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In my art gallery or when I’m doing art fairs, there will always be those people that come in not to view and appreciate the art I’ve created, but to pick my brain for their own information. For example, recently a woman came up to my booth at a local fair and said “Who does your mugs?” I replied, “I do.” She continued rather annoyed with me, “No, I mean who is your vendor where you get your mugs printed?”. I told her, “I am.” She then got very upset and said, “Aren’t you going to tell me who your vendor is?” and I replied that she must be an artist also and I would be happy to supply her and be her vendor. She walked off in a huff.

Everything I said to her was true. But she expected me to give away my trade secrets simply because she asked. That’s not only poor etiquette, it’s against the Law of Reciprocity. If she had stopped to purchase something and take the time to develop a relationship with me, she may have eventually learned (earned?) the information. Or, she might have actually utilized me to be her mug supplier and grown her own art business that way. That would be a win-win situation. Balance is required for good feng shui. Balance is key to Reciprocity.

Take inventory. Are you giving too much? Are you allowing yourself to receive in kind? Do you feel balanced or do you feel depleted? Do you feel empowered or taken advantage of? It’s time to look at your Reciprocity and make sure you take in as much as you give out.

Tell us your stories here in the comments section.

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When a loved one dies at home, where does the energy go? Does it have an impact on your feng shui? That’s a good question and one I encounter often. If a person dies under disturbing circumstances, that energy may stick around and cause problems for the living. But if the person died peacefully, and certain steps are taken to clear the air and reclaim the space, the feng shui can be very positive again once everyone has completed their grieving process.

My own father died in a NH hospice room several years ago. I was impressed that the nurses there had created their own ritual for the residents that passed away. I was just outside his room when my father passed. The nurses went in immediately without me and carefully cleaned my father’s body and tucked him into his bed so that it appeared he was sleeping peacefully. They had placed his hands folded across his chest with a single red rose and they had opened a high window across from the bed despite the freezing temperatures and snowstorm outside. I inquired why they did this and I was told that they wanted to give their patients’ spirits a chance to leave the premises. They told me further that they would leave the body in this state at least overnight instead of rushing to call the undertakers in to take it. This might give the deceased some time to “find the window” and leave. Very interesting, isn’t it?

What if a spirit/ energy can’t leave? That’s when you have some feng shui problems. If a loved one has died at home, you can try the window method same as the hospice workers. But in addition, you might want to consider space clearing with incense or a smudge stick. Bless the energy of the departed and send it back to the creator as you waft the smoke around the room and the rest of the home. Be sure to do this after a good crying jag, too.

You may live in a space where a previous occupant has died but you did not know it. Or even worse, someone may have killed themself or others in your space. In an old historic home, there could be ghosts from centuries past still residing there. What happens is that the residual chi energy in all of these cases needs to be displaced so that you can claim the space for your own. If you try to do a space clearing method on your own and it doesn’t work, call in a qualified feng shui expert. In addition to smudging, there are sound cures and other sacred methods that a pro may use to clear the space so that you can claim it and live there in harmony.


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Fortunate Saint #116 (c) Katy Allgeyer

Announcing the launch of “Fortunate Saints”. Original modern spiritual icon paintings with Chinese fortune cookie sayings juxtaposed next to Italian prayer cards on richly painted miniature canvases. Priced from $100 and up. The 5″ square ones are unframed with painted sides and the slightly larger ones are framed in gorgeous gilt and wood frames, each one of a kind. Fortunate Saints make great gifts for any occasion, with some having specific messages perfect for making amends, expectant mothers, graduates, and prosperity. Place them in your Wisdom & Knowledge area or Wealth area and see what happens!

Fortunate Saint #116 is on eBay right now!


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The Cullens' Mouth of Chi (no blood here!)

There’s a lot of buzz about the Twilight series of books and films. In the design world, the house that Edward Cullen’s family of vampires lives in is getting much attention, too. The spectacular $3M home of glass set in the woods of West Vancouver is owned by Brian Hemingway. Built in the early 1950’s by architect Arthur Charles Erickson and later renovated to perfection by Hemingway, the house is a scene-stealer in the New Moon movie.

Let’s look at the feng shui in these pics. I’m told that the home is reached by a long meandering driveway. Right off the bat (no pun intended, I swear) this is good feng shui. You don’t want any “poison arrows” that bring the chi energy in a straight shot to your home if you can avoid it. The Mouth of Chi (front entry door) has several positive features: well lit, strong beautiful wooden doors and handles, and a tree to the right. What I don’t like is the beam jutting out towards you as you walk down the path to the door. It could be softened if you hung a gorgeous plant or some kind of flag/banner or just remove the darn thing.

The interior has a good mix of elements (wood, fire, metal, earth, water) but seems a little top-heavy in the “water” element. Besides the pool, the abundance of glass windows also represents water. The white walls represent metal. Of course there is a lot of wood in the house but the views also bring the forest and earth inside.

The fireplace especially pleases me because it has curves which offset the sharp, angular, masculine (yang) qualities of this house.

One photo that shows an angled windowed corner jutting into the room is what we call in feng shui terms “a knife edge”. If you sit or sleep directly in the pathway of this energy you will not feel very comfortable. The feng shui cure would be to place a potted tree there with big round leaves so the sharp corner is covered up and the chi energy diffused.

The Cullens might also be practicing feng shui since they have set the intention to not eat people. Setting intentions is an excellent way to boost feng shui!


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FYI this is a generic hoarder shot, not the case I worked on!

I was at somebody’s house the other day and guess what I found? Numerous items that were either unused, still in the box, or broken and discarded. Here’s the inventory:

1 portable d/w (unused)
1 portable a/c (used once, 3 years ago)
1 mosquito repellent machine (with new battery, still not working)
1 invisible dog fence (still in box)
1 ping pong replacement table (still in box)
4 older computers (no longer used)
2 bicycles (with flat tires)
1 Xacti camera (new in box, unable to figure out how to work it)
1 apple airport connector (new in box, unable to figure how to work)
4 extra internet routers
3 dogloos (for 2 dogs)
3 closets full of no longer worn clothing (circa 1972-1999)
10 boxes of old furniture showroom catalogs

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. No, I wasn’t at Cybernet headquarters…but the shocker was, it was all found in my own home! Am I a hoarder? Nope. But my mate is on his way to being classified as one. So you see, clutter is an ongoing struggle and needs to be addressed on a regular basis. Especially if your mate lives by a philosophy opposite to feng shui! We’ll begin spring cleaning for the new year soon. What’s hiding in plain sight in your house?

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It’s been a year or two now since the first McDonald’s California McDonald’s to incorporate feng shui opened. I am not sure if it is the first ever feng shui makeover for McDonald’s because I recall being shown a McD’s that had received the benefit of a feng shui master when I took a trip I made to Hong Kong in March of 2008. Since I was not the consultant hired for the job, I also have no data to report on whether or not the feng shui renovations have improved the bottom line of these particular restaurants in addition to the obvious improvement to the ambiance. What is known is that although the chain has added some healthy choices to their menu, overall the caloric intake and the fried and fatty content of their most popular fare are still very unhealthy if eaten on a regular basis.

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Got odors? You need to get rid of ’em to have good feng shui. If you’ve recently done some interior painting and the chemical smell is driving you crazy, don’t despair. Set up open bowls of coffee beans around the room and within a few days all of the paint smell will be absorbed into the beans. Be sure to discard the beans after this process.

Click here for more natural solutions to removing odors at Apartment Therapy. And if you have any of your own favorite solutions, please share your comments!

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