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2010–Setting Intentions

I’m liking the number for the new year because it is divisible by 3. It feels like we’re going to finally see some positive shifts worldwide. Let’s all hold that thought for New Year’s Eve, shall we?

BTW, this December 31 we’ll be experiencing a Blue Moon full moon as well as a lunar eclipse. Astrologically, this is a pretty rare event with Blue Moons occurring about once every 2 and a half years. It’s a fantastic time for setting intentions. This means making a list of each positive thing you want to keep or attract in your life. Draw a big circle on a piece of paper and write the list inside of it. Outside the circle, write down all of the negative stuff you want to release from your life.

For example, inside your circle you might write: Love, Happiness, Health….and specific things like “Take up running” or “lose 20 lbs” or “move to Asheville”. In the outside releasing section you might write Fear, Sarcasm, Pain…and specific things such as “road rage” or “gossiping about coworkers”. Get the picture? Draw this up on New Year’s Eve before midnight and then sit with it and meditate on it and read the positive things out loud saying “I will attract ___, ___, ___ etc to my life in 2010”. Do the same with the negative saying “I will release _____, etc from my life in 2010”. Then burn that baby. Do that in a fire place or some other safe venue, please! As the smoke wafts into the air, you are setting your intentions for your dream year.

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