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Every now and then I fixate on one color. Aqua is “it” for me today. I found some cool aqua kitchens online (Big Chill retro appliances in some of these pics are extra special).

This one has a nice mix of feng shui elements: wood floors, metal (white color), water (aqua tones and black table and glass cabinet windows). You could get this effect by simply painting the trim this aqua color or a small accent wall in your otherwise all-white kitchen. That’s not a big commitment but it would give you a big impact.

I love the beachy attitude of this aqua farm table. It invites creativity and it looks as though some kids have been at play here recently.

A more green toned aqua works well with cream and red accents. The wabi-sabi nature of this sideboard adds charm, too.

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ORANGE CRUSH: Big Chill Fridge

Photo courtesy of Big Chill Fridge

Orange is probably my most favorite color. Would love to have an orange crush fridge like this one, wouldn’t you? The kitchen shown here is in an 1880’s row house in Washington, DC that is only 11′ wide. There is a very balanced use of feng shui elements in this kitchen: metal counters, fire (orange color), wood (flooring and twig hangers), water (glass cabinets fronts), and earth (the orchid). If the kitchen was painted entirely white the balance would be thrown off because white is the feng shui equivalent of metal and there would be too much metal then. Or, if the cabinets were all wood there would also be an imbalance. See how feng shui works? The retro refrigerator is by Big Chill Fridge.


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