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I’m a sucker for pretty colorful dishes. I googled just that and the first image that came up was these handpainted ones shown at the Imported Hand Painted Dinnerware Blog. In my own kitchen I’ve got a collection of vintage Fiestaware that I have been collecting since I was 16 years old. My dad got my collecting bug started when he took me to my first auction way back when. The last gift he gave to me before he died was the money to go to an auction he knew of that was going to be selling a lot of Fiestaware. I ended up with two platters and the dealers outbid me on the rest. I think of my dad whenever I look at my colorful dishes–which is daily. I believe in using them even though they are valuable collectibles.

I was never one to like fine bone China. I have friends that are really into it, registered for China for their weddings, collect their mother’s patterns, etc. I much prefer my bold everyday Fiestaware. But here’s something I do know. If you have a need to find a replacement for any of your fine China that may have broken or been discontinued, check out Replacements Ltd. This company happens to be nearby to where I live in North Carolina but you can work with them online from anywhere. Another HOT TIP: If you have China from a marriage that didn’t last, ended in divorce, or you simply don’t like it anymore then get rid of it! Turn it into cash by selling it to Replacements, Ltd. I frequently advise my feng shui clients to do this so that the old China doesn’t block their Love & Relationship ch’i.

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Mothers are represented in the Love & Relationship area of the bagua. Since for most of us our mother is our primary relationship with another human being this placement makes perfect sense. My mom is going to be 91 years young this year. She lives on her own and is very physically active, mowing her lawn, gardening, bending over to weed, etc. My mother also likes crossword puzzles, reading novels, and writing letters to friends and family. What will you be getting *your* mom for Mother’s Day?

Stationary like the one shown here makes a great gift. Find this set on Etsy.com because it is functional and you don’t need to know someone’s size, it doesn’t cause allergies, and it is always in good taste. If your mom likes crossword puzzles like mine does (or if you want to give a gift that helps keep the mind sharp)  you could buy the Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Book from Walmart.

Another great gift for moms who love gardening is a can of wildflower seeds that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Amazon.com has a great collection of seeds here.

Even if you don’t buy a gift, your mom wants to hear from you. So let her know she is your favorite girl: visit your mother or call her if you don’t live nearby. And if you are a mom, Happy Mother’s Day to you!


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All you need is Love. Love is all you need. I can listen to John Lennon sing that all day long. But what does it actually mean? Does it mean you don’t have to worry about your mortgage or rent…does it mean you don’t need to eat…? I’m pretty sure what it means is that everything we do and say can come from a Love-based place. Coming from a fear-based place is where all the negative things happen. Hate, prejudice, lashing out at people for fear that you might look stupid–things like this are based on fear. If you have Love in your intentions then you automatically have compassion and can walk in another person’s shoes. That makes the world a kinder place to live in. And it’s good for your feng shui!

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This innovative chair made me smile! It’s meant to save a guy’s lap from your weight if you want to sit with him for a hug. That’s good Love & Relationship feng shui. But, apparently, if you’re going solo the chair also makes good sense. You can use it for “hugging” your laptop. See more pics at the I New Idea website link : Hug Chair.


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This article is a super list to keep handy if you’re struggling with your Love & Relationship


Robert Leahy, Ph.D.: The 12 Worst Relationship Mindsets: Which Are YOU Guilty Of?.

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Photo courtesy selectivepotential.blogspot.com

A very sweet article “Fear the Pumpkin: in Ukraine it’s the Big Kiss-Off” at NPR explains one of their scarier Love & Relationship traditions. If a guy you didn’t like would come to your door to ask for your hand in marriage, you’d simply turn him down by handing him a pumpkin. In today’s world it might not be so easy to find a pumpkin handy, except at Halloween. Some people can’t take no for an answer so I doubt they’d take a pumpkin any better. Perhaps people with stalkers should place a bomb in the pumpkin and hand that over to the stalker?  What if Pumpkin Head himself is the unwanted suitor coming to court you? Do you still give him a pumpkin? He might take it as a “she likes me!”.

Okay let’s talk feng shui. What do you do if you want to ATTRACT a mate? First you gotta make room for him or her in your life. Get rid of the clutter both environmentally and mentally. You don’t need those old photos of lovers that done you wrong. You don’t need that broken engagement ring from the one who left you standing at the altar. You don’t need those panties of previous conquests(if you do, somebody’s going to give you a pumpkin!)…instead if you’re serious about attracting love into your life you can employ some feng shui techniques for Love & Relationship found in this blog.

BTW, if you have a better kiss-off technique than giving a pumpkin, I’d like you to share in our comments section!

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I’m posting this from beautiful Charleston, SC. We’re here to celebrate the wedding of a friend’s daughter. What a romantic city! You couldn’t get much better weather, too. All this love stuff got me thinking about some of the previous feng shui advice I’ve given for Love & Relationship. It seemed like a perfect time to revisit these links…

If you’ve been in love before and you can’t seem to find a new partner, you may want to find out if your ex is blocking you from finding a new love. This happens when we hold on too long to “love clutter”. If you’ve been burned a few times you might benefit from these steps on overcoming the fear factor so you can jump back into the dating game. But first, be gentle with yourself. Getting over a past love can take time. Be sure to try the Feng Shui By Fishgirl recipe for healing a broken heart and remember, even celebrities like Sandra Bullock can benefit from solid feng shui advice.

You might already be thinking about merging your households and wondering what the feng shui impact of moving in together will be. Pay special attention to the details of your bedroom where most of the pillow talk will take place in your love relationship. When choosing heart art for your Love area, remember that all hearts are not created equal but my Love Power Hearts are specifically designed to help boost your love power and I still have some available. They make wonderful wedding gifts, by the way!

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I often advise people to enhance their Love & Relationship areas with symbols of love such as hearts. It’s an easy feng shui solution to rev up the romance. However, not all hearts represent good feng shui. As an artist, I admire the creativity used to design the art shown above. The problem? It looks like a large chunk is missing…the love it represents symbolically either isn’t complete, is falling apart, or is missing something important. It could also symbolize heart health issues. This type of art work does NOT belong in your Love & Relationship area nor the Family & Health area nor any bedroom regardless of bagua sector. It could work in a doctor’s or therapist’s office where it would remind people of hearts on the mend. Remember: keep your feng shui eyes open when looking for art. Check out my Love Power Hearts (I still have a limited number available) that were specifically created to stimulate love, peace, and good health through the use of feng shui color and intention and symbolism. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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My favorite M & M’s candy is offering personalized printing on their candy! OMG I am in chocolate heaven…I can get photos of my sweetie, my doggies, and any saying I want printed in any colors I choose. Now THAT’S sweet. And, it’s fantastic feng shui because you’re clearly stating your Love Intentions for Valentine’s Day 2010. BTW, you can do it for weddings, Mother’s Day, baby showers, birthdays…

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Pic from Hidden in France

This picture that I found at one of my favorite blogs Hidden in France today made me smile. If shabby chic is your style, you can easily recreate this look. Get a baggy slipcover for your sofa and cover some pillows with assorted floral and toile fabric patterns that you can find online. Scour the fleamarkets and junktique shops for old paintings of floral arrangements like they used here. I happen to have one –just one–that I found up in Petaluma years ago with a bff. This romantic country look works beautifully in the Love & Relationship area. The colors white, pink, red activate that area as do blooms of roses and peonies. Soft curvy furniture also works. And to keep it from being too sweet, you’ve got the metal contemporary floor lamp. I would also splurge on a better coffee table. What would you do?

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