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Have you ever experienced a ghostly presence in real life or in dream time? It could take the form of hearing a voice like this story from Trainee Golem Builder Blog (where I borrowed this great ghost picture from). Or it could be that you are having a problem with shattering glasses and things breaking frequently in your  home space. Some people I’ve spoken to who live in centuries-old homes like their ghosts and feel that they add friendly energy to their lives. As a feng shui practitioner I have witnessed many paranormal entities. I always recommend removing ch’i energy that doesn’t belong to you. Get rid of residual energy by doing a thorough smudge / incense/ space clearing. You’ll feel more energized and lighter once you’ve banished the otherworldly energy.

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This pricey bike has a very unusual design that combines an elliptical trainer with a bicycle. I just like it ’cause it’s orange! Click here to learn more about this product. Keeping yourself healthy by exercising and eating right is good for your feng shui. To support that intention it’s also wise to clear up your Family & Health area of all clutter and negative symbols. Find your Family & Health area with the Feng Shui By Fishgirl bagua map page. Use your feng shui eyes to remove anything that speaks of illness. For example, one client I worked with had an antique Victorian wheelchair as decor in hers, another had a pile of pill bottles (some empty, some with expired prescriptions, some new) located on a table in hers, another client was keeping broken furniture and accessories in her Family & Health area. Clear it out, clean it up, and strengthen by placing symbols of good health in this sector. You might consider turning your Health space into a home gym if it is a separate room in your house, for example. Or you might just emphasize by hanging pics of you and your loved ones in the peek of good health on the walls. Large green thriving houseplants connote health. Can you think of some other positive symbols?

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Marriages mostly begin with the ritual and ceremony of a wedding. Standing up publicly to proclaim your love for each other in front of family and friends and even strangers is a time honored tradition in many cultures. This is a form of setting intentions and stating the good things we wish to manifest as a couple. What happens if we divorce? Divorce can take its toll on both partners and of course if there are children the emotional trauma is often intensified.

Photo of Bride & Groom figurines courtesy of

What if there were a ceremony that honored the couple’s time together and helped bring closure and dignity to the end of a marriage? According to the New York Times Sunday Magazine article published April 29th more and more couples are untying the marriage knot as formally as they began. The latest trend is to have a Divorce Ceremony. Feng Shui By Fishgirl thinks this idea of mutually setting intentions for parting ways has excellent feng shui merit. I also believe this would go a long way towards healing wounds and freeing up ch’i energy so that everyone involved can move on with their lives in a more positive way. What do you think?

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Photo from Open Spaces Feng Shui

People are most interested in the feng shui of their bedrooms. I’m not surprised since we spend a third of our lives in there! Let’s analyze the bedroom shown above that I got from the Open Spaces feng shui website:

*The canopy of draped fabric is a good feng shui solution that neutralizes the sloped ceiling. This is also a great solution for too-high-ceilings, creating a cozier sleeping space for you. However, see below for negatives about this particular canopy.

*Pretty, soft colors and expensive bedding are feng shui enhancers. That being said, the sheets could be improved (see below).

*There’s only one bedside table and lamp. There should be one on either side of the bed for optimum feng shui balance.

*The canopy has a split down the center of it. It’s better feng shui if the fabric used was all of one piece, symbolizing unity for the couple sleeping here.This canopy could easily be corrected by sewing the two panels together.

*The bed seems to be pushed into the corner/wall. There would be more ch’i circulating if you had the second bedside table and that would act as a spacer between bed and wall.

*The circular metal wall art to the right of the bed is hung too high.Make sure it’s at eye level for best viewing and perfect feng shui.

*Too much yang energy created by square shapes. Bed is square and its posts are also squared, the bedside table is a square, the lampshade is a square. More circular yin energy is needed for balance.

*The bedding color is white and it’s linen. White symbolizes metal and unlike in Western countries, white is the color donned at funerals. The sybolism of sleeping between white linen sheets is akin to a burial shroud. If you are a single person looking for love, avoid this type of bedding. Instead, go for shades of peach, pink, red or a print using these colors on white to break up the white.

For the record, Feng Shui By Fishgirl believes that king sized beds get a bum rap and are misunderstood by feng shui newbies. It is true that queen sized beds are recommended as a feng shui cure for those couples needing more romance in their lives as it brings a couple closer together due to the smaller sleeping space provided.  It’s also true that many king sized beds are atop twin boxsprings with a divider down the center–a feng shui no-no that can be cured easily with a device like this one. But the real reason feng shui practitioners did not recommend king sized beds is because it used to be that a king sized bed was as big as you could get, thus you already had achieved the best and there was no room left to expand. That was a problem for attracting wealth opportunity from the universe. If you had a king sized bed you were proclaiming to the universe that you already had attained all the wealth you needed. We now have even bigger sized beds: the California King and even custom mattresses. A regular king sized bed is fine (and provides a better nights’ sleep! Always good feng shui) unless you are a singleton looking to find a mate. Upgrade after you find yours!


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Finally, a bathroom worthy of Shaft himself. This glass floor over an abandoned elevator shaft is a uniquely frightening design idea from Hernandez Silva Architecos. Thank you to Apartment Therapy for making me aware of this post. This aggressive design has many negative aspects to it as far as feng shui goes. Bathrooms in feng shui provide problems because of their capacity for draining away our good ch’i energy. What could be worse than having a giant draining hole in your bathroom? This bathroom has the sink drain, the toilet drain, and the elevator shaft drain. I don’t see a shower or tub in the photos. The other feng shui problem is a preponderance of water element. Mirrors and glass symbolize water (as does actual water, duh!). The water element here is flood-like and that also contributes to the uneasiness felt in this room. Trust your instincts: if a space makes you feel uncomfortable, it doesn’t have good feng shui. How does this bathroom make you feel?


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"Halo Collection" by Louis Lara for Seasonal Living

You already know Feng Shui By Fishgirl likes curvalinear shapes because they bring good yin energy to your feng shui. But where do you find great furniture design that meets this criteria? Seasonal Living has some beautiful pieces. Their “Halo Collection” by designer Louis Lara is divine and works indoor-outdoor. I saw it at High Point International Furniture Market last week. I like their mini melon ball ceramics, too, both for their shape and their gorgeous colors that would be a fun accent to any decor.

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Feng Shui By Fishgirl can’t stress the need for yin & yang enough. You need yin (feminine ch’i energy represented by curves and rounded shapes and soft materials) to be in balance with yang (masculine ch’i represented by angles, squares, and hard materials) in order to achieve successful harmony, the essence of good feng shui. Recently I discovered the Miss Design blog where I found a post about a fabulous Tokyo restaurant.

The architect used green sustainable design as well as good yin & yang details. Notice how these photos capture the mood of the place. Do  you feel comfortable and at peace here? If you do, the architect and designer have done their job. Because a relaxed customer is someone who will spend more money at the restaurant.  See more pics here.

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Here at Feng Shui By Fishgirl we believe in the power of setting intentions as a foundation of feng shui principles. How nice then to discover that a recent University of Maryland study confirms that good intentions applied consciously do have the power to ease pain and add to pleasure. This is groundbreaking news for the medical field, too, as it provides a reason for doctors to improve bedside manner. ALL of us can benefit. Read the study:

Good Intentions Ease Pain, Add to Pleasure: UMD Study :: University Communications Newsdesk, University of Maryland.

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A friend submitted this heart vine photo after seeing my blog about a heart vine in Beaufort, SC.  The building in this pic appears to be a dingy warehouse with a boarded up window. The well-placed heart symbol made from a living plant transforms the energy to a vibrancy it would otherwise lack. Well done feng shui cure!

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WASTED FENG SHUI: Disposable High End House in Malibu

House designed by Bart Prince

 Waste not, want not. My mom used to say that a lot while I was growing up. I bet many others heard that from their WWII era parents, too. Seems to me we live in a disposable world now. Even houses as beautiful as the one shown here by architect Bart Prince– barely 7 years old– are subject to the whims of fickle 1 percenters. Read the full article in the LA Times regarding the controversy over this “tear down” in an exclusive Malibu ‘hood. That’s right: the new owners are planning to tear this marvelous and unusual oceanside home down to replace it with a generic McMansion. Maybe that’s because the previous owners got a divorce soon after commissioning the house but I doubt it…Feng Shui By Fishgirl could remove that negative divorce ch’i energy and restore the home to its positive vibration. Just give me a call and give your neighbors a break—-don’t tear this home down!

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