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Glass blocks deserve a new look as well as a second glance. Along with the trend towards glass tiles, I think glass blocks are due for a colorful revival. Here you go–first up are some custom hand made glass blocks at the very high end pricewise from Agnes of Glass.

Agnes of Glass handmade glass blocks are gorgeous custom designed.

And while this next pic of colorful glass block was used in a church instead of stained glass windows, it would also be fantastic in a private residence.

These smooth surface color blocks are really elegant but probably transparent also. Not sure that you’d want them in a bathroom shower but they’d make great windows.

Here are some more color glass block designs from Mulia. They’ve also added several different textural patterns to the surface to resolve privacy issues:

Or how about arranging a rainbow wall effect with glass blocks like this? Cool!


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Do you have a guy that’s hard to buy for? I do. He’s got discriminating taste and everything he wants he usually has gotten for himself already. What to do? Well…luckily this week he decided to shave his beard for the first time in over 30 years (and yes, this is the first time I am seeing him cleanshaven). So when I saw this unique Reflect showerhead online I got excited. It’s Made in the USA from aluminum and costs $295 so make sure you give it to a guy that’s gonna be around awhile 🙂

Or imagine the fun we’d have together in this covered electric tricycle? Guys of all ages will want this! Check out the Icona website for more information. I’m afraid to ask the price but I can dream, can’t I?  Maybe a levitating lamp would go over big. Like this one by Angela Jansen.

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What’s cooler than this wall mounted space-saving desk by Bernard Brucha? Having a mirror placed properly over it so that when your back is to the entry door, you can see who is coming up behind you. That way you won’t be surprised. Without a mirror, you are subconsciously in a state of unease because you are not in the Command Position. The mirror cures that.

What’s wrong with this light-filled bedroom, you ask? Nothing that Feng Shui By Fishgirl can’t fix. First, remove the mirror. You don’t need it to bring in light—there’s already natural light in abundance coming through the floor to ceiling French doors. This mirror is creating too much ch’i bounce and stimulation. I’d replace it with a gorgeous fabric hung on a rod (same or near to the width of the bed, hung much higher than the mirror is now). This fabric could be an unusual textile piece from an ethnic tribe perhaps, or, a canvas that has been painted by a local favorite artist then hung on the pole instead of stretched on a wood frame. It will serve to anchor the bed visually as well as energetically so that the bed is not adrift in the too-high ceilinged room. It feels like the flimsy drapes on the windows do not match the solidity of the heavy wooden bed. I’d rework those and add some shades so that one can sleep in late sometimes. The bedside tables need matching lamps and I’d remove the spikey plant (too sharp and pointy for the Love & Relationship area) and replace it with soft peony or rose blooms. The fern on the floor should be raised up onto a planter platform.

This dining room was designed poorly but we can save it, don’t worry! High above the bench is a stained glass “focal point” window…I don’t think it really served the purpose it was intended for but it’s too late now unless you have the budget to redo it. So to improve this space, I would paint the wall underneath it between the cabinets a deep but bright color that enhanced the stained glass colors. Perhaps a deep teal or navy depending on where this dining room is located within the home’s bagua.
Then I’d remove that picture with the reflective glass and replace it with a large canvas or a triptych canvas painted in rich colors (a landscape or an abstract would work well here). I’d also place some philodendron plants on the tops of the cabinets so that the tendrils hang down. If that is all I could afford, I’d stop there. If I had more to spend, I’d add some window treatments in lush colors to match the newly painted wall. For the final piece-de-resistance, I’d begin shopping for a much larger dining table in a round or oval shape that would add yin energy balance to the room, seat more people more comfortably, and fill up the space better.

This beautiful designer bathroom would be improved immensely by simply painting one wall. Guess which one? The tallest one on the left hand side. Because the ceiling is sloped, the room would feel a lot more “finished” and “cozy” if you anchored one wall with color. It could be a neutral color or a deeper mid tone. As always, my color suggestions depend on where the room is located in the overall bagua of the home. I’d also replace those black metal candleholders and fixtures as they do not add to the beauty of the room. The beams are not a problem here because it is a room where one spends temporary time. If it were the bedroom, you’d have to address the problem.

I love the kitchen remodel in the photo above. It’s a small apartment kitchen and the space is well utilized for maximum impact. They even have used a mirrored backsplash behind the stovetop–this symbolically increases the wealth and abundance by reflecting the burners in the mirror for optimum feng shui. Still, I’d improve this space by painting the window wall. If it were a bright turquoise or blue it would really create some energy where we have too much white.


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