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This article at Slate Magazine raises a really good question:

Do you love your dog too much? – By Jon Katz – Slate Magazine.

Pets can get us through many a rough patch in life. They make great companions and it’s even been proven that having access to a pet can extend your lifespan (that’s why many nursing homes and hospitals have visiting pet programs). But what if your love for your dog gets in the way of having a human love relationship? It happens. Especially if your heart’s been broken. A pet will give you unconditional love and it won’t talk back or express negative feelings. Loving a person means you’re going to get feedback, and not all of it will be what you want to hear. Thank you, Jon Katz for bringing this common situation to our attention in your fun article! Do you have a story of loving your pet too much to tell?  Did a pet get you through a difficult divorce or heartache? ‘Fess up and comment below!

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