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Feng Shui By Fishgirl believes that you should only surround yourself with stuff you love, especially in your own home sanctuary. Often, though, someone we love may give us a gift that we don’t share enthusiasm for. Should we keep it in order to protect their feelings? No. That’s not good feng shui. Give yourself permission to choose not to keep the gift out of guilt or obligation. Here are some alternative ideas:

*Exchange the gift at the original retailer for something you really want.

*Give the gift to a charity organization such as Salvation Army.

*Give the gift to a friend that you know would like it.

*Transform the gift into something else you like (ie: if it is a skirt but you love the fabric, cut it up and make it into a pillow or incorporate it into a quilt—get creative!).

Having stuff around your space that you don’t love has a negative impact on your feng shui. If an item is unused it becomes a part of clutter and resentment builds up. It’s much better to let it go. Is that ungrateful? No. Be thankful for the thought and the person behind the gift—give them a sincere thank you for their generosity. And don’t think twice about letting go of gifts you don’t love.

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