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WASTED FENG SHUI: Disposable High End House in Malibu

House designed by Bart Prince

 Waste not, want not. My mom used to say that a lot while I was growing up. I bet many others heard that from their WWII era parents, too. Seems to me we live in a disposable world now. Even houses as beautiful as the one shown here by architect Bart Prince– barely 7 years old– are subject to the whims of fickle 1 percenters. Read the full article in the LA Times regarding the controversy over this “tear down” in an exclusive Malibu ‘hood. That’s right: the new owners are planning to tear this marvelous and unusual oceanside home down to replace it with a generic McMansion. Maybe that’s because the previous owners got a divorce soon after commissioning the house but I doubt it…Feng Shui By Fishgirl could remove that negative divorce ch’i energy and restore the home to its positive vibration. Just give me a call and give your neighbors a break—-don’t tear this home down!

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Giant mushrooms? Honeycomb? Parasol?

Cities can bring wonderful feng shui to their citizens by creating unique architectural wonders and supporting great architecture. The bonus is that these important structures become destination points for tourists and that brings wealth and prosperity for years to come. Many urban centers are dying. Mayors and city councils should wake up before they follow in the footsteps of Detroit. Check out the latest such city to take advantage of the architecture tourism phenomenon: The Arbor of Seville – Slide Show – NYTimes.com.

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