This is a tree worthy of the N’avi tribe from the Avatar movie…we stopped at the Hampton Plantation on our drive from Wilmington to Charleston this Saturday. Dude, we’re glad we did! This historical site was empty (and free admission in the off season) so we had the grounds all to ourselves. The mighty live oaks are magnificent. One of these trees had a plaque that said President George Washington had saved this particular tree back in the 1700’s. Yes, the trees are that old and much older. These ancient trees saw Native Americans wandering by before the gorgeous mansion was built in 1730. And, what might these witnesses to slavery tell us about that shameful period of time in America’s history? I believe the trees add powerful healing energy to the grounds as would any trees in your own backyard. Live oaks, with their sculptural shapes and draped Spanish moss, you can’t help but thinking they are true works of art. BTW, hugging trees is good feng shui.

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