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James Bond might have this secret wine cellar in his kitchen. The bottles are held along a spiral staircase. I personally can appreciate the ingenius design and creativity of the concept, however the spiral reminds me of a giant corkscrew ripping through the heart of the kitchen. That’s traditionally NOT good feng shui (even for 007). I also think it’s a bit risky having your wine cellar on such precarious footing…by the time you go to get the second bottle you might not have the surefootedness you need to get the job done. What’s your opinion? See more at this blog.

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Keeping your kitchen organized and your pots out of the way makes for excellent feng shui. Want to find out how to make this pot rack yourself? Click here for complete instructions from DIY Network (one of our favorite blogs). And send Feng Shui By Fishgirl pics of your finished project hanging in YOUR kitchen!

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ORANGE CRUSH: Big Chill Fridge

Photo courtesy of Big Chill Fridge

Orange is probably my most favorite color. Would love to have an orange crush fridge like this one, wouldn’t you? The kitchen shown here is in an 1880’s row house in Washington, DC that is only 11′ wide. There is a very balanced use of feng shui elements in this kitchen: metal counters, fire (orange color), wood (flooring and twig hangers), water (glass cabinets fronts), and earth (the orchid). If the kitchen was painted entirely white the balance would be thrown off because white is the feng shui equivalent of metal and there would be too much metal then. Or, if the cabinets were all wood there would also be an imbalance. See how feng shui works? The retro refrigerator is by Big Chill Fridge.


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KITCHEN OF THE YEAR: Feng Shui Thumb’s Up

House Beautiful‘s “Kitchen of the Year” (see full portfolio of pics at the Decorica blog) has pretty good feng shui, too. The designer Jeff Lewis incorporated a good mix in his Feng shui balance of elements:

Wood: there are wood floors, wood cabinets
Metal: stainless steel appliances, metal chandelier and chair accesssories, white color used throughout (white= metal)
Fire: the range and oven, the triangular shapes in the table base
Earth: Leather stool coverings, potted plants, ceramic dishes
Water: sink and a few glass accessories although it looks like they have a huge skylight so the glass window = water

I like the built in wine rack/ room divider because it adds that diamond shape. The accessories have both square and round shapes and that is good yin-yang balance. The beams overhead might have created oppressive chi but that was solved by painting them white (metal cuts wood).  I would have liked to see more Earth and that could easily be added by having ceramic tile backsplash under cabinets, or, simply paint that wall a nice golden tone.

For more on this kitchen, click the link below:

Decorica: Manly Monday: Flipping Outrageous Kitchen….

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