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Every now and then I fixate on one color. Aqua is “it” for me today. I found some cool aqua kitchens online (Big Chill retro appliances in some of these pics are extra special).

This one has a nice mix of feng shui elements: wood floors, metal (white color), water (aqua tones and black table and glass cabinet windows). You could get this effect by simply painting the trim this aqua color or a small accent wall in your otherwise all-white kitchen. That’s not a big commitment but it would give you a big impact.

I love the beachy attitude of this aqua farm table. It invites creativity and it looks as though some kids have been at play here recently.

A more green toned aqua works well with cream and red accents. The wabi-sabi nature of this sideboard adds charm, too.

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Inspiring your children from an early age means giving them not only a safe environment to play in but one that stimulates with happy colors and visual beauty. But that doesn’t mean you have to go all cutesy. Here is a slide show of some interesting choices made  in children’s room decor. Remember: children are associated with the Creativity & Future Projects area of the bagua. Shouldn’t your child’s room reflect that?


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Dining rooms bring family & friends together for community meals and conversation. Apartment Therapy has a selection of 10 dining rooms that all have a very good balance of feng shui elements—

*Great use of art on the walls for uplifting ch’i energy

*Mix of yin & yang (curvy and angular) shapes

*Proper use of 5 feng shui elements (wood, earth, fire, metal, water)

I’m not sure I love the lamps reaching from floor over the tables but for the most part, all of these rooms inspire auspicious feng shui–see more at the link below.

Food, Friends & Family: Dining Rooms To Live In Best of 2011 | Apartment Therapy DC.

Photos courtesy of ApartmentTherapy.com


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Spokes of a mandala roof.

Circular shapes are yin based energy (feminine) and are reminiscent of the mandala wheel of life. Good feng shui? You bet! I discovered Mandala Custom Homes on facebook and borrowed these pictures to show you the amazing architectural energy created by this design.

A wraparound porch on a Mandala custom home. Note the curves of the chaise as well.

You don’t have to throw away your box or rectangle shaped home to capture the yin energy of curves. Introduce curves through your furniture. Choose a round dining table instead of a square.

The circle window to the sky recalls the oculus in some ancient temples.

Lamps, windows, and mirrors are also convenient ways to bring in round shapes. The idea is to achieve a balance between yin and yang (square masculine shapes) so that both energies are represented.

You can also harness mandala energy by hanging an actual mandala as art in your home.

Eastern star mandala.

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HERB GARDEN OR MODERN ART? Who cares! It’s good feng shui :)

Urban herb garden | City garden | Growing herbs | housetohome.co.uk.

Feng Shui By Fishgirl is scouring the internet AND High Point International Furniture Market for inspiration this week. The herb garden wall planter you see above (click on link above to HouseToHome’s blog for more pics) brings a healthy green herb garden into your kitchen and adds color and style to your walls as well—great feng shui!


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Check out the totally sustainable minihomes.

I stumbled upon this wonderful site of sustainable “minihomes” that can be custom ordered and delivered to your location in just 6 weeks. See the website for more info: Gallery | miniHome.

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Feng Shui By Fishgirl absolutely LOVES peonies. They are traditionally good feng shui symbols and you’ll see many ancient Chinese painters have used them if you look more closely next time you’re in a museum. Especially good used in the Love & Relationship sector of your space, peonies strengthen that area of the bagua because of their red, white, and pink tones. But recently a local flower expert here in Maine told me that peony plants can outlive many people, thriving for a hundred years or more. I have never heard that before and never had it explained to me by any feng shui masters. However, I am certain this is probably at the root (no pun intended) of the reason why peonies gained good luck status with feng shui masters of ancient China. The point is they represent longevity and if you place them in your Love area, you are encouraging a long happy relationship.

Peonies and cats. Artist Ru Yun

If you want to activate your Love & Relationship area, find some art work of peonies and hang it there. Or get some fresh peonies and put them in a vase within your Love sector. Let us know what happens!


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