In my art gallery or when I’m doing art fairs, there will always be those people that come in not to view and appreciate the art I’ve created, but to pick my brain for their own information. For example, recently a woman came up to my booth at a local fair and said “Who does your mugs?” I replied, “I do.” She continued rather annoyed with me, “No, I mean who is your vendor where you get your mugs printed?”. I told her, “I am.” She then got very upset and said, “Aren’t you going to tell me who your vendor is?” and I replied that she must be an artist also and I would be happy to supply her and be her vendor. She walked off in a huff.

Everything I said to her was true. But she expected me to give away my trade secrets simply because she asked. That’s not only poor etiquette, it’s against the Law of Reciprocity. If she had stopped to purchase something and take the time to develop a relationship with me, she may have eventually learned (earned?) the information. Or, she might have actually utilized me to be her mug supplier and grown her own art business that way. That would be a win-win situation. Balance is required for good feng shui. Balance is key to Reciprocity.

Take inventory. Are you giving too much? Are you allowing yourself to receive in kind? Do you feel balanced or do you feel depleted? Do you feel empowered or taken advantage of? It’s time to look at your Reciprocity and make sure you take in as much as you give out.

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