful. With that in mind, wouldn’t you rather
have your working environment filled with positive, upbeat,
supportive symbols?

Look around your work space. Do you find any of these:

Feng Shui No-No’s

* Dead or scraggly plants.

* Unless you’re in the movie industry and equate movie posters
in terms of the film’s financial grosses, having posters that depict the Titanic
sinking, for example, would not be a positive symbol for a company’s

* Broken clocks symbolizing stopped momentum.

* Sports memorabilia from perpetually losing teams.

* Photographs of people or situations that make you feel sad.

* Delapidated furniture.

Feng Shui Go-Go’s

* Healthy thriving plants (or faux silk ones that look real) and cut flowers.

* Any uplifting art that relates to your business or makes people happy to look at it.

* Images of successful people you personally relate to.

* Your beautifully framed degrees of higher education.
* Well maintained furniture and equipment.

* Awards and outward symbols of achievement (dollar bill from first sale, etc).

* Motivational and inspirational calendars and posters.

Have you got anything negatively charged in your space? Do tell!


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Pic from CNN

Taking the high road is GREAT FENG SHUI. Conan O’Brian did just that with his exit speech from NBC. And the universe rewarded his class act with a $33M golden parachute. Read the full text or watch the video of his final performance for The Tonight Show and you’ll get a wonderful sense of this man’s character. If you’re facing a similar situation, figure out a way to turn lemons into lemonade. And don’t be surprised if the universe rewards you, too.


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THINK TANK: You, Unlimited

Photo courtesy of NASA Hubble Telescope.

Think positive. Think creativity, success, wealth. Think big. One of the most important principles of feng shui involves the act of thinking (specifically, thinking about setting our intentions). Setting intentions means to use our mind to think about what we would like to manifest in this lifetime. Whether that be achieving our career goals, falling in love and starting a family, building a business, owning property, leading a creative lifestyle…all of these future dreams must first be thought out, then articulated. That is how we set intentions for good feng shui.

When we intend something, we’ve put our mind behind it. That’s the thinking part. A thought is just a thought if it is never spoken. Kind of like that tree falling in the woods with no witness…does it make a noise when it falls if there is no one there to hear it?
In order for an intention to become reality, it has to be put into motion. In order to manifest the intention, we need to activate it. Activating anything takes energy.
Taking action involves body. The action taken in setting intentions is to speak the intention out loud and then to write it down.

So, where does spirit enter the picture? Spirit is reflected in what our intentions are. By setting our intentions with the highest integrity, we set the intention for the highest good of all concerned, not just the highest good for ourselves. In fact, by considering everyone’s highest good and specifying that no harm come to anyone as a result of setting the best intention, one is acting very selfishly because having such high intentions will guarantee that the very best karma will be attracted to us.

We tend to set limits for ourselves, holding our imaginations in check. When setting intentions for good feng shui, try to keep your intentions broad and open-ended. For example, instead of stating “ I would like to get a new job that pays me $5,000 more per year”, you would be better off saying, “I am open to finding a new career opportunity that rewards me handsomely for my talents”. Because, guess what? The universe could think you’re worth more than a $5,000 raise. Think about that! And let us know your own success stories with thinking positively.

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